Saturday, December 31, 2011

13 miles. It's a nice way to end the year.

I met up with my running buddy to run 6 miles last Saturday. She hosts a running club and I hardly ever get to run with her anymore. Our schedules are so different, we live on opposite ends of town and it's hard to get together. We met up at 6 am to run 6 miles together and  to catch up. For the first half mile we chatted but, then it was time to put on our ipods  and "go to work" I love running with my friend because she can push me to my limits. We have been running together for so long that we are evenly paced and we won't let each other slack off.  I didn't realize how much faster I could run until I was running next to her. We did our six then we met up with other runners from the group to do another seven miles. The first couple of miles were downhill and I still wanted to keep up the tempo. So did my running pal. It was awesome to feel the burn in the legs and the lungs. The last four miles were uphill and my legs were beginning to feel like spaghetti.  But, I had other runners around me to keep me motivated. Training runs like this are worth writing about because I don't want  these memories to fade.

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