Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Three Degrees of Hell Stage 2 Race- And other updates

I have about two months to update you on- I apologize in advance for the rambling nature of this post.

Last month (June) I had been in a funk, because the weather was really hot, and I had been nursing a tendon injury in my right foot.  Tight calves may be the main cause. But, all of my trail running/hill climbing wasn't helping things either.  
Jenn and I at Whitney Mesa
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Armagosa Trail in Henderson

Horizon Ridge

I have had zero desire to work out at noon in my workplace gym. After dealing with a treadmill heckler, and lackluster gym equipment, I just don't want to deal with it. Instead, I am working out in the mornings at home.  I do very short 15-20 minute bodyweight/kettlebell workouts in my garge gym. Sometimes I run on the treadmill, or if I'm lucky I get a short 2-3 mile run in before work.

Three Degrees of Hell Stage 2

I did race a fun trail event earlier this month.  It was a gnarly trail race, and it was part of a three stage race series.  The first race took place on Friday night at 7 pm.  The second race took place at 7 am on Saturday, and then the final event was on Saturday night at 7 pm.  There were 7k and 7-mile options for each stage.    I decided to race the Saturday morning race out at Rainbow Gardens.

Pre Race
Rainbow Gardens is located on the South East side of the Sunrise/Frenchman's mountains.   I'm not exaggerating when I say that this is one of the hottest times of the year in Las Vegas.  The daytime high on Friday was 115, and the morning low on Saturday was 92 degrees.  My friend Jenn raced on Friday night, and then she spent the night at my house so we could travel to Saturday mornings race together. (It was really close to my house)

We left the house at 6 am, The race started at 7 am, but I wanted to make sure that I had enough time, to park, and use the porta johns before the race.  I didn't really plan on warming up, it was already 95 degrees before the start of the race.   There had been tents for us to stand under to protect us from the sun, and there was wonderful fresh fruit.  But, the fruit was attracting bees and hornets, so standing under the tents had been close to impossible

There were coolers full of drinks and ice.  I kept grabbing ice and rubbing it on my shoulders and arms to keep my body temperature lower.  I also stuffed ice in my bra and in my hat.  
My head looks pointy because I have ice cubes under
my cap.

Trying to stay cool in 95-degree temps before
the start.

Triple Dare Running was the group that was hosting the event.  They are a smaller low key trail racing company.  But, what they lack in size, they make up for in enthusiasm,  The race atmosphere felt like a party.  The aid stations were well stocked and they had awesome volunteers.  Since I wasn't doing the three stage series, my goal was to race this as hard as I could and hopefully place overall.

The race
 I lined up near the front, I carried a hand held bottle with me (racing without water was not an option)  The gun went off, and I found my groove, we had to climb up a slight incline, 

and then   about a quarter mile later on I noticed that I had forgotten to start my Garmin (shit).... After that, the course went downhill for a mile, and then the real climbing began.

Mile 1- 8:20
Mile 2- 10:27

During the second mile, I got passed my two ladies and a few dudes.  There was an aid station at the 7k turn around point.  I stopped briefly to stuff more ice down my bra, and inside my hat.

Mile 3- 9:36

We started to get close to the 7 mile turn around point, and I'm slowly closing the gap on a woman that is ahead of me.  I get to the 7-mile aid station, and I stop briefly to drink a cup of Powerade, and for more ice.  There was a guy misting down the runners with water which was a nice plus.  When I hit the turn around point I noticed that I  was the 5th female overall.

The course on the way back was mostly downhill, so I tried to open up, and catch as many runners as I could.

Mile 4- 8:52
Mile 5- 7:39

The course flattened out again, and there was a short incline back to the start. 

Mile 6- 9:01

During this mile, I passed a woman and a few dudes.

.5 4:23

Garmin Time 59:41
Official Race Time 1:01:44

Here's the data

When I finished, I was told that I was the 5th woman overall.  The top 5 got a plaque but, there was a mix up and I was actually 4th woman overall.  It stinks becuase I had to give back my 5th place plaque, and I was told that I would recieve my award in the mail.  So I ended up leaving empty handed.  Womp Womp.

Me and Jenn post race
I felt great during the race, but that night.  My right ankle/foot started to bother me (again!)  I finally put two and two together, and I realized that hill climbing/trail racing is the main issue that is causing the problems in my right foot. After this race, I ended up taking a whole week off from running.. Just to let things heal.

Shout out to my girl Jennifer!!! She raced all three races and she ended up placing 5th overall in the entire race series.  
So freaking proud of you!

Life Updates
In June I went to California to attend my graduation ceremony.  

It was a quick weekend trip, and  my husband and kids met up with my parents in So Cal, and we even squeezed in a quick trip to Disneyland.
In less than a month I will be sitting for my first section exam, as part of the CPA exam.  There are four tests, and I have 18 months to pass all four sections.  

What's next?
I decided that I will be racing the Rock n Roll Las Vegas Half marathon.  It has been 18 months since I have raced a half, and I'm looking forward to  throwing myself into another training cycle.  I plan to stay off of the trails and focus on faster paces on the roads.  I have reached out to my coach Brent Bowers again,  My goal is a sub 1:40 half.   

Retail Therapy
In June when I was in a funk, and not looking forward to working out,  I treated myself to some new running shorts.

I found a few good deals on Amazon.  I had been on a hunt
for running shorts with pockets.
I also bought a new pair of shoes.
Saucony guide 9.  I love this shoe.  It's so soft yet supportive.
And finally,   I treated myself to a new office chair. ( my work paid for it)

Sitting is the new smoking.
My hips were feeling creaky from my other office chair.  So I ordered this little guy on Amazon.  I sit down all day long....My hamstrings and glutes just atrophy from sitting all damn day.   I try to get up several times a day.  But, the majority of the day I am sitting down.  I can tell that this chair is going to improve my posture, and I can already tell the difference in my hips.

Well that's all I have for now.  I'll try to update you again sooner so my posts aren't ridicuosly long.  Thanks for reading!