Friday, October 31, 2014

Marathon is in 16 days!!

I made through my 20 miler last week.  It hurt, but I was well prepared and I'm hoping that only one twenty miler will be enough for this upcoming marathon.

I'm going to analyse the hell out of my training up until the race.  It's all part of the taper madness.

My Latest Workouts

Wednesday 10/22- I left my Garmin at home,  I ran a route that was approximately 6.4 miles and it took me 53:29.  I barley remember this run.  The weather is still warm.

Thursday 10/23 REST

Friday 10/24- 20 miles...  I could write another long novel about my run.   I took the day off from work today,  I don't share much of my personal life on this blog.... But, my grandfather (Mom's dad)  passed away earlier this week and I was granted bereavement leave.   I wasn't able to attend the funeral and I wasn't very close with my grandfather over the last few years.  Grief is an emotion that I'm not familiar writing about.. And I don't want  to over share. I was also very  worried about my parents and the very long trip they had to take.... I had a lot to think about during my run.

I chose a route that was close to home and away from busy traffic.  I ran the first 4-5 miles around the neighborhood and then I ended up on the bike trail headed out to the Sunrise Picnic Area.
Flashback to when I was pregnant with my daughter.

The trade off to having no traffic, is that there wasn't much shade on the bike trail and it was getting warm fast.  I took off at 8AM and by 10AM the temps were in the mid 70's.... Around mile 14  I ended up swinging by my house to drop off my vest, grab my running belt, and to grab a bottle of water.   
I did another loop around the neighborhood and my Garmin was running low on juice.  I got to the park near my house with perfect timing.  I figured if my Garmin died I could run loops around the half mile track at the park to round out the 20 miler.

My Garmin died at  exactly 19.5 miles. I ran one last loop around the track and then I walked slowly home.   I didn't stop my Garrmin once, even when I went home to drop my gear.  Here's the data.
I wanted to finish with some tempo miles, But, once I hit two
hours and started running up an inlcine that idea went out
the window.  

During the run I ate 3 Heed energy Gels. Peanut Butter at mile 4, Vanilla at mile 8, and Raspberry at mile 14. I also ate some Gatorade energy chews.  By the end of the run my mouth was tired of all of that sugar...

After I got done running I stuck my legs in the pool, kind of like an ice bath.  I have been doing that lately after some of my runs and I think it is helping with my recovery.

Saturday 10/25 -REST

Sunday 10/26 8 mile progression run.  I thought I would be exhausted but,  I felt good enough to run some tempo pace at the end of my run.  Here are the split times.
That first mile is always the hardest.

After this run, I soaked my legs in cold water. I'm going to try to work my way up to an actual ice bath.

Monday  10/27- I ran a a little over 3.5 miles at recovery pace.  I went to Cornerstone park and ran around the dirt track. I also did some push-ups, and burpees at the park.

Tuesday 10/28-REST- It was picture day at my work, so I decided to take a rest day

Wednesday 10/29 Two a days.  I wanted to run 8 miles, I ran almost three miles before work, and then I ran 5 more miles on my lunch break.

Thursday 10/30-  I ran just a little over 4 miles on my lunch break.  It was 78 degrees outside!!! I am so tired of this heat.  I'm wearing my Garmin, but I'm trying not to pay attention to my splits.  They are slower than usual. But, this is par for the course during the taper.  I feel tired and sluggish, but I know I still have to keep doing these maintenance runs.  

In other news I got my flu shot.  I figured this would be  a good time to get it.  I'd hate to catch a cold or flu before the race.  

Friday 10/31 Two a days.  I ran close to three miles (2.96) this morning before work.  The first mile felt like crap, the second one felt better, and the last mile I ran it as hard as I could (within reason).  Here are split times: (9:56, 8:17, 7:21)

I thought I was going to head out for a run before I finish this blog post, but I decided to not run on my lunch break today.  It's 82 degrees and windy. I'm going to take the rest of the day off and probably tomorrow too.    I hope I can hit 10-12 miles on Sunday.  With the training program I am using I have 16 miles on the schedule.  I don't think it would be wise for me to run a 16 miler two weeks before the race.  

Doubt is starting to mess with me.  Have I done enough?  I can't heap on too much more mileage without feeling wiped out.  I only gave this race 6 weeks of attention, but I did come off of strong summer of running and base building.  I also bridged this race off my training from the Saints and Sinners half.  I wanted to give that race the attention it deserved as well, so speed work was necessary.    
I haven't been doing much speed work lately, because I am just trying to store miles away like chestnuts for the winter.   

16 more days to go.  

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Nitty Gritty Details of My 18 Mile Run and the Rest of My Latest Workouts

I was really nervous about my 16 mile long run last week.  I was worried that I wouldn't be able to run the whole way and that it would hurt really bad.  Well I ended up running 18 miles and it did hurt pretty bad.  But, this run was a confidence booster and I want to share all of the wonderful (and unpleasant) details with my readers.

My Latest Workouts

Wednesday 10/15- I ran 18 miles.  I used a vacation day because my parents were heading into town later on that afternoon.  I dropped my kids off at daycare and I headed out to run. I didn't have an exact route picked out, and  I wore a brand new long sleeve shirt.
I loved the kangaroo pocket in the front.
I regretted wearing long sleeves about 5 miles into the run.  It got warm really fast.  I also forgot to wear any body glide and I chaffed up so bad!!  Between the sweat and the long seam running down the back of the shirt it made for a really painful shower after my run.

I made a point of not stopping my watch whatsoever.  I got pretty lucky and I hit most of the green lights during my run.  I didn't even stop my watch when I ran into convince stores to buy water.  At mile 10 (?) I got a phone call and I started fumbling around with my phone and without thinking about it I stopped my watch.  I quickly remembered and stopped messing with my phone and I started my watch again. I also ran the first 11 miles without music.  Here's the Garmin data

Even though the Las Vegas Strip is pancake flat,
the rest of the valley is either on an incline or a decline.
I started my run by going four miles up hill, then some gradual downhill,  I was hoping to finish the last four or five miles at Tempo pace.  With the downhill I was able to pick up the pace, but at mile 14 I had to run three miles back up the hill to the starting point and they kicked my ass.  It was definitely mental because I ran  miles 13-17  all on the same street, and from mile 13 I could see the big ass hill that I had to climb starting at mile 15.  I'm  happy that I didn't stop to walk up the hill.

For food, I ate some Gatorade energy gel chews between miles 4-5, at mile 12 I had a Heed orange energy gel.  This flavor was gross, it didn't really taste like orange at all.  But, my stomach handled it fine and that's a good thing.  I think I could have eaten another gel during the last part of the run.

The last mile was down hill and I was feeling pretty loopy by then,  I crossed the street without paying attention and I almost got nailed by a car.  Pretty idiot thinking on my part...  For my upcoming 20 miler I'm going to chose a route that is a little bit more isolated.  I chose to do this run during the morning commute and it finished around 10:45am.  I ran on very busy streets and it's not a wise thing to do if you can't pay attention to the road. I'm grateful another driver honked their horn at me and got me to notice the car headed in my direction.

I've ripped on distracted drivers before, but in this case I was a distracted runner and that makes me feel shitty.  I promise to be more careful when I am out on the roads.

Thursday 10/16  REST- I took my kids to the pumpkin patch

Friday 10/17  I ran almost 5 miles at recovery pace around my neighborhood.  (4.87 miles @ 9:12 pace)  My legs felt tired. This run felt like a chore.

Saturday 10/18   I ran a little over 7 miles.  My legs felt a little better, At this point I feel like I am just logging the miles in.  I would like to run faster tempo paces but, my legs are also getting used to running longer distances.   The second half I tried to pick it up the last two miles.  I also ate a Heed vanilla energy gel halfway through the run.  I really liked the flavor.  Here's the data.

Sunday 10/19 REST

Monday 10/20  Two a day's.  I didn't have time to run 5 miles before work.  I ran just under three before work (2.89 miles @ 8:42 pace) and then just a little over three (3.18 miles @ 8:55 pace) on my lunch break.  On my lunch break I went to Cornerstone park for the change of scenery.  The park has a few different jogging paths.

How can you be in a bad mood after running around this?

 I usually stay on the outer paved loop but, today I ran on the inner loop which has  a dirt trail.  The trail felt nice under my feet.  It was also a nice toasty 80 degrees.

Tuesday 10/21-  I ran 6 miles and I took it easy during the first half which had a gradual uphill climb, and then for the last two miles were downhill with a tailwind. I ran those at tempo pace.  It had been awhile since I had seen 7:30 pace show up on my Garmin.  Here's the data

Today I accidentally left my Garmin at home.  I plan on running six miles on my lunch break, tomorrow will be a rest day, and, then I have 20 miles on the calendar for Friday.  Bring on the carbs!!!  Then it's time to taper and freak out.  

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My Latest Workouts and WIAWR

We are about one month away from the Las Vegas Marathon and I'm going to run hopefully 16 miles tomorrow morning.  My legs are feeling the mileage but, in a good way.  I'm tired but, I don't feel overworked (yet).  While I'm out running I'm also trying to practice things like eating on the run and running the first half of some of my longer runs without music.  26.2 miles is a long race and I don't want to be trying to figure this stuff out during the race....

My Latest Workouts and What I Ate While Running

Tuesday 10/7- I ran 5 hilly miles on my lunch break and my legs felt so much better than the day before.  The weather is starting to cool off and I am able to leave my handheld bottle behind (finally).  I ran 5.23 miles in 44:53 (8:35 average).  This route also climbed 310 feet.

Wednesday 10/8 1 ran 12 miles.  I was hoping to run anywhere between 10-13, so I was pleased with how this run went.  I didn't have time to buy any energy gels so I just grabbed some food from the pantry.  During my run I ate two Golden Oreos; the first one between miles 4 and 5.  It tasted great and I didn't need any water for the first cookie.   At mile 8 I ate the second cookie and it was a little harder going down without water. Shortly after that I ran inside a store to buy a bottle of water.    I also carried a piece of fruit leather with me but, I didn't end up eating it. Here is the Garmin data.

There were quite a few stops between red lights and one
bathroom pit stop.  I know that the clock will keep on running
during the marathon.  I need to be mindful of the total time spent

The first mile climbed 126 feet.

 I ran the first 8-9  miles without music.   I sometimes speedup unintentionally if a good song comes on the radio.  I really want to focus on holding back and negative splitting during the marathon.

Thursday 10/9  Rest-  I thought I was going to be sore but, my legs were just tired.  I stopped by the local running store and I picked up a few energy gels and chews to try out.

Friday 10/10  I ran a little over 5 miles, and they were hilly.  I did this run on Friday evening because I wanted to practice running at night.  The Rock n Roll Marathon starts at 430 in the afternoon. When  I took off it  was breezy and close to dusk.  I ran without music or a Garmin.  I ran the same route that I ran last weekend...  I wish I would have brought my phone because I got to watch the sunset behind the mountains on the other side of the valley.
Now imagine the sun setting....

Saturday 10/11 Rest

Sunday 10/12 I ran 9 miles with some tempo pace in the later miles.  It was a chilly morning.  I wore my black fleece vest... I'm hoping to buy a new running vest before the marathon.  One that is moisture wicking/ more breathable.   When I run I wear a Nathan running belt.  I love that thing to death but, I hate racing with it.

I ran the first 5 miles without music, and at mile 6 I ran inside a convenience store to buy a bottle of water.  I also tried a Peanut Butter Heed Energy Gel.  It wasn't sweet at all, which was a pleasant surprise.  It went down easy and I didn't have any trouble digesting it either.  It gave me some energy so I sped up a little during the later miles.  Here's the data.

I stopped my watch when I bought the bottle of water

Monday 10/13- On my lunch break I did some strength training and I ran 4 miles.  I haven't been in the gym in almost a month.  I didn't want to workout, but working out my upper body makes me a stronger runner...  I did some Roman chair leg lifts, push ups, bicep curls, shoulder raises, shoulder presses, lat pull downs, and cable press downs.   Then I ran close to 4 miles (3.99 miles) in 33:18 (total and elapsed time were the same) @ 8:21 average pace.

Tuesday 10/14-  I ran 3.99 miles before work.  I ran yesterday's route again.  It took me 33:46 (total and elapsed time were the same)....

Tomorrow  I have 16 miles on the schedule.  I'm nervous... But, once I'm out there running it doesn't seem so bad.

Monday, October 6, 2014

What my recovery week looks like, and on to the next race

It's been a little over a week since the half marathon, My legs are still feeling a little rubbery and sluggish.  I'm going to attempt my first long run later on this week.  I hope to run somewhere between 10-13 miles.  I don't want to push myself too hard too soon and wind up injured.

Recovery Week

After a big race, I will usually be so sore that I have to take  the next day or two off from running. This was the same for Saints and Sinners.  I was shuffling the day after the race and walking up and down the stairs was painful.

Sunday 9/28-  REST

Monday 9/29- REST--  I'm also a big believer in true rest days... Not 45 minutes of cross training on the elliptical because I'm not running or a hot yoga class.  Rest means rest.

Tuesday  9/30- 4 miles at lunch time.  I was really ambitious and wanted to run 5 miles.  I ended up running only 4 miles.  I wore my Garmin to try to gauge my fitness/recovery pace.  My legs were very sore but, I'm glad I ran to get some of the lactic acid and soreness out of them.  I ran 4 miles in 37:34 (9:21 average pace)

Wednesday 10/1 Five miles at lunch time.  Again I wanted to run 6 miles but, my legs aren't ready yet.  I ran 5.42 miles in 49:13 (9:05 average pace)

Thursday 10/2-  Rest

Friday 10/3  Three miles on the treadmill at recovery pace.

Saturday 10/4 Rest

Sunday 10/5  One hour run...  I wore my Garmin to keep track of the distance and time.  I tried really hard not to look at my pace... I chose a hilly route....
Up the hill to Sunrise Mountain

I kind of like running hills when my legs are tired/sore.  I can't really run at a Tempo pace yet so I feel like I'm still working out my legs with out forcing them to run faster...  It took me about an hour to run 6.5 miles.  I also stopped at the  top of the hill to  take in the view of the Las Vegas strip
I think I finally figured out the zoom function on my camera phone. 
Monday- Today I forgot my Garmin at home,  I ran close to 40 minutes on my lunch break.  I drove over to Cornerstone Park for some change of scenery... My legs are still feeling sluggish... 

My Next Race is in 6 weeks!!!
Earlier this year I was on the fence about training for a marathon.... I made it through the Summer with a pretty good running base and I have decided to enter the Marathon distance for the Las Vegas Rock n Roll Marathon.   I haven't raced a full in over four years and I am really excited to go for it this year!!

It was always in the back of my head while I was training for Saints and Sinners Half Marathon, and depending on how that race went, that would be where I would set my race goals....

I'm throwing it out there because I want to be held accountable.... I would like to run a sub 3:30 marathon....

This will be the first time that I will be racing with a Garmin.  I think this will help me to not crash and burn like I have in so many of my other marathon PR attempts.  

I have about three weeks to get some big runs in.  I'm happy that I at least got a 14 mile run in before Saints and Sinners... This week I plan on doing a long run of 10-13 miles.  Next week I am jumping up to a 16 mile long run, and then the following week (about 10 days later)  I will either do an 18-20 mile training run....  Then I have three weeks to taper.... 

I also need to figure out my nutrition and fueling strategy.  This is the weakest point in my game plan right now.... I really did a shitty job of fueling during the Saints and Sinners Half and I bonked so hard during the last two miles... 

Photo of me barfing after last weeks half marathon.

For a half marathon I can get by with just drinking Gatorade and carbing up really good the night before.   I'm going to start practicing eating during these long runs.  

I'm scared but, ridiculously happy that I get to race a marathon later on this year.