Thursday, September 1, 2016

RNRLV 2016 Marathon Training Weeks 2 , 3, part of 4 -and I finished another block of courses towards my degree.

I am so happy that I have a week off from school!!  I just finished up another block of classes last Sunday (Aug 28th). I can say that I am now at the halfway mark of my MBA degree... I don't want to count my chickens before they hatch, but I'm so excited to be moving closer toward my degree.  I'm going to try to use this week to decompress and catch up on my family time.

In other news, my little boy started Kindergarten on Monday.

Oh man! I was such an emotional wreck all day long, not having any homework that night was a huge plus!

So let's move along with the running updates. It's been about two weeks since my last post, and I want to fill you in on how marathon training is going.  I had a heavy volume week followed by a lower volume week. I'm working with a coach and I don't want to give away his "trade secrets" lol.  But, one of the first things he made me do, was slow down on my recovery/easy days... It was really hard for me to understand what true recovery pace was. Fortunately, I'm given specifc instructions on which paces I am supposed to run for given periods of time.

Monday 8/15- 40 Minutes at Recovery effort with 6 x 30 second strides at 5k effort-  I really enjoy these runs.  After 40 minutes of running at an easy effort, my legs are nice and warmed up and ready to run strides.  It was still a nice warm morning.

Tuesday 8/16- 6.5 Miles Genereal Aeorobic run. I ran for an hour inside a warehouse. I have been hating the treadmill lately, the gym has been extra crowded, and I feel like a dick for running for an hour if other people are waiting to use the treadmills.  I ran 30 minutes at 9:40 pace, and then ran 30 minutes at 9:10 pace.

It was still a gross 86 degrees inside the warehouse and I inhaled a crap ton of dust.

Wednesday 8/17- 8 Miles- 25 Minutes of warm up 5 x 25 second strides, 4 Miles at tempo pace, and a one mile cool down.

Thursday 8/18 Rest

Friday 8/19- 4 Miles  aka 40 Minute Recovery effort.  I ran these miles at Cornerstone Park.

One of the local high schools was hosting a practice meet, and it was pretty cool watching the youngsters train.

Saturday 8/20 6.7 Miles- One hour run 30 minutes at 10:00 pace, and 30 minutes at 9:00 minute pace.
I ended up choosing a hilly route, and I didn't hit my paces correctly, I ran the uphill too fast, and the downhill not fast enough.  Here is the data:

Sunday 8/21- 14 Miles- 4 Miles warm up, 9 miles at 30 seconds above goal marathon pace, 1 mile cool down. My goal pace is hopefully 8:15 per mile, so the steady state miles were done at 8:45 pace
The first hour was warm  but, the sun wasn't out yet and it was  breezy.  The second hour the sun kind of got to me.  Here's the data.

Total Miles for the week 43.7

This was my final week of classes (Managerial Accounting and Strategic Planning)  I had two term papers to write, and I was going a little batty last week.  I was looking foward to running becuase it helps me cope/relax.

Monday 8/22- Rest

Tuesday 8/23-5 Miles recovery with a few strides. and I chose to do this run outside at high noon.....It was frustrating
My wonderful wireless headphones kept slipping out of my ears, a pit stop at mile 2, and just a few other aggravations at lunch time.... Hot, humid, and hilly. The last mile is a little skewed. For my strides I would stop my Garmin after each one during my recovery. the last mile is closer to 10 minute pace.  Here's the data.

Wednsday 8/23- 5.5 Miles 50 Minute 50/50 run, the first half was supposed to be recovery/easy pace, and the second half was at tempo pace.  I tried to find a flat route and instead I found a route that was slightly hilly.  I ended up running the uphill too hard, and then I didn't run the downhill fast enough :/
Here's the data:

Thursday 8/24- 6.5 Miles One hour run 2 miles recovery, 4 Miles at 15 seconds above GMP, and one mile cool down.  I did this run on the treadmill. and my Garmin foot pod quit on me during the  cool down effort. Ha... I was so happy that this happened towards the end of my workout.  

Friday 8/25-45 Minutes at Recovery effort

Saturday 8/26- Rest (Two rest days this week, SWEET)- I did a short core/abs workout...

Sunday 8/27-20k run.  15k at 9:15 pace, 5k at 8:30 pace.... I had been a little nervous about this run, and I tried to find a flat area, to run, but the only roads that are flat near my neighborhood tend to be busy roads full of impared/tired/distracted drivers at 5:30am (gotta love Las Vegas) so I chose a route that was safer and a little hilly.  Here's the data.

Total Miles for the week 34.2

Monday 8/29- Rest 

Tuesday 8/30-6.9 Miles  This was my final run in the warehouse. I just can't do this anymore.... 

Today's run was extra frustrating (PMS Rage)... I was looking forward to running until I realized that I couldn't head outside. The gym treadmills were full, I headed into the warehouse, and ran 40 minutes GA, The warehouse is not so bad except for all of the turning loops. My hips and ankles were not feeling it once I started running tempo pace. I bailed and ran back inside to the gym and found an empty treadmill. The tempo effort felt harder than the pace my Garmin was telling me, and sweat just kept falling into my eyes TL;DR- Grrrrrrr Tomorrow I will be getting out the door early for my workout. Here's another fun Strava graph.

Wednesday 8/31- 6.0 Miles Speedwork!!!!  3x 1.25 Miles at half marathon effort (7:40 pace) Man, I was feeling nervous about this run. My coach implied that he wanted me to do this workout outside instead of on the treadmill. I left the house early to drop off my daughter and then I went to Cornerstone Park to do the workout.  The lower loop of Cornerstone park is roughly 1.2 miles....  again it's not completely flat, but it's free from traffic.  I ran 1.25 miles to warm up I did a few strides.  In between each interval I had two minutes of active recovery (slow jog/walk)
I was worried that my hip/hamstring would bother me, but that was fine. The first two intervals were ok, I ended up bailing on the last interval and cut it short to 1 mile only. My form was falling apart and I felt like I was overheating... I feel like a weenie for bailing early, but I couldn't keep it together on that last turn around the park. After the workout, I ran a very short cool down. Here's the data.

My cheapie Garmin wouldn't let me track 1.25 mile intervals
so it split them up after each mile.
Thursday 9/1- 40 Minutes Recovery effort

I have a 15 miler on my calendar this weekend. I can not wait for it to cool down. The morning are getting slightly cooler (low 80's, but it's better than the low 90's of July).

I hope to start blogging more frequently, but I'm doing the best that I can..... 

Thank you guys for sticking around, and Thank you for reading!!  

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  1. We're finally in the low 80's here, too, in the morning, and it feels downright frigid! And it makes such a difference. I'm loving running again lately.
    High-five on half-way done with your MBA! I am doing two classes with super heavy workloads right now, but then I am taking off for a whole session so I can go on vacation. I can't wait. After that, I'll have three classes left.