Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dirt Devils and new shoes.

I am starting to eyeball the weather for next weekends race. I don't suffer from allergies as bad as some people do. Yes, I have nasty sinus drainage, and lately I've been running indoors if it's windy.  On Tuesday I was out running at lunchtime  and I almost got caught in a small dust storm.  I was running a typical 5 mile route that I normally run and I wanted to cut through a park. I decided against it because I didn't want to "cheat" on the distance.  I'm glad I didn't cut through the park.  The area that I would have ran though had a small dust cloud whirling around.
Dust devils like this one form frequently at Eldorado Valley.
Not the actual dirt devil from Tuesday. But, similar in size.

Lately when I go out running, I feel like an excited dog that is going out for a walk. I get so excited that I take off at a fast pace and I turn a 5 mile run into a 5 mile tempo, lets run race pace, and make it hurt run. Work has been stressful lately so I think I am just trying to release some pent up energy. I've got one more long run this weekend and then I'm taking it easy next week. 

My new shoes are coming in the mail today. I've been running in the Brooks Adrenaline for the past two to three years.  Before that I was running in the Mizuno Wave Rider, Precision, and Inspire. I'm going back to the Wave Riders because I found a sweet deal online. $50 for running shoes. I'll take em.


I will probably buy another pair of Brooks Adrenalines when I find another good deal online. I love sites like Zappos and their clearance site Another site where I found shoes cheap was the running warehouse.  Half marathon is 10 days out. No butterflies yet.      

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Why did you start running?

I belong to a running club, called Sin City Road Runners.  I am not able to attend their mid week runs. But, sometimes I am able to run on the weekends with the group.  The other day on their facebook page the following question was asked; "Why did you start running?" So many thoughts raced through my head. But, I decided to share the following answer
Well.... I was in Jr. High. I hit puberty and I got chunky fast.... My mom had been a runner and I decided to give it a go. I would run around the block in my Keds sneakers. One day my best friend and I decided to run to the beach and back. It was three miles round trip. We stopped a couple of times to walk, but we felt like champs after completing our run. We kept it up and eventually ran our first 5k together. I went into high school leaner, but I fell in love with running.  I then decided to do track and cross country. 20 years later I couldn’t imagine my life without running. It has given me more than I could ever ask for.

That's it in a nutshell. But there has been so much in the last 20 years that I don't feel like that answer gives it justice.

Running opened many doors for me and has made my life better in so many ways:
  • When I joined the ARMY I was able to pass the APFT (the physical fitness test) on my first try.
  • While in the military I was able to get promoted faster because of my physical fitness ability.
  • I was able to travel to Washington DC on a competitive 10 Mile team for the all ARMY 10 Miler.
  • Running has been a productive outlet for all of my nervous energy.
  • It's still a fantastic calorie burner.
  • I've had great running friendships over the years.
  • Nothing feels better than that endorphin high.
  • It gives me patience and peace
I plan on running till my wheels come off. So now my question to you  is same. Why did you start running?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Half Marathon in 3 weeks

Rockin Rabbit 1/2 Marathon & 5k Run

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hacienda Hotel & Casino at 730am

To register please click the on the Rabbit below.

My birthday is coming up next month. I want to celebrate it by running a half marathon. I'm finally getting over my cold/sinusitis infection. I ran 10 miles last Saturday and my legs felt great but my head and chest were somewhere else.  That was the last time I ran. Today I'm going to run some easy miles. I have been thinking about this half for a few months.  I'm not as stressed out about this race as I was the LV half. However I do have some goals in mind. First I want to break 1:45 for sure. I'm 10lbs lighter since then, the baby is sleeping through the night, and I just feel fitter. I haven't been doing any super long runs lately. But I feel like I have a great base mileage and the stroller running has got to help some right?  The course is out near Bolder City and Lake Mead and it could be a doozy. The first 4 miles climb 400 feet, but then it rockets down 1000 feet over the next four miles. So this could be a fast course if I don't go out too hard.  

Friday, March 9, 2012

Being sick again sucks... (only one good workout to talk about)

I hate for this to be a downer post... But, this week has blown chunks.. On Monday I took a much deserved rest day. Because last Friday night I threw down 9 miles on the treadmill. On Saturday I pushed my kid for 5 miles. On Sunday I ran 6 solo, then I took my son out in the afternoon for a CVS run (4 miles round trip). We "jogged" there and back. Monday my legs were tired. On Tuesday I had to take my son to the doctor because he was sick. He had an ear infection and it is really sad to see him in pain. On Wednesday I began to feel a little worse for wear but, I was needing a  running fix. On my lunch break I ran on the treadmill for an hour.  The last half hour included a set of 8 X 400's with a two minute rest in between. It felt good to push myself hard. After my workout I knew I was feeling feverish. That night I had the chills and since then I have just felt like crap. I got the flu shot earlier this season. But it still feels like I have the flu. I have a headache that goes from light to almost migraine. I feel weak and I have little to no appetite. I feel better today than I did yesterday. I hope I can shake it off this weekend. I really miss running.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

10 Random Running Things About Me

1. I have run 16  marathons. Some have been smashing successes. Some have been really downright awful!

2. I ran my first marathon when I was 20 years old.

3. I actually ran two marathons before I ran my first half marathon.

4. I got bit by a dog while running on New Year's Day in 2010. It was an Australian Heeler. I think he thought I was  a sheep and he was herding me along. I always assumed it would have been a Pit Bull. I have come across Pit Bull's on three separate occasions.

5. I am a terrible sprinter. 800 meters is a sprint for me.

6. I don't want to try new things like snowboarding or water skiing for fear of hurting my running legs.

7. My favorite marathon pre race ritual is to sit in a warm bath the night before the race and drink two beers.

8. I ran the Boston Marathon to celebrate my 30th birthday. I hope to go back for my 40th birthday.

9. My favorite distance to race is the 5k.   Run as fast and as hard as you can for 3 miles. Plus you can decide at the last minute to race one of these.

10. My second favorite distance is the marathon. It is such a mental race. The drawback to this distance, is the months of training and thinking about the race.  Plus they are so freaking expensive!