Friday, July 22, 2016

Catching up, What's next?, and SLS3 Hydration Vest Sneak Peak.

Hi there!  Long time no post.  It's still hot and it doesn't look like there is any upcoming relief in sight.

For the past few weeks, I have scaled back my mileage.... At the end of May, I was feeling pretty beat up.  Earlier this year I had discussed letting go of my distance base and not worrying about hitting a certain amount of miles each week.  I took that advice for about a week or two and then I just kept on  running the same volume.  By the end of May, my left hamstring and right heel were both feeling tender.  Then the heat turned on in June, and I just naturally needed more days off.  Schoolwork was catching up with me as well.  Currently, I've been averaging about 20-25 miles a week for reference last year I was averaging 30-35 miles a week.

August 8th is when I begin my next training cycle in preparation for the Rock N Roll Las Vegas Marathon on November 13, 2016.  I'm giving myself a 14-week training cycle (16 weeks just seems too long for me).  My goal is to hopefully run a sub 3:40 marathon.   I'm not sure which training program I will use.  Last year I used Hal Higdon's Advanced Training Free online program when I trained for the Deja Vu marathon.  I'm considering using the help of a coach.  But, I'm not 100% sure about that yet.

A few weeks ago I started my third term of my Master's program.  I guess I have gotten used to the grind of graduate school.  Time management is essential, and I don't have as much free time as I used to, but it's not going to be forever.  One of the things that I noticed is that I miss baking.... I used to bake all the time!!! Bread, muffins, tortillas....Baking was the first thing to go when I had to start budgeting my time.  :(
I made these the weekend of the 4th of July. I didn't have
any homework or assigned reading.  It was in between the
2nd and 3rd term.

Runs that were worth mentioning since my last post

Earlier this month I went out to Bootleg Canyon on my lunch break, and it was hot but, manageable.

The following week, I nearly gave myself heat exhaustion..... I ran 4 miles at high noon, and I was really irresponsible that day.  I drove out to an isolated bike path, I ran carrying a handheld bottle, but I didn't bring my phone.  Here is an overhead view of the bike path.
I'm a moron for choosing to run in an isolated area in 100
degree heat.  Shit can go from good to bad quickly. I won't be
heading out here again until it cools down.

I made it back to my car safely that day, but I felt really bad for taking chances in the heat.

Last weekend my husband and I drove to California, to celebrate my 20th high school reunion.  I ended up running twice while I was back home. I did short trail run in the Ventura Mountains,

My kids got to play with their cousin
while I went for a short run in the hills.

And then I ran another 4 miles (tempo) before my reunion.  Here's a picture from that night.

I had a blast catching up with old friends and dancing the night away.  The hardest part was saying goodbye to my family in California (and the weather) and driving back to broiling hot Las Vegas.

Yesterday I had an interesting run...  I'm lucky that I have a gym at my workplace.  However, two of the four treadmills are currently broken.  On my lunch break yesterday I really needed to run.  But, both working treadmills were being used.  I couldn't head outside..... So  I ended up running laps inside an empty warehouse.

 I felt silly the first 5 minutes in but, once I found my rhythm the time/miles went by fast.

SLS3 Hydration Vest
Recently I received an offer from SLS3 to try  out a hydration vest, at a huge discount.   Normally this vest costs about $50, and I received this one to try out for about $9.00 (That included overnight shipping too)
The vest comes with two
small bottles

Back of the vest

Me trying to get a selfie with a good shot of the vest.

I'm not a big fan of Camelback-style hydration packs.  I don't like drinking fluids out of that straw thingy  and they are pretty expensive. I prefer to carry a handheld bottle so that I can  spray my face with water while I run.   In the summer I wear a waist belt to carry my phone and cash.  But, lately my waist pack has been bugging me, and after that scary run where I didn't bring a phone with me, I figured that I might want to try wearing a hydration vest with pockets.

I took my vest out for a 5 mile run this morning and I can already tell that I really like this vest a lot!!!

I will wait another week or two before I write up an honest review, I also hope that SLS3 will give me a discount code to share with you.

Well, I guess that's all I have for now.

Thank you for reading.


  1. Be careful in this heat! Sometimes I don't even realize I'm overheating until too late - you definitely don't want to be off alone somewhere.
    I'm on exactly the same schedule as you with school. I'm only taking one class this term because they only offered three courses, all electives, this summer; honestly, I'm not even that interested in the elective I took - I just didn't want to waste a whole term off when I'm already taking off in the fall for vacation. I don't want this to drag on forever!

  2. I have a similar hydration vest with water bottles on the front and sort of a back pack look to the back. I love having water bottles so I can easily dump over my head, but also not have to carry them in my hand for the entire run.