Monday, October 26, 2015

Strava what you do to me... 5 weeks to go, 15 in my Nikes and 5 more in my Brooks

We are one week closer to the marathon and I survived another heavy load week... Earlier this Summer I joined a Strava running club, and it has been nice to have virtual training partners. I'm a competitive person so I try not to take Strava too seriously....Then this happened...

I'm not hating on you 1st place runner..  
I'm glad that we are virtual training pals and
I appreciate the miles you log. 
I had been in  1st place and then I was knocked off the top spot by a runner, who by coincidence ran .1 miles longer for the week....

I was actually tempted to hop on the treadmill to run an extra mile... But, that wouldn't have made any sense running wise.....  I guess this can be why Strava is so addictive.  When I try to explain Strava to non running people it sounds like I'm talking about fantasy football or Dungeons and Dragons....However, this nifty tool has added an extra level of entertainment/enjoyment to marathon training this year....I realize that  it can become a slippery slope for sure. Especially when it's the off (recovery) season.

Training Updates
Tuesday 10/20:  7 miles  Tempo Tuesday!! I decided to do some exploring today.  I went running for the first time ever at the Wetlands Park.  I have always talked myself out of exploring because this location is pretty remote, and during the summertime I can not risk getting lost...

Look at all the different paths you can take!

Many years ago, I tried to run through the Wetlands via Hollywood, because I was told that it goes all the way through to Broadbent Rd.  I ended up getting lost that day, and I was fortunate that I ran into a worker from the water treatment plant.... It may have been a much different story, if that would have happened in July.

But, getting back to the Tempo workout. I ran about a half mile, and then I was at the main entrance to the Nature Preserve. I asked the park rangers, which way to go.  They were very helpful, and they even gave me a map.
 I took a few pictures

and then I got my workout started.  I decided to do 5 x 5 minute pick ups with 2 minutes of active recovery in between the intervals.  5 minute pickups are like 1000 meter repeats without the track.  I tried to run the intervals close to half marathon pace. (7:15-7:30 per mile), after the workout I jogged another mile for recovery.

Wednesday 10/21:  Two a day, before work I did a short strength training workout. I have been neglecting the weight room lately... I forget how much I enjoy strength training.  Here's the short workout that I did:
Incline Push-ups
Regular Push-ups
Around the world lunges (body weight only)
Hanging Plank chin ups
Side Step ups onto a bench with a knee lift
Lat pull downs.

At lunch time I ran 6.5 easy miles.  Last week I was worried about my waist pack, and carrying it for the marathon.  My blogger buddy Grace suggested that I try an armband to carry my phone.  I was hesitant because I have had negative experiences with armbands before.  But, I decided to head to the local running shop to look at my options.  I ended up choosing this armband...

My phone is a tight fit, but overall I am very pleased with my new piece of equipment.

Also on this day, I wore a pair of dress flats for work that I hardly ever wear.  They are a half size too big, but I wear them with insoles so I didn't think it would be a big deal.  Well a day of casually walking around in shoes that were just a little too big caused my heel/plantar fascia to feel tender....Great.. Just in time for my long run.

Thursday 10/22: Rest

Friday 10/23: 20 miles 15 in my Nikes and 5 more in my Brooks.... So I will try not to ramble about this run too much....
Greek Yogurt Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Pre run breakfast Pancakes two eggs, and a few orange slices.

I decided to do my long run at Sunset Park, to avoid traffic, and to run a little bit of the marathon course.  I had planned on wearing two differnt pairs of running shoes.  My feet were feeling a little tender so I decided to start off my run in my Nike Structure Triax shoes.  This shoe will correct any heel striking/arch collapsing that my feet will sometimes do.  But, the downside to these shoes is that they are really firm, and I have never ran longer than 14 miles in these shoes...I worry that my knees or hips will feel the pounding in the later miles....I also worried that my new armband would piss me off over 20 miles....  The weather was actually chilly(?) My plans were to just survive the 20, maybe finish off with tempo pace....

The first hour seem to take forever, and the last hour actually went by the fastest ( I know strange).  I felt stronger this time around compared to the last 20 miler that I ran....
Here's the data:

I stopped by my car between miles 7-8 to grab a bottle of water & more fuel, and then again around mile 15.  This time I ran into a bathroom to go, and then I ran to my car to swap shoes and pound some Gatorade.

For fuel, I ate the following: 2 or 3 dates, 4 Powerbar Energy blast chews, 1 20 oz bottle of water that I carried during miles 7-13 , 1/2 of a 16oz bottle of Gatorade, and one Powebar energy gel...

At mile 18 I decided to pick up the pace, and at mile 19.5 I was rewarded for my efforts with a horrible bonk again.  The last half mile of this run sucked so bad.  I'm proud of myself for running past my car to even out the 20 miles...  After I finished I felt really shitty.  I ended up throwing up a little bit. (I should have know better than to eat oranges before I run)  they didn't bother me during my run.

I stretched, and let my heart rate come back down, and then I drove home. I stopped to pick up my ice....I took an ice bath as soon as I got home...

Saturday 10/24-Rest
Sunday 10/25- 7.2 miles....  That first mile is always the hardest... Once I got moving and the legs warmed up, I didn't feel so trashed. I'm tired  but I actually felt like I could pick up the pace a little bit, and I did a few strides during the last mile. Here's the data:

Monday 10/26.... Rest..... I had hoped to workout either today, or on my lunch break... But, I'm tired and farting around on my lunch break seemed like a better idea...  

Well that's all I've got for now.  Thank you for reading!

**** Disclaimer**** I have been running in the Desert Southwest for going on 12 years.  I respect the desert and the heat.  Please use caution when running trails or in remote areas during the hot/dry months.


  1. So funny you posted this today, because I'm just reading the most recent issue of Running Times, and there's an article about Strava competition/addiction! I do wonder about that 0.1, though, hm. Maybe your virtual partners are on the competitive side! Kind of a low move, though. At least make it 1 mile more, not 0.1...

  2. Lol. I was getting weirded out by how I kept being at the top of that Strava group list for mileage. I guess I felt like I'd be judged for running too many miles for how not-fast I am because some of the people in that group judge about those things.

    I have been wanting to thank you for following me on my new Strava account. Long story, but now my coach is following me on that account (if you want to check our her training, it's Emily Harrison and she's on Nike's elite trail running team -- her runs are sort of fascinating and crazy to look at).

    Aaaaaand, I still am so grateful that I started to better follow your example of not stopping my watch and running more continuously. I already feel like it's made a big difference over the past few months. I don't know that I'll get as fast as you, but I have lots of room for improvement ;)

    1. Glad to see you back on Strava. FWIW I was really impressed with your mileage and your ability to run that far on a consistent basis. No judgment here. I think you would probably be an excellent Ultra Runner... But, yeah I feel you.. I'm one of the biggest snarkers when it comes to running blogs, but lately I've been STFU because I don't want to jinx my own race next month... :)

    2. Too funny -- I get paranoid about bad snark karma too. Fwiw, I've never thought you were an egregious snarker on running blogs. You are usually pretty level-headed and thoughtful and I enjoy your criticism because it makes sense. I feel like I've learned a lot from you, tbh.