Thursday, February 2, 2012

My favorite treadmil workout

Life Fitness 93Ti Treadmill
I love running out doors, but today was on the windy side so I decided to run on the "mill". I workout during my lunch break so, I don't have time to do a long run.

I warm up with one mile of easy running at a 6.8 pace then I start to increase the speed in small increments every 3 minutes.

1 mile warm up at 6.8
9 minutes into the workout increase speed to 7.0
at 12 min increase to 7.2
at 15 min increase to 7.5
at 18 min increase to 7.7
at 21 min increase to 7.9
at 24  min increase to 8.1
at 27 min increase 8.2-8.4 (and hold on for dear life )

The "cool down" starts immediately after. But this is really the tail end of the workout. I knock the treadmill back down to 6.2 but I kick the incline up to 2% and then I increase the incline every two minutes. The speed stays the same.
30 min 6.2 at 2% incline
32 min 6.2 at  3% incline
34 min 6.2 at 4% incline
36 min 6.2 at 5% incline
38 min 6.2 at 6% incline

I like the uphill part at the end because, my legs are tired and it feels good to practice running hills on tired legs. The whole workout takes about 40 minutes and it's a good option if you are pressed for time

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  1. Thanks Dolly! I will give this a try when I'm up to speed. Right now, the only way I would be able to run next to you is on a treadmill.