Friday, October 9, 2015

20 Miles done! It's a heavy volume week for sure, and a muffin receipe

I'm in the middle of my heavy volume week.  I knocked out a 20 mile run on Wednesday, I ran 5 horrible recovery miles yesterday, and today I'm hoping to finish the day with 10ish miles....  Next week will be a step down week.  There is no way I could run 70 miles per week.  50 miles is enough to make me want to cry uncle... Okay enough feeling sorry for myself.

This is also my last week of shortened work weeks and vacation running.  (sad face)

Training Updates

Saturday 10/3 Rest,  I was looking forward to this rest day, but my legs felt restless, and I felt achy which is weird considering there isn't anything wrong (knock on wood)

Sunday 10/4 -8 miles This was a hilly tempo progression run.  I ran the first mile easy, and then tried to ease into a faster tempo  pace.  The first half was an uphill grade with a huge climb during the 4th mile, which meant a downhill finish.  Here's the data:

Monday: 10/5 5 miles recovery..It poured rain that day,  and I forgot to bring a hat. I was worried about soaking and ruining my Garmin so I wore in under my clothes linked to my waist pack... After my run.. I had a date with my kids and we went to the Shark Reef with grandma and a two other little ones.

Tuesday 10/6 Rest-  I also had another day off from work, like any other blogger- we went to Target.

Pretzels always taste better inside of the store.

Wednesday 10/7  20 Miles..... I"m not going to pretend that this run, wasn't a big deal.  This run took a lot out of me...
Mini Race Report Time:
I woke up early and I made muffins for my husband and I .  I made pumpkin oat hemp muffins.
They tasted a lot better than they looked.
That's carrot juice not orange

The kids ate french toast, then I dropped the kids off at daycare, and I bought my after run supplies (two 10lb bags of ice, Gatorade, and lunch fixings) before I went back home to run.  I knew that eating, driving, or anything else productive was going to be shot for the rest of the day.....
I left my house at 8:30 am and I'm so glad that the temps were still in the low 70's when I got started.

I ran both of my favorite 10 mile loops (they go in opposite directions)  halfway through my plan was to stop by the house and pick up more fuel and swap water bottles....

Miles 1-2  I tried to just run easy, and relaxed  the route went uphill slightly
Mile 3-4  I pulled out a date from my wrist pocket and ate it.  Mile 4 climbed 171 feet

Mile 5  This was a downhill mile and then I ran inside a gas station to buy a bottle of water.  I didn't stop my watch

Mile 6-9  Downhill running.  I tried to just take it easy and relax.  I ate two Powergel Energy Blasts.
This  is my new favorite energy fuel when running.

 I noticed that I didn't have any gels in my waist pack...  However I did have a 32oz bottle of Orange Gatorade waiting for me at home..

Mile 10- I swung by my house, and I decided against fumbling around with my house keys to grab energy gels from the pantry....  My Gatorade and other fuel was waiting for me in the bushes... I knew that I needed to drink as much Gatorade as possible.  I drank almost half of the bottle.  I was worried that my stomach would cramp up from the Gatorade, but I was fine.  I let my watch run for about 30 seconds while I stopped briefly.  I also grabbed another water bottle and my baggie with another date, and two Powerbar Energy Blasts.


I knew that the second half of the run was going to be much flatter, but there wouldn't be any shade coverage.

Miles 11-12  I headed out to the Sunrise Picinc Area.
LVTC used to hold timed runs out at the Sunrise Picnic Area
I hope someday they will start hosting events out there again.

 I love running out here, but this area does give me the heebee jeebees because it is so isolated....If shit goes wrong you are in the boonies.  I had one Powerbar Energyblast at about mile 12?

Miles 13-14  At around mile 13 I started to pick up the pace gradually.  It was a slight downhill grade so I tried to reign it in and not go overboard with the tempo pace.

Mile 15-16
I hit the turn around point to start heading back home.  There was a slight uphill grade during mile 16 but, it was like  a switch had been flipped, and I was down to run the last 4 miles as hard (within reason) as I could.

Mile 17-18 I had my last energy chew, and started counting the distance down to my next water stop at mile 19.  

Miles 19-20  As good as I felt at mile 16, the wheels came off somewhere around mile 18.75... It was sudden and quick, I felt like a balloon that had been popped.  My energy just went to crap, but I knew that I was close enough to home.  At mile 19 I stopped to buy another bottle of water. I only had a single dollar in my waist pack, so water was all I could afford.... I also cheated and stopped my watch when I went into the liquor store to buy the water... The last mile that I ran was a cool down shuffle.  It hurt.

Here's the Garmin Stats for transparency.

Map and Elevation

This run, almost felt like taking a hallucinogenic drug.  I was delirious when I finished.  I was happy that "Yes I finished 20 miles" but, my body was going haywire.  I wasn't in any serious physical pain. My legs hurt, but it was just more of a sheer exhaustion kind of hurt.  I started drinking fluids immediately.  I took a quick shower, and then I took an ice bath.  I never used to take them before.  But, they seem to help with my recovery so I'm going to keep on doing them.

I wasn't really hungry either. But, I knew that I needed calories.   I'm mostly vegan (I still eat eggs and fish occasionally) and I was craving salmon.  I purchased two kinds before my run, and I made a huge sandwich.

The rest of the day went by in a blur... Hours felt like minutes, and minutes felt like hours.  I made myself stretch for 20 minutes before bed, and I crashed super early that night.

Thursday 10/8- 5.3 miles recovery (lolololol)  This was one of the hardest runs  ever!  I did not want to run, but I had 5 miles on the schedule.  I wore a regular watch and just tried to shoot for 45 minutes of running.  I went to Cornerstone Park, and I ran through the park, and around the neighborhood.  I ended up running around 52 minutes.  My body still felt haywire.  My legs don't feel injured my whole body just feels exhausted.

That night I crashed early again.

Friday 10/9  This morning I made another batch of vegan muffins.  My go to starter mix is:
3/4 cups white flour
1 1/2 cup steel cut oats
1/3 cup brown sugar
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 cup coconut milk
1/4 coconut oil
3/4 cup of Fruit Puree (I use either applesauce or pumpkin puree).

Add ins (optional)
hemp seeds
sunflower seeds (shelled)
fruit (blueberries, raspberries, and pineapple work well)
peanut butter

Mix the dry ingredients with the wet, bake for 20 minutes in a 350 degree oven.
Vegan Muffins
Back to running......10 miles for the day!  This morning I  almost left the house without finishing my coffee.  I slammed that cup on the way out the door, and it gave me a huge boost.
I ran 3.8 miles this morning, and then at lunchtime I ran 6.2 miles.. 10 miles all at once was too intimidating for me to attempt. so I split the run up.... I was still feeling tired from Wednesday's 20 miler.... But, I'm glad I got the miles in, and I don't feel nearly as trashed as I felt yesterday.

Rest day tomorrow, and tempo run on Sunday....That's all I've got for now.   As always thank you for reading.


  1. Your kids are too cute!

    Man, that 20-miler is impressive to me. I feel you on the bonk, though. I never had one before this past weekend, and it's definitely different feeling than just tiring out.

  2. Oh, I've had those 20 milers that just kill the whole day. I can never understand people who are like, "I ran 20, then quickly changed and went to the zoo! We stayed out for hours!"