Thursday, September 15, 2016

RNRLV is about two months or, Just a little over 8 weeks out.-Training updates

Hi there... Life is still moving forward at rapid fire pace.  I have settled into my training routine, and I can't believe we are nearing the halfway mark of this training cycle.  I chose a 14-week training cycle because 16 weeks seems so long, I worry about injuries, and from being overwhelmed with 16 weeks of structured running.  14 weeks seems to be the sweet spot for me.  I will pick where I left off (Begining of September).  I am happy that the weather is finally showing me some mercy after one brutal ass summer.

Friday 9/2 50 Minute treadmill run with 30 Minutes at Recovery pace, and 20 Minutes Tempo effort.

I had to stop to tie my shoe during the 2nd mile.

That night I went out to eat dinner, and I ate a really rich piece of salmon with creamy mashed potatoes, spinach, plus a few rolls from the bread basket. It was so good, but I probably shouldn't have eaten so much so close to bedtime....

Saturday 9/3 14.6 Miles, This was supposed to be 15 Miles with 10 Miles at steady state pace, and I really didn't execute this run properly at all.  That super huge rich meal sat in my belly like a rock.  I chose a route that was flat, so it would be easier to hit the steady state paces but I ended up running on the sidewalk way more than I prefer.  I also got overheated much earlier in my run (around mile 8) and I had to stop inside a gas station for 5 minutes to cool off and refill my water bottles.  I have a love-hate relationship with my Hydration vest. I love my hydration vest, for all of its pockets to store things.  But, the more shit I stuff inside my vest, the heavier it becomes. I know that I will not be racing with it, and I can't wait to leave it behind.
It's nothing personal hydration vest,
You were my Summertime BFF
But, I just can't run tempo pace
wearing you. :(

 Here's the data:

So all in all, I ended up adding 10 minutes of stopping time to my long run.

**Mini rant alert** Yes I covered 14.6 Miles, but when you add 10 minutes of stopping time it will effect your actual running pace goals.  I'm always trying to be hyper aware of how much I stop during a long run...  The point of the long run is to practice running continuously, and I am always mindful that the clock does not stop during the race.  If I have to stop during the race to tie my shoes, use the porta potty, or to stretch, that clock will keep on ticking away, and I can't use my Strava stats to qualify for Boston** (end rant)

Sunday 9/4 Rest
Total  Mileage for that week was 37 Miles

Week 5
Monday 9/5 7 Miles -65 Minute General Aerobic run.  It was nice to observe the Labor day holiday, and it was nice to go running on a Monday morning and not have to go to work.  I chose a route that was hilly, and I can tell that the mornings are finally going to start cooling off.  Here's a picture of the area I was running through.
I took these photos back in June, but I never posted them.

And here's the data.

Tuesday 9/6 45 Minutes recovery effort with strides at the end.  I ended up having to buy new tires for my car (I had been hoping to wait until the holidays to treat myself to new tires.).  I ended up doing this run on my lunch break, and in the heat.

Wednesday 9/7  Speedwork/Tempo run.  I had been feeling nervous about this run, but it went well.  I ran 2 miles warm up, 3 Miles slightly faster than goal marathon pace, and a 1.2 mile cool down.  I was happy to do this run outside on the road. This was the first time in a long time, that I didn't have to bring water with me!! I chose an out and back route that was fairly flat.  Here's the data.
This workout was a confidence booster, but I can't count on one good 10k workout to get me through marathon training... So I will just be happy with how this workout went.

Thursday 9/8- Rest

Friday 9/9 6 Miles 55 Minute Maintenance run,  this run was also hilly, I started out at recovery pace, and then finished with a little bit of steady state running.

Saturday 9/10- 40 Minutes recovery with strides at the end.

Sunday 9/11- 10.7 Miles-  3 Miles WU, 6 at Goal Pace, 1.7 Mile cool down.  Just my luck the temps picked up again, and I had to bring my hydration vest with me....  I had my route picked out and during the first mile of the tempo section, I spotted either a large stray dog or a desert coyote about 200 meters ahead of me running through the desert.  I said "NOPE" and flipped a u-turn in the opposite direction.....   I didn't hit my goal pace miles, but I'm proud of myself for just trying to focus, and get through the run when the going got tough.  Here's the data.

 Total Miles for the week 37.9

Week 6
Monday 9/12- 4.3 Miles recovery  with some strides at the end.

Tuesday 9/13- 55 Minute run. 30 Minutes Warm up/recovery pace, 20 Minutes Tempo, and a short cool down.  The weather in Las Vegas has been cooling off.  Two weeks ago it was 105. Today it is only 88 degrees.   The tempo section felt tough, but not excruciatingly so.  Here's the data

Wednesday 9/14 Speedwork.  2 Miles Warm up with form drills and strides, 4 x 1000 meters at half marathon effort and a 1 mile cool down.  The cooler weather is helping.  I was able to average around 7:30 per mile for the 1000 meter repeats,  Last month this pace was killing me... So I guess this is progress.  Here's the data:

Thursday 9/15- Rest

Tomorrow I have a "big" long run scheduled. I'm going to run either for 2:40 minutes or 18 miles, whichever comes first.  This run is supposed to be done at a relaxed pace.  I also plan on stashing water along my route so I won't have to bring my big ol' heavy vest....  See you on the other side.

And thank you for reading.


  1. I'm probably in the minority, but I don't actually think stops during a run have a huge impact (within reason, of course). One of the reasons I rarely do long runs with others is because I stop so often - but my pace excluding the stops is usually right on target given the race pace I eventually run. I do think it makes my tempo runs harder, though, since running non-stop is not something I'm used to!