Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wow January went by fast!

I'm feeling much more positive this week. I figured out why I was on a roller coaster emotionally... Good ol' PMS. I used to suffer from this aliment for a long time. I hadn't gotten my cycle back  yet either, because as a nursing mom it delays the onset of ovulation. I've been in the process of weaning my son as well. So I'm pretty sure that's what caused my violent mood swings last week. I felt like I was throwing myself the world's biggest pity party. Normally I'm a pretty optimistic person.

One  good thing did come out of that funk. It was my decision to join WW (I'm not trying to promote Weight Watchers, because they are not paying me to do so). I went to my first weigh-in / meeting last weekend and it went fairly well. I never ever intended for this to become a weight loss blog. My passion for running is what made me decide to jot down my thoughts and such on this blog. On that note my running has been OK. Nothing spectacular to write about. I've been doing short runs (3-6 miles) a couple of times a week. I'm still lifting too. Future race plans keep dancing around in my head. I am thinking of running a half marathon at the beginning of April. 

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  1. Good for you Dolly! I know the WW group will provide all the support that you need to be successful. I have personally met at least three people who've experienced successful outcomes as a result of the program.

    About you...you are a super mom, wife, friend, and career woman. We cannot always give 100% at everything or risk burnout. You are giving yourself to your family and job; they need you and are important. But I'm glad that you are finding balance :)

    We all go through our stages Dolly. Just like there are seasons in sports, there are seasons in our life. The prime season will come around again if you keep on the same path of running and perhaps a half marathon to shoot for plus with the WW group behind you--there are only better and better days ahead!