Monday, July 29, 2013

LVTC Low Key 4 Mile Run and Other Running Workouts

The weekend before last my local track club was hosting a 4 mile timed run. I didn't sleep well the night before, and I felt a little sluggish but overall I had  a fun run.

My strategy was to hold back the first half and at the turn around point I would turn on my ipod. I ended up turning on my ipod sooner than later, I had hoped to run about 7:45 per mile. My split times were 7:54, 7:57, 8:06,  & 7:36 (7:53 average).  I think the heat got to me a little bit.

I have a few pounds to lose and they are all in my midsection...

The next day (Sunday) I went out for a nice long run with lots of hills.  My legs were a little tired but once  I got going I felt great.  I live close to Sunrise Mountain and I love running in this

It was nice and overcast so I took my time.   I ran just over 8 miles and averaged about 9:35 per mile with over 500 feet of elevation gain.

I ended up taking Monday and Tuesday off from work because I had some family come into town. 
Monday was a rest day for me.

Tuesday I went out for another 8 mile run.  This time I averaged 9:14 per mile with 400 feet of elevation gain.

Wednesday I ran a Tempo 5K. I like to make these progression runs where each mile gets faster. My mile splits were:

Mile 1 8:43
Mile 2 8:14
Mile 3 7:33

Thursday I did some strength training.

Friday I ran 10 miles after work on the treadmill.  I had to mentally break this run up into chunks.  I told myself that I would run just 8 miles and if I felt good I would round it up to ten miles. I only set the treadmill for 70 minutes, then I kicked it up to 80 minutes, then finally 88 minutes.
I should have set the treadmill for 89 minutes.

Saturday was a rest day.

Sunday -I wanted to run another 10 miles but, it was hard enough to get out the front door. I couldn't get the baby down for her morning nap and I just felt like I had to hurry up and come back home.  I ran 8 miles but, I threw in three tempo miles in the middle of my run. My splits were:

Mile 1 9:19
Mile 2 8:58
Mile 3 8:28
Mile 4 8:20
Mile 5 8:21
Mile 6 8:58
Mile 7 8:58
Mile 8 9:08

I expected to be sore from this last 8 miler but, my legs are getting used to running longer distances.  

Friday, July 19, 2013

No More Stroller Running for Me.

For the  past two Summers, I used to take my son with me when I went out running. I would push him in his clunky Graco stroller, because I didn't have an actual jogging stroller.

It was easier that first Summer when he was only a few months old. Last year it was hard, because I was pregnant and he was a much bigger toddler.

Last summer I was debating  about making the investment of purchasing a double jogger. In the end I decided against it. It's a tough workout for sure. I don't get to run as far and as fast as I would like.

As time has gone on my husband has gotten better at watching the kids and he understands how much running means to me.  As long as I don't abuse my privileges (No three hour runs and I don't get to drive across town to meet friends for a run),  I can head out the door on Saturday and Sunday mornings. 

I decided to sign up for a half marathon in October. I'm going to run the Saints and Sinners Half Marathon.

I start training for it next week.  Currently I am running about four times a week and strength training three  days a week. I'm running about 20-25 miles a week and I hope to increase my mileage to about 30-35 miles per week.   I still plan to strength train two days a week.  My plan to increase my mileage will be to add a 10 mile run on Friday afternoon, and then do another long run on Sunday morning.   I have about 14 weeks to prepare for this race and I am hoping to run a sub 1:40. 

Tomorrow I am running another low key 4 mile race.  I'm looking forward to the speed workout and to see how much I can improve from the time that I ran in May. I feel stronger and faster.

In weight loss news I am still losing about a pound a week.  Here are my current numbers.

Starting Weight: 150lbs
Current Weight:  133 lbs.

I remember when I first started losing weight, it felt so intimidating. Now I feel like I'm gaining momentum.  I am past the halfway mark and I'm finally seeing the changes.  I will post pictures soon. I feel like an idiot taking selfies in the bathroom at work so I will wait until the track club posts pictures from the 4 mile run.