Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Week 1 of RNRLV 2016 Marathon Training 1 week down, 13 more to go

I started my training last week for this year's fall marathon.
From the Rock n Roll Las Vegas website

This time around I'm using the help of a coach.  Two years ago.  I ran the RNRLV marathon and I crashed and burned hard during the last six miles. I overdressed and ended up getting too dehydrated, and my calves seized up so bad during the last few miles of the race. But, to be honest I didn't have enough long runs in the tank... I finished in 3:49 that year.
I was so worried about being cold, that I wore one of
everything.  I forgot that my body is a furnace
that burns hot!

Last year  I ran the Deja Vu Marathon and I definitely put in the effort on the longer runs.  Unfortunately, I still missed my time goal by a few minutes and I ran a 3:42......
I put too much faith in my Garmin to accurately
pace me on a 25 lap marathon course. 

Earlier this year I was feeling a little burnt out, so I didn't really race much......But, I am really looking forward to completing this next 14-week training block and hopefully running a sub 3:40 marathon....

I'm using this blog to chronicle my efforts.

So here's how last week went....

Monday, 8/8- 4.8 miles- This was a  45-minute recovery run, and I also did a 5 x 20-second strides

Tuesday 8/9- 3.7 Miles- 15 Minute warm, form drills, striedes, 10 Minute time trial, and cool down.

I was a bit worried about this time trial... It's hot, and I feel so bloated in the summertime.  Earlier this year I was worried because I had lost some weight fairly quickly, well I managed to gain a few pounds back, and then I gained a few more..... But, I feel strong, so that's what counts right?  For the Time trial, I was hoping to average just under 7:00 minutes.... I actually negative split the time trial...

I had to share the track with some high schoolers during my warm up, but thank god I only had to share the track with one other runner during the time trial. Here's the data
Lap 1:         1:46
Lap 2 :       3:32   ( 1:46 )
Lap 3:        5:16 ( 1:44 )
Lap 4:        6:59 ( 1:43 )
Lap 5:        8:42( 1:43  )
last 300 meters in 1:18 ( started to hitch like I was going to barf and that slowed me down a little)

I averaged 6:59 per mile, but was given a heat adjustment to about 6:53 pace.

Wednesday, 8/10- 5.3 Miles- 50 Minute Maintenance run.  I decided to go outdoors to run, and it was 95 degrees outside..... I almost cut the run short, but during the 4th mile I ran through a splash pad at the park and soaked myself.
Not from last Wendsday- I just wanted to show you a picture
of the vest.

I've also been wearing my hydration vest/pack when I run outdoors.  I love this thing so much!!!! It's heavy but I can carry my water hands-free!!

Thursday 8/11 6.6 Miles- A speed workout. Two Miles warm up, a few strides, then 2 x 1.5 Miles with two minutes active recovery, and then a cool down..... I did this workout on the treadmill because running a speed workout outside is darn near impossible this time of year.  I was able to average 7:30 pace for the 1.5 Mile segments.  Here's a snapshot of the data

Friday- Rest

Saturday- 12.3 Miles Two hour run, at an easy relaxed pace...This was an interesting run.  I got up early and left the house at 6am. I'm pretty paranoid anyway, but my husband has been really nagging me about being safe, and being aware of my surroudings.  I stayed close to my home and ran loops around my neighborhood.  The pace was also slower than what I'm used to for long runs.... But, there is a reason for this.
I ran out of water at Mile 10, and I went inside a McDonalds
to drink water,Powerade, & Diet Coke

Total Mileage for the week 32.8

This week will be higher in milage and I only have one rest day as oppossed to two.

It's nice to have a coach to take some of the guess work out of my training.  I do note that I'm running my recovery runs, and my long run slower than I normally would.... But, I am going to trust the process. I have a feeling that I was probably not doing my recovery days right in the past... I like to run tempo pace, but I will not improve if I don't vary some of my routine....I'm stubborn.

Thank you for reading.


  1. I'm excited to see how the coaching works for you! I don't know if you read Tina Muir's blog, but she did a great post a few weeks back about slowing down easy days. I'm apprecisting the slower pace on these dog days of summer for sure.

  2. Cool! A coach! I can't wait to hear how that goes!