Monday, October 19, 2015

Six weeks out, training updates, and other odds and ends.

Six weeks out..... I'm looking forward to the taper.  But, first I must get through two more heavy load weeks (50 miles).
Last week was a lower mileage week.  I thought I would have spent more time in the gym lifting weights- but, I used that time instead to get caught up on work during lunch breaks, or just resting...

So I have about 10 days worth of training updates.  This is what happens when I forget to blog for a week.

ETA:  Once I wrote all of my workouts out, I realized that I have done 3 x 9 miles tempo workouts in ten days... I think I know what my favorite workout it now, or this is the only type of distance workout that I like to do....At least the workouts were sort of different.

Training updates

Saturday 10/10-Rest

Sunday 10/11- 9.1 mile tempo run.  I had been feeling tired from Wednesday's 20 miler. I ran two miles to warm up, 5 miles at GP, and a little over a mile to cool down.  Here's the data:

 I also practiced eating a gel while running tempo pace.  Fueling can be difficult when running tempo pace.  But, during a marathon, I will have to be diligent about getting enough calories in. 

Monday 10/12-  Strength Training and a 3 mile run at recovery pace.  

Tuesday 10/13 - 6 miles... I ran without my Garmin, and I had no idea what pace I should have been running, Tempo? Easy?  It was a hot day, and this run felt like a chore.

Wednesday 10/14 - Rest

Thursday 10/15  9.1  Miles total Hilly Tempo workout.. 2 x 2 miles at half marathon pace.  I ran two miles that were uphill to warm up.  I then got the work out started.  The first tempo mile was down hill, but then I got to climb back up.  I then ran a mile at recovery pace, followed by two more tempo miles.  Then I had a two mile cool down.  This workout went by fast.  I felt well rested and there was nice cloud coverage... Here's the data.

During the recovery mile I ate a Heed Hammer Gel.  Last year I really liked Heed.  This year not so much.  I have been using Powerbar Energy Gels.  I'm not super crazy about these either, but the texture is much lighter than the Heed Hammer Gel....

Friday 10/16  5 miles recovery at Cornerstone park.  Fall is finally here!!!  There was cloud coverage and it was nice and cool.

Saturday 10/17 Rest

Sunday 10/18 - 9.1 mile run with a fast finish.  I ran without my waist pack (more on that later)....  It is so nice to not have to bring my hand held bottle with me.  I don't really notice the extra weight in the summertime, because I need hydration.  But, now that the temps are cooler, I can run without it, and my stride is feeling more efficient.  I didn't plan on picking the pace up towards the end.  But, I was feeling lazy for "just" running 9 miles, and I wanted to try to run a little tempo pace towards the end.

Here's the data:

For dinner last night I made Vegetable Tempura and it was so freaking delicious!

Blotting the grease with paper towels.  I also served this with
white rice.  Vegan doesn't always mean healthy :)

Monday 10/19- 10.7 miles...... I ran these all of these miles at an easy pace.  I didn't have time to fit 10 miles in before work, or at lunch so I had to split the miles up. I ran 3.36 miles before work, and 7.36 miles at lunchtime.....

Other odds and ends.

I bought another pair of hot pink Brooks Adrenalines.  I found this pair of shoes on clearance (again)
Someone has to buy all of the left over hot pink shoes.
Sierra Trading post had these babies for like $60.00

I actually wore them fresh out of the box for my 20 miler in my last post.  I had been saving them, for closer to the marathon.  But, my other Adrenaline's were done....

I'm also wondering if I'm going to wear my waist pack for the race.... I have a mental block when it comes to racing with a waist pack.  Deep down I'm worried that my waist belt will either start sliding around, bouncing, or I will cinch that sucker too tight and end up with horrible chaffing and will lose sensation in my hips.  I have this pretty neat shirt that has a kangaroo pocket in the front, and my phone fits in there nicely...

I wore it yesterday for my 9 miler, my phone bounced around some, but it was manageable.
My biggest concern is that it will be too hot to wear this top to race in.... I wish I had enough disposable income to bite the bullet and buy an ipod nano.  But, I don't want to go through the hassle of purchasing songs through Itunes, when I already pay for a music subscription on my phone (Slacker Music App).

I'm sure that I will drive myself nuts trying to figure out what to wear for the race, and I will probably find other things to fixate on soon.....
Don't mind me...  It's all par for the course with marathon training.

I think that's all I've got for now.  As always thank you for reading!!


  1. Can you do an arm band? They're cheap and pretty bounce free, and when I used to use one I'd stuff my gels into the strap.

    1. Most arm bands are huge and don't fit my arms...Do you have a certain one that you would recommend? I might go looking for a cheap one on Thursday before my long run this weekend.

  2. Great job training. Stay focused and keep up the hard work. I really enjoy your blog, I wish I could write like you! :)

    1. Thanks Teri! I'm usually embarrassed by some of my obvious grammar errors at times. But, I find writing out my training sort of therapeutic.

  3. I feel like my coach didn't put enough tempo runs in my marathon plans. Maybe I should ask her about it.

    Have you tried running shorts with pockets? Saucony makes Bullet Shorts or the Bullet Capri, which have leg pockets in addition to a back zip pocket.

    1. I have been looking at the Brooks Pure Project shorts... But they are so expensive!!!

  4. I used to run the Adrenaline 11. I have a new pair I tried to break in recently (bought in 2012 when they were on sale). They didn't feel the same. I don't know if my feet have changed or just need to break them, leave the lases looser. I have an older pair I wear for short walks and sometimes they make my feet feel funny too. :(

    I used to race the iPod shuffle. It's just music and super light weight and about $50. I loaded mine up with music I ripped from CD's I owned (mainly).

    1. I don't have a desktop computer at home to burn music anymore :(
      AM/FM walkman here I come!

      I left the Brooks Adrenaline for about a year. I think I had a bad pair, my feet grew during pregnancy and then they shrank, and I sized back down to my original size, but I probably shouldn't have...

      I wore a few different brands, but I went back and the 14's feel great. They are about to release the 16's so I'm excited to give the 15's a try....#budgetrunners