Monday, February 20, 2012

Another one bites the dust

This picture was taken at 1045 am

This Picture was taken at 845 am
I have been running watch free for the past month or so. I have a knack for kicking the crap out of my running watches. I've wanted to try the whole Garmin thing. But they are so freaking expensive. When I think "$275 for a watch?" I also think of all the other running things I could buy; Registration for a marathon, new pair of running shoes and a cheaper running watch.
I did try out an older version of the Garmin a few years ago. It was a really bulky watch and it took forever to find a signal. The most annoying thing about it though, was that there was a constant delay with the pace tracking. I would be running at a really hard effort and the pace would read in the 8:30's then I would slow down because I was climbing up a hill and the pace would read in the low 7:00's. It was frustrating and I felt like I was wasting a ton of energy and compromising my form by constantly looking for updates on the Garmin.
Garmin Forerunner 201 Waterproof Running GPS
Not a fan of this model
Another possible souloution is using an app on my phone to time myself.  The other day I went for a lunch time run and I decided to try Map my run. I liked this app but, it was annoying because I had to take my heavy phone with me and I had to start the application, then throw the arm band on my arm as quick as possible, then when the run was over I had to remember to yank my phone off of my arm and stop it as quick as possible. Don't get me wrong I did like this app because it told me my splits and elevation, But I know for sure that I wouldn't use this during a race. In 5k and 10k races I don't race with music. It's over before you know it and I want to hear other people breathing. During a marathon I need some music to zone out.  I need to find a new watch. Any suggestions? 


  1. Hey, Dolly! I love my Garmin. Mine is about 4 years old now, and I think I'd feel like I was missing my right arm (leg?) if I ran long or raced w/o it. I think the biggest place it's saved me during races is that I had no idea how much faster than race pace I kept going out during the first mile. It really helps to really know how fast I'm heading out and not let myself get pulled along w/ everyone else who's going out too fast. :)


  2. Dolly, I almost wrote about the Garmin Forerunner 405CX watch I just got with the foot pod (suggested retail is $269 but it's on Amazon for $179 - new and comes with the heart strap ( I also like that it has an ANT+ USB stick which allows data to transfer wirelessly to my Garmin Connect (online training log) and Endomondo. GPS is suppose to be accurate but I use the foot pod to measure my distance (which is calibrated to measure based upon my stride). There are Garmin watches out there that work with the foot pod without the GPS and so the price is significantly less ($100 give or take or was it $79?). I'm a dork and like to see my route on a map so I 'have to have' GPS.

    There is also the MOTOACTV: which I haven't had a chance to look in to but it seems to be a sweet all-in-one replacement for the watch and ipod which I carry. There are some great reviews out there but I haven't had a chance to read. This guy does really in depth reviews:

    Being a gadget geek, I can't help but wish I didn't get the Garmin (I also have the Garmin Edge 500 for cycling even though the Forerunner 405CX can work with both sport -- running and cycling but I got the Edge before the Forerunner). So we'll see if I sell both my Garmins and try the MOTOACTV. It sure is cute!!

    There are a lot of sport watches out there. Reading through them can be dizzying but I hope you find what works for you and your activities. Good luck!

  3. Thank you for the feedback!. I feel so lost sometimes because I am too lazy to research the technology. My birthday is coming up soon. So I will probably try to start a smart watch fund.