Saturday, February 11, 2012

I love me some stroller running...

I haven't been able to run long on the weekends in a couple of weeks. I had family in town not so long ago. Then my husband got sick and I didn't feel right leaving him with the bambino so I could selfishly run miles all by myself.  So for the last two weekends I have been taking my sweet Sammy with me. Oh man.... I am getting faster so why is this whole stroller pushing thing becoming harder? Well my little guy is now a whopping 23lbs and it is getting harder pushing him around. But it is a good upper body/core workout. I am happy if we are able to hit a 10min per mile pace. I'm not really into running on the roads with him ( I worry about stray dogs and drivers that don't pay attention) so I head to the park around the corner from my house.
This is a nice view from the track. I love the view of the mountains.
This track is exactly a half mile long. Now that the weather is spectacular, lots of folks are in the park running, walking, playing volleyball, basketball etc. I had to do a double take today because I saw two different ladies carrying Louis Vuitton shoulder bags while walking. "Really is this necessary to work out?" Last week I ran 4 miles on Saturday and Sunday with the boy. Yesterday I ran 4 miles after work. Today I ran 5 pushing him, then I came home and ran 2 more miles on the treadmill. My upper body definitely feels the burn.  I'm hoping to run long tomorrow.


  1. That is awesome Dolly!! I think Lance Armstrong once said, 'it doesn't get easier, you just go faster' the stronger you get. Pushing that Sammy on the stroller has gotta make you fast!

  2. Stroller running does NOT look easy. I'm betting after a few runs like this, you will strengthen your running like whoa. It's like shedding 23+ pounds to then go and run hands free!

    Plus, can you imagine hoe much fun it must be for him!? Weeeeeeee!