Wednesday, March 2, 2016

I'm not training for anything, and I'm cool with it.

I'm glad I survived my last half marathon.  I'm bummed because I can tell that I already feel so much better since recovering from my sinus infection.  I do wish that I could have a do-over, to race that half again under better conditions.  But, life doesn't work like that.   Before the half marathon, I was beginning to feel a little bit burnt out on racing and training as a whole.  I'm not burnt out on running.  But, I am burnt out on having to hit a certain number of miles each week, and following a training program (No offense Hal Higdon).

I had been afraid of losing my distance base that I built over the last year with marathon training. In order to maintain that base, I would have to run at least 30 miles a week.  But, because I was running 30+ miles a week I felt like I was losing some of my speed.  My workouts were just getting slower, I didn't feel like I had as much energy, and my left hamstring and hip were just feeling beat up.

 I'm finally ready to let go of my distance base.  There are a few reasons why.  The first is that the temperatures are kicking up much earlier than in years past.  Lunch time runs are now in the mid 70's and it's only going to get hotter.  The second reason is that I want to focus on doing more strength training.  I have lost some of my upper body strength because running has taken a priority over lifting weights.  I would like to regain some of that fitness, and third I will be taking some classes online to work towards my Master's degree.  My free time during my lunch breaks will have to be split between working out and studying...

I  know that I will probably have even less time to blog, but I hope that I can still juggle, and keep you guys updated.  I am writing this out so that I'm held accountable.  There will be no fall marathon this year....I would like to run a half marathon later on this year.  But, that's many months away, so I don't want to think about training for it right now.

This is my last week of freedom before classes start, so I'm still trying to cram in as much outdoor time as possible.  Here's what my recovery week looked like and the rest of my runs.

Sunday 2/21  Rest, my quads hurt the most after the half marathon.

Monday 2/22 I was so sore, but I went to the gym to lift some weights for upper body, but I mostly just stretched my sore legs.

Tuesday 2/23-Strenght training.
3 sets of everything
Bench press with bar to warm up, 65lbs 2-3 set
Back rows with bar
Hamstring dead lifts with bar
Bulgarian splits squats (body weight only)
Tricep Dips balancing on a swiss ball
Seated Knee ups
Back Flys
Swiss ball reverse crunches
Shoulder taps from plank position on Swiss ball
Alternating ab crunches on Swiss ball
Cable chest press
Double bicep cable curls

Wednesday 2/24 I went for a short but difficult run/hike up the Amargosa trail.  It was a three-mile hike that took me nearly an hour to do. I did stop to take a bunch of pictures.

This hike climbed almost 700feet, and going downhill was much harder than climbing uphill.

Thursday 2/25- Retail therapy.  I purchased a small laptop.  The times have changed so much, that I decided to go with a Google Chromebook.  It was one of the easiest computer purchases I have ever had to make, and I'm shocked at how cheap it was.

Friday 2/26- 5.4 Miles at lunchtime.  It was a nice pleasant 74 degrees, and I didn't take a bottle of water with me... I ran one of my usual loop routes uphill.  First half climbs the second half is a nice downhill ride.  Here's the data:
I also did some exercises for my chest, but I forgot to write it down.

Saturday 2/27 Rest

Sunday 2/28- 6.2 10k run with some surges.  I had planned on taking this run easy... I swear I don't make up any of this stuff either.... I ran one mile to warm up, and during the 2nd mile, I'm running with the flow of traffic because I only had a short stretch to run on this road before hitting a bike path.  I'm a paranoid person to being with. But, a car pulls up right in front of me (about 20 feet) and waits.  This isn't an area to park.  It is a busy road.  They could be having some sort of emergency or they could be waiting for me.  I decided to cross the street immediately and, Just like magic, the car speeds off.  I head off onto the bike path, but I"m spooked so tempo paced running it is.  During the last mile, I was doing strides from mailbox to mailbox, with short recoveries in between.
Here's the data:

Monday 2/29- 3 Miles at 8:10 average pace, This was a progression run.

I also did some weight training. I'm lucky that I have a gym at my workplace but, it is slim pickings at lunchtime.  I did circuit training on whatever was free to use.
Lat Pull downs 
EZ curl bar bicep curls 
EZ curl bar upright shoulder rows. 
EZ curl bar squats 
EZ curl bar single leg lunges 
Close grip chin up (1 or 2) 
Roman chair straight leg raises 
Seated shoulder press with dumbells 
Seated bicep curls 
Back raises  back flys

Tuesday 3/1  3 miles tempo. I did a short run before work.  I decided to run in the neighborhood near my kids daycare.  I also decided to go after some Strava course records.  Course records are segments that are created and then saved by other Strava members. I haven't really figured out how to create segments (yet), but they are fun motivators to sneak speed work into your running.  There were two segments that I have run through many times during longer runs.  But, on this morning, I was only running 2-3 miles, and I thought "why not?"  This is your reward for having the best time on a given segment.

Aren't the little crowns cute?

If you lose a course record Strava Mobile will actually send you a notice, that you lost your CR.  
I have had that happen to me a few times.   Whatever motivates you, am I right?

The two spikes in pace, are the two Strava segments
that I tried to attack.
Even though I won't be racing for the next few months (maybe a low key 5k once in a blue moon). I hope that Strava will be keeping my workouts fun and exciting.

As always, Thank you for reading. 


  1. I'm ALSO getting my master's online, and classes start next week for me, too! I'm dreading it! But it must be done!

    1. Good luck to you. It's all about time management right?

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  4. Replies
    1. Thank you Gina! Your words of encouragement really helped me. :)

  5. What are you getting your masters in, if I may be so nosy. I got my masters many moons ago, and MBA in finance. I don't miss grad school at all, but that's partly because my son was aged 18 months-4 years old when I was there and it wore me out.

    1. Thanks for asking. I'm actually going to try to get an MBA accounting. My bachelor's was in finance.
      My kids are a little older, I had started taking courses when I was pregnant with my first, and then I took a break. I hope this doesn't kick my ass too bad. I know that my running will have to take a backseat for awhile.

    2. You'll probably do well. You have been disciplined with your running and those skills transfer. I'm excited for you!

    3. ^^ this was me. I was signed out of Google.