Saturday, February 11, 2012

Living in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is typically associated with gambling, The Strip, night life, and really HOT temperatures.  Yes all of these things are what make Las Vegas "Vegas". But there is so much more than meets the eye.
Here are a few things that I would like to share about living and running in Las Vegas.

*Most people think that it is pancake flat out here. Well, the truth is that only the strip is flat. The Las Vegas valley is surrounded by hills and even mountains.  Yesterday I went for a run at lunch time. I ran 7 miles and climbed over 375ft in the first half. The nice part was the 375 downhill on the way back.

Dolly's lunch time hilly run
Distance:7.01 miles / 11.28 km
Location:Start: Touro University
Henderson, NV, US
Attributes:loop, mixed flat & hills, roads

Map data ©2012 Google - Terms of Use
2000 ft
500 m

*The temps out here are hot to run in. Well it's true from May-October I will no longer be able to enjoy lunchtime running outside But it's not as bad as people might think. June-August are ridiculously hot. You have to plan for your runs by leaving the house super early or you will be stuck on the treadmill. The rest of the year is perfect running weather. I believe that the desert heat has made me a tougher runner over the years and more disciplined. In Southern CA I had the option to run in the morning or the afternoon and I was more likely to brush off a run. In Vegas if you are not out the door by 5:30 and back by 7:30am in July you will fry like bacon. But, it's only for three months. Today is a beautiful 68 degrees and I will take the heat over snow any day.

* If you live in Las Vegas then you must work on the strip, have a gambling habit, and or live a nocturnal lifestyle. Nothing could be further from the truth. I'm an early bird and I have a regular 9-5  Monday-Friday job. But  I sure enjoy the perks of the gaming revenue. Our city has some really nice parks and our libraries are open on Sundays and I don't have to pay state taxes. Think what you want about Vegas; It's a pretty sweet place to live.

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  1. Vegas has A LOT more to offer than what's on the Strip. Whenever we meet people, they think I work at a casino or in the entertainment industry, LOL. After they find out that I work for a university, on the technical side...the expression on their face tells me they're either skeptical (like my story is a cover up) or they have a hard time comprehending that there are non-casino jobs in Vegas.