Thursday, September 15, 2016

RNRLV is about two months or, Just a little over 8 weeks out.-Training updates

Hi there... Life is still moving forward at rapid fire pace.  I have settled into my training routine, and I can't believe we are nearing the halfway mark of this training cycle.  I chose a 14-week training cycle because 16 weeks seems so long, I worry about injuries, and from being overwhelmed with 16 weeks of structured running.  14 weeks seems to be the sweet spot for me.  I will pick where I left off (Begining of September).  I am happy that the weather is finally showing me some mercy after one brutal ass summer.

Friday 9/2 50 Minute treadmill run with 30 Minutes at Recovery pace, and 20 Minutes Tempo effort.

I had to stop to tie my shoe during the 2nd mile.

That night I went out to eat dinner, and I ate a really rich piece of salmon with creamy mashed potatoes, spinach, plus a few rolls from the bread basket. It was so good, but I probably shouldn't have eaten so much so close to bedtime....

Saturday 9/3 14.6 Miles, This was supposed to be 15 Miles with 10 Miles at steady state pace, and I really didn't execute this run properly at all.  That super huge rich meal sat in my belly like a rock.  I chose a route that was flat, so it would be easier to hit the steady state paces but I ended up running on the sidewalk way more than I prefer.  I also got overheated much earlier in my run (around mile 8) and I had to stop inside a gas station for 5 minutes to cool off and refill my water bottles.  I have a love-hate relationship with my Hydration vest. I love my hydration vest, for all of its pockets to store things.  But, the more shit I stuff inside my vest, the heavier it becomes. I know that I will not be racing with it, and I can't wait to leave it behind.
It's nothing personal hydration vest,
You were my Summertime BFF
But, I just can't run tempo pace
wearing you. :(

 Here's the data:

So all in all, I ended up adding 10 minutes of stopping time to my long run.

**Mini rant alert** Yes I covered 14.6 Miles, but when you add 10 minutes of stopping time it will effect your actual running pace goals.  I'm always trying to be hyper aware of how much I stop during a long run...  The point of the long run is to practice running continuously, and I am always mindful that the clock does not stop during the race.  If I have to stop during the race to tie my shoes, use the porta potty, or to stretch, that clock will keep on ticking away, and I can't use my Strava stats to qualify for Boston** (end rant)

Sunday 9/4 Rest
Total  Mileage for that week was 37 Miles

Week 5
Monday 9/5 7 Miles -65 Minute General Aerobic run.  It was nice to observe the Labor day holiday, and it was nice to go running on a Monday morning and not have to go to work.  I chose a route that was hilly, and I can tell that the mornings are finally going to start cooling off.  Here's a picture of the area I was running through.
I took these photos back in June, but I never posted them.

And here's the data.

Tuesday 9/6 45 Minutes recovery effort with strides at the end.  I ended up having to buy new tires for my car (I had been hoping to wait until the holidays to treat myself to new tires.).  I ended up doing this run on my lunch break, and in the heat.

Wednesday 9/7  Speedwork/Tempo run.  I had been feeling nervous about this run, but it went well.  I ran 2 miles warm up, 3 Miles slightly faster than goal marathon pace, and a 1.2 mile cool down.  I was happy to do this run outside on the road. This was the first time in a long time, that I didn't have to bring water with me!! I chose an out and back route that was fairly flat.  Here's the data.
This workout was a confidence booster, but I can't count on one good 10k workout to get me through marathon training... So I will just be happy with how this workout went.

Thursday 9/8- Rest

Friday 9/9 6 Miles 55 Minute Maintenance run,  this run was also hilly, I started out at recovery pace, and then finished with a little bit of steady state running.

Saturday 9/10- 40 Minutes recovery with strides at the end.

Sunday 9/11- 10.7 Miles-  3 Miles WU, 6 at Goal Pace, 1.7 Mile cool down.  Just my luck the temps picked up again, and I had to bring my hydration vest with me....  I had my route picked out and during the first mile of the tempo section, I spotted either a large stray dog or a desert coyote about 200 meters ahead of me running through the desert.  I said "NOPE" and flipped a u-turn in the opposite direction.....   I didn't hit my goal pace miles, but I'm proud of myself for just trying to focus, and get through the run when the going got tough.  Here's the data.

 Total Miles for the week 37.9

Week 6
Monday 9/12- 4.3 Miles recovery  with some strides at the end.

Tuesday 9/13- 55 Minute run. 30 Minutes Warm up/recovery pace, 20 Minutes Tempo, and a short cool down.  The weather in Las Vegas has been cooling off.  Two weeks ago it was 105. Today it is only 88 degrees.   The tempo section felt tough, but not excruciatingly so.  Here's the data

Wednesday 9/14 Speedwork.  2 Miles Warm up with form drills and strides, 4 x 1000 meters at half marathon effort and a 1 mile cool down.  The cooler weather is helping.  I was able to average around 7:30 per mile for the 1000 meter repeats,  Last month this pace was killing me... So I guess this is progress.  Here's the data:

Thursday 9/15- Rest

Tomorrow I have a "big" long run scheduled. I'm going to run either for 2:40 minutes or 18 miles, whichever comes first.  This run is supposed to be done at a relaxed pace.  I also plan on stashing water along my route so I won't have to bring my big ol' heavy vest....  See you on the other side.

And thank you for reading.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

RNRLV 2016 Marathon Training Weeks 2 , 3, part of 4 -and I finished another block of courses towards my degree.

I am so happy that I have a week off from school!!  I just finished up another block of classes last Sunday (Aug 28th). I can say that I am now at the halfway mark of my MBA degree... I don't want to count my chickens before they hatch, but I'm so excited to be moving closer toward my degree.  I'm going to try to use this week to decompress and catch up on my family time.

In other news, my little boy started Kindergarten on Monday.

Oh man! I was such an emotional wreck all day long, not having any homework that night was a huge plus!

So let's move along with the running updates. It's been about two weeks since my last post, and I want to fill you in on how marathon training is going.  I had a heavy volume week followed by a lower volume week. I'm working with a coach and I don't want to give away his "trade secrets" lol.  But, one of the first things he made me do, was slow down on my recovery/easy days... It was really hard for me to understand what true recovery pace was. Fortunately, I'm given specifc instructions on which paces I am supposed to run for given periods of time.

Monday 8/15- 40 Minutes at Recovery effort with 6 x 30 second strides at 5k effort-  I really enjoy these runs.  After 40 minutes of running at an easy effort, my legs are nice and warmed up and ready to run strides.  It was still a nice warm morning.

Tuesday 8/16- 6.5 Miles Genereal Aeorobic run. I ran for an hour inside a warehouse. I have been hating the treadmill lately, the gym has been extra crowded, and I feel like a dick for running for an hour if other people are waiting to use the treadmills.  I ran 30 minutes at 9:40 pace, and then ran 30 minutes at 9:10 pace.

It was still a gross 86 degrees inside the warehouse and I inhaled a crap ton of dust.

Wednesday 8/17- 8 Miles- 25 Minutes of warm up 5 x 25 second strides, 4 Miles at tempo pace, and a one mile cool down.

Thursday 8/18 Rest

Friday 8/19- 4 Miles  aka 40 Minute Recovery effort.  I ran these miles at Cornerstone Park.

One of the local high schools was hosting a practice meet, and it was pretty cool watching the youngsters train.

Saturday 8/20 6.7 Miles- One hour run 30 minutes at 10:00 pace, and 30 minutes at 9:00 minute pace.
I ended up choosing a hilly route, and I didn't hit my paces correctly, I ran the uphill too fast, and the downhill not fast enough.  Here is the data:

Sunday 8/21- 14 Miles- 4 Miles warm up, 9 miles at 30 seconds above goal marathon pace, 1 mile cool down. My goal pace is hopefully 8:15 per mile, so the steady state miles were done at 8:45 pace
The first hour was warm  but, the sun wasn't out yet and it was  breezy.  The second hour the sun kind of got to me.  Here's the data.

Total Miles for the week 43.7

This was my final week of classes (Managerial Accounting and Strategic Planning)  I had two term papers to write, and I was going a little batty last week.  I was looking foward to running becuase it helps me cope/relax.

Monday 8/22- Rest

Tuesday 8/23-5 Miles recovery with a few strides. and I chose to do this run outside at high noon.....It was frustrating
My wonderful wireless headphones kept slipping out of my ears, a pit stop at mile 2, and just a few other aggravations at lunch time.... Hot, humid, and hilly. The last mile is a little skewed. For my strides I would stop my Garmin after each one during my recovery. the last mile is closer to 10 minute pace.  Here's the data.

Wednsday 8/23- 5.5 Miles 50 Minute 50/50 run, the first half was supposed to be recovery/easy pace, and the second half was at tempo pace.  I tried to find a flat route and instead I found a route that was slightly hilly.  I ended up running the uphill too hard, and then I didn't run the downhill fast enough :/
Here's the data:

Thursday 8/24- 6.5 Miles One hour run 2 miles recovery, 4 Miles at 15 seconds above GMP, and one mile cool down.  I did this run on the treadmill. and my Garmin foot pod quit on me during the  cool down effort. Ha... I was so happy that this happened towards the end of my workout.  

Friday 8/25-45 Minutes at Recovery effort

Saturday 8/26- Rest (Two rest days this week, SWEET)- I did a short core/abs workout...

Sunday 8/27-20k run.  15k at 9:15 pace, 5k at 8:30 pace.... I had been a little nervous about this run, and I tried to find a flat area, to run, but the only roads that are flat near my neighborhood tend to be busy roads full of impared/tired/distracted drivers at 5:30am (gotta love Las Vegas) so I chose a route that was safer and a little hilly.  Here's the data.

Total Miles for the week 34.2

Monday 8/29- Rest 

Tuesday 8/30-6.9 Miles  This was my final run in the warehouse. I just can't do this anymore.... 

Today's run was extra frustrating (PMS Rage)... I was looking forward to running until I realized that I couldn't head outside. The gym treadmills were full, I headed into the warehouse, and ran 40 minutes GA, The warehouse is not so bad except for all of the turning loops. My hips and ankles were not feeling it once I started running tempo pace. I bailed and ran back inside to the gym and found an empty treadmill. The tempo effort felt harder than the pace my Garmin was telling me, and sweat just kept falling into my eyes TL;DR- Grrrrrrr Tomorrow I will be getting out the door early for my workout. Here's another fun Strava graph.

Wednesday 8/31- 6.0 Miles Speedwork!!!!  3x 1.25 Miles at half marathon effort (7:40 pace) Man, I was feeling nervous about this run. My coach implied that he wanted me to do this workout outside instead of on the treadmill. I left the house early to drop off my daughter and then I went to Cornerstone Park to do the workout.  The lower loop of Cornerstone park is roughly 1.2 miles....  again it's not completely flat, but it's free from traffic.  I ran 1.25 miles to warm up I did a few strides.  In between each interval I had two minutes of active recovery (slow jog/walk)
I was worried that my hip/hamstring would bother me, but that was fine. The first two intervals were ok, I ended up bailing on the last interval and cut it short to 1 mile only. My form was falling apart and I felt like I was overheating... I feel like a weenie for bailing early, but I couldn't keep it together on that last turn around the park. After the workout, I ran a very short cool down. Here's the data.

My cheapie Garmin wouldn't let me track 1.25 mile intervals
so it split them up after each mile.
Thursday 9/1- 40 Minutes Recovery effort

I have a 15 miler on my calendar this weekend. I can not wait for it to cool down. The morning are getting slightly cooler (low 80's, but it's better than the low 90's of July).

I hope to start blogging more frequently, but I'm doing the best that I can..... 

Thank you guys for sticking around, and Thank you for reading!!  

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Week 1 of RNRLV 2016 Marathon Training 1 week down, 13 more to go

I started my training last week for this year's fall marathon.
From the Rock n Roll Las Vegas website

This time around I'm using the help of a coach.  Two years ago.  I ran the RNRLV marathon and I crashed and burned hard during the last six miles. I overdressed and ended up getting too dehydrated, and my calves seized up so bad during the last few miles of the race. But, to be honest I didn't have enough long runs in the tank... I finished in 3:49 that year.
I was so worried about being cold, that I wore one of
everything.  I forgot that my body is a furnace
that burns hot!

Last year  I ran the Deja Vu Marathon and I definitely put in the effort on the longer runs.  Unfortunately, I still missed my time goal by a few minutes and I ran a 3:42......
I put too much faith in my Garmin to accurately
pace me on a 25 lap marathon course. 

Earlier this year I was feeling a little burnt out, so I didn't really race much......But, I am really looking forward to completing this next 14-week training block and hopefully running a sub 3:40 marathon....

I'm using this blog to chronicle my efforts.

So here's how last week went....

Monday, 8/8- 4.8 miles- This was a  45-minute recovery run, and I also did a 5 x 20-second strides

Tuesday 8/9- 3.7 Miles- 15 Minute warm, form drills, striedes, 10 Minute time trial, and cool down.

I was a bit worried about this time trial... It's hot, and I feel so bloated in the summertime.  Earlier this year I was worried because I had lost some weight fairly quickly, well I managed to gain a few pounds back, and then I gained a few more..... But, I feel strong, so that's what counts right?  For the Time trial, I was hoping to average just under 7:00 minutes.... I actually negative split the time trial...

I had to share the track with some high schoolers during my warm up, but thank god I only had to share the track with one other runner during the time trial. Here's the data
Lap 1:         1:46
Lap 2 :       3:32   ( 1:46 )
Lap 3:        5:16 ( 1:44 )
Lap 4:        6:59 ( 1:43 )
Lap 5:        8:42( 1:43  )
last 300 meters in 1:18 ( started to hitch like I was going to barf and that slowed me down a little)

I averaged 6:59 per mile, but was given a heat adjustment to about 6:53 pace.

Wednesday, 8/10- 5.3 Miles- 50 Minute Maintenance run.  I decided to go outdoors to run, and it was 95 degrees outside..... I almost cut the run short, but during the 4th mile I ran through a splash pad at the park and soaked myself.
Not from last Wendsday- I just wanted to show you a picture
of the vest.

I've also been wearing my hydration vest/pack when I run outdoors.  I love this thing so much!!!! It's heavy but I can carry my water hands-free!!

Thursday 8/11 6.6 Miles- A speed workout. Two Miles warm up, a few strides, then 2 x 1.5 Miles with two minutes active recovery, and then a cool down..... I did this workout on the treadmill because running a speed workout outside is darn near impossible this time of year.  I was able to average 7:30 pace for the 1.5 Mile segments.  Here's a snapshot of the data

Friday- Rest

Saturday- 12.3 Miles Two hour run, at an easy relaxed pace...This was an interesting run.  I got up early and left the house at 6am. I'm pretty paranoid anyway, but my husband has been really nagging me about being safe, and being aware of my surroudings.  I stayed close to my home and ran loops around my neighborhood.  The pace was also slower than what I'm used to for long runs.... But, there is a reason for this.
I ran out of water at Mile 10, and I went inside a McDonalds
to drink water,Powerade, & Diet Coke

Total Mileage for the week 32.8

This week will be higher in milage and I only have one rest day as oppossed to two.

It's nice to have a coach to take some of the guess work out of my training.  I do note that I'm running my recovery runs, and my long run slower than I normally would.... But, I am going to trust the process. I have a feeling that I was probably not doing my recovery days right in the past... I like to run tempo pace, but I will not improve if I don't vary some of my routine....I'm stubborn.

Thank you for reading.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

5 x 800 meters. I gotta start somewhere.

This week started out rough, but the rest of the week has been pleasant.

Monday 8/1-
 I went out at lunchtime and I ran 4.5 miserable miles.  I went out to Whitney Mesa because it's so quiet and peaceful out there.  But, it was humid, and just really awful.... The only thing that made my run pleasant was that my run BFF (my former training partner Debi), called me during the 2nd mile, and I chit chatted with her for two miles while I ran.

Tuesday 8/2- 8 miles total
I decided to try to run some 800-meter repeats......  I wanted to see what kind of shape I'm currently in.  The workplace gym was extra crowded, so I headed indoors to run laps around a warehouse.... I ran about two miles with some form drills and strides during the 2nd mile.  And then I got the workout started.
It was a lovely 88 degrees inside the warehouse.

In between each interval, I would jog/gasp for air for about a quarter mile.  Here's the data
3:42, 3:44, 3:46, 3:46, 3:45.

After the workout, I ran another three miles to cool down.  I'm happy that the intervals were somewhat even, but I am disappointed that they weren't a little bit faster.....But, this will be my starting point. I think I could have run this workout faster on an actual track.

Wednesday 8/3- Two a day 6 Miles total + Strength training.

I ran almost three miles before work, and then at lunchtime, I ran just a little over three miles.   Then I did  a little bit of weight training.... I'm still strength training at least once or twice a week.  Even if I don't make it the gym I will do planks, push-ups, and my beloved donkey kicks.  
I have just been really lazy about logging my strength workouts into Strava, and I'm not blog posting as much as I used to (hangs head in shame).....

Thursday 8/4-  6 Miles at Whitney Mesa-  I decided to go back to the park because the weather was perfect for running.  We had a huge rainstorm dump down on us last night, and it cooled off the valley by like 25 degrees....

Tomorrow is going to a rest day for sure.....

Marathon Training Begins on Monday
Well, I hope to start posting on a more consistent basis.... I begin training for the Rock n Roll Las Vegas Marathon next week.  I have a 14-week training cycle, and I have reached out to a local coach for help this training cycle.  I trust this coach because he has a lengthy history coaching runners, and he has helped quite a few runners smash through plateaus.
 I have a 10-minute time trial coming up soon that I am starting to get nervous about.  But, I am looking forward to putting in the work, and hoepfully running a solid marathon in November.

Thank you for reading.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Catching up, What's next?, and SLS3 Hydration Vest Sneak Peak.

Hi there!  Long time no post.  It's still hot and it doesn't look like there is any upcoming relief in sight.

For the past few weeks, I have scaled back my mileage.... At the end of May, I was feeling pretty beat up.  Earlier this year I had discussed letting go of my distance base and not worrying about hitting a certain amount of miles each week.  I took that advice for about a week or two and then I just kept on  running the same volume.  By the end of May, my left hamstring and right heel were both feeling tender.  Then the heat turned on in June, and I just naturally needed more days off.  Schoolwork was catching up with me as well.  Currently, I've been averaging about 20-25 miles a week for reference last year I was averaging 30-35 miles a week.

August 8th is when I begin my next training cycle in preparation for the Rock N Roll Las Vegas Marathon on November 13, 2016.  I'm giving myself a 14-week training cycle (16 weeks just seems too long for me).  My goal is to hopefully run a sub 3:40 marathon.   I'm not sure which training program I will use.  Last year I used Hal Higdon's Advanced Training Free online program when I trained for the Deja Vu marathon.  I'm considering using the help of a coach.  But, I'm not 100% sure about that yet.

A few weeks ago I started my third term of my Master's program.  I guess I have gotten used to the grind of graduate school.  Time management is essential, and I don't have as much free time as I used to, but it's not going to be forever.  One of the things that I noticed is that I miss baking.... I used to bake all the time!!! Bread, muffins, tortillas....Baking was the first thing to go when I had to start budgeting my time.  :(
I made these the weekend of the 4th of July. I didn't have
any homework or assigned reading.  It was in between the
2nd and 3rd term.

Runs that were worth mentioning since my last post

Earlier this month I went out to Bootleg Canyon on my lunch break, and it was hot but, manageable.

The following week, I nearly gave myself heat exhaustion..... I ran 4 miles at high noon, and I was really irresponsible that day.  I drove out to an isolated bike path, I ran carrying a handheld bottle, but I didn't bring my phone.  Here is an overhead view of the bike path.
I'm a moron for choosing to run in an isolated area in 100
degree heat.  Shit can go from good to bad quickly. I won't be
heading out here again until it cools down.

I made it back to my car safely that day, but I felt really bad for taking chances in the heat.

Last weekend my husband and I drove to California, to celebrate my 20th high school reunion.  I ended up running twice while I was back home. I did short trail run in the Ventura Mountains,

My kids got to play with their cousin
while I went for a short run in the hills.

And then I ran another 4 miles (tempo) before my reunion.  Here's a picture from that night.

I had a blast catching up with old friends and dancing the night away.  The hardest part was saying goodbye to my family in California (and the weather) and driving back to broiling hot Las Vegas.

Yesterday I had an interesting run...  I'm lucky that I have a gym at my workplace.  However, two of the four treadmills are currently broken.  On my lunch break yesterday I really needed to run.  But, both working treadmills were being used.  I couldn't head outside..... So  I ended up running laps inside an empty warehouse.

 I felt silly the first 5 minutes in but, once I found my rhythm the time/miles went by fast.

SLS3 Hydration Vest
Recently I received an offer from SLS3 to try  out a hydration vest, at a huge discount.   Normally this vest costs about $50, and I received this one to try out for about $9.00 (That included overnight shipping too)
The vest comes with two
small bottles

Back of the vest

Me trying to get a selfie with a good shot of the vest.

I'm not a big fan of Camelback-style hydration packs.  I don't like drinking fluids out of that straw thingy  and they are pretty expensive. I prefer to carry a handheld bottle so that I can  spray my face with water while I run.   In the summer I wear a waist belt to carry my phone and cash.  But, lately my waist pack has been bugging me, and after that scary run where I didn't bring a phone with me, I figured that I might want to try wearing a hydration vest with pockets.

I took my vest out for a 5 mile run this morning and I can already tell that I really like this vest a lot!!!

I will wait another week or two before I write up an honest review, I also hope that SLS3 will give me a discount code to share with you.

Well, I guess that's all I have for now.

Thank you for reading.