Thursday, August 4, 2016

5 x 800 meters. I gotta start somewhere.

This week started out rough, but the rest of the week has been pleasant.

Monday 8/1-
 I went out at lunchtime and I ran 4.5 miserable miles.  I went out to Whitney Mesa because it's so quiet and peaceful out there.  But, it was humid, and just really awful.... The only thing that made my run pleasant was that my run BFF (my former training partner Debi), called me during the 2nd mile, and I chit chatted with her for two miles while I ran.

Tuesday 8/2- 8 miles total
I decided to try to run some 800-meter repeats......  I wanted to see what kind of shape I'm currently in.  The workplace gym was extra crowded, so I headed indoors to run laps around a warehouse.... I ran about two miles with some form drills and strides during the 2nd mile.  And then I got the workout started.
It was a lovely 88 degrees inside the warehouse.

In between each interval, I would jog/gasp for air for about a quarter mile.  Here's the data
3:42, 3:44, 3:46, 3:46, 3:45.

After the workout, I ran another three miles to cool down.  I'm happy that the intervals were somewhat even, but I am disappointed that they weren't a little bit faster.....But, this will be my starting point. I think I could have run this workout faster on an actual track.

Wednesday 8/3- Two a day 6 Miles total + Strength training.

I ran almost three miles before work, and then at lunchtime, I ran just a little over three miles.   Then I did  a little bit of weight training.... I'm still strength training at least once or twice a week.  Even if I don't make it the gym I will do planks, push-ups, and my beloved donkey kicks.  
I have just been really lazy about logging my strength workouts into Strava, and I'm not blog posting as much as I used to (hangs head in shame).....

Thursday 8/4-  6 Miles at Whitney Mesa-  I decided to go back to the park because the weather was perfect for running.  We had a huge rainstorm dump down on us last night, and it cooled off the valley by like 25 degrees....

Tomorrow is going to a rest day for sure.....

Marathon Training Begins on Monday
Well, I hope to start posting on a more consistent basis.... I begin training for the Rock n Roll Las Vegas Marathon next week.  I have a 14-week training cycle, and I have reached out to a local coach for help this training cycle.  I trust this coach because he has a lengthy history coaching runners, and he has helped quite a few runners smash through plateaus.
 I have a 10-minute time trial coming up soon that I am starting to get nervous about.  But, I am looking forward to putting in the work, and hoepfully running a solid marathon in November.

Thank you for reading.

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  1. You are so dedicated. I'd take one look at that warehouse and say, "Nope!"