Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Training Updates-RIP Nathan Fanny Pack

RIP old friend (2008-2015)
So my trusty waist pack (fanny pack) bit the dust over the weekend.  I purchased a new one, but I wouldn't feel right without giving acknowledgement to my old friend.  You were with me since 2008, you helped me endure many summers, keeping my dollars from flying away in the wind, keeping my phone secure, sometimes holding my snacks, but always being there for me.

My only complaint about this waist pack, was that it would sometimes slip down while I would run, it was easy to adjust, so it never really bothered me.  I hated racing with my fanny pack, because I felt like the extra weight would hold me back. lol.

I went to Marshall's over the weekend to pick up some new sandals for my kids, and I noticed that they had fitness equipment.  I found a new replacement for my waist pack. It only cost $8.00 too.
smaller and sleeker

So far I have been on one long run with my new pack, and I like it.  There is no bounce, and I didn't have to constantly keep adjusting it during my run. The downsides; There is no inner pocket to stash dollar bills.  So I have to be careful if I shove money in there behind my phone.  Also the pocket is a little smaller, so I had to figure out how to stick my phone back in the pocket without having to come to a complete stop while running.

Training Updates

Thursday 7/9-  Two a days.  I ran 3.3 miles around Cornerstone Park. I stayed on the outer dirt loops, and I ran these miles at recovery pace. 31:35 for 3.3 miles.  At lunch time, I drove out to a trail head and ran 4 miles.

I drove out to the trail head and then I got confused as to which trail was the McCullough Hills trail.  I ended up staying on the Amargosa Trail, which I am familiar with and just ran a looped course.  It was a really neat dirt trail run, with some technical single track for good measure.

 During the last mile of my run, I figured out which trail was which, for the next time I head out.
Here's the data

Friday 7/10-  I ended up running six miles before work, and it was wonderful.  I never have time to run longer than 3-4 miles during the week.  So this felt like a splurge.  My legs were a little sore from the previous day's trail run.

Saturday 7/11- Rest,  I did some ab work; some planks and some sit ups on an incline board.
I do quite a bit of cooking on the weekends.  I have gotten pretty good at making different variates of hummus.  It's quite filling and a great way to supplement a vegetarian diet.   I made a zucchini and red pepper hummus.

Sunday 7/12 9 miles,  This was a nice run, It seems like I haven't been out for a long weekend run, in ages.  The temperatures were in the mid 70's.  I know that doesn't sound pleasant, but it was quite the relief from the 90 degrees at 7am, that we had been seeing.

I also stopped to take a picture of the sun peaking between Sunrise and Frenchman Mountains.
Don't I take fabulous pictures?  I'm in love with the mountains
that surround Clark County.  My crap photos sometimes
don't do them justice.

Monday 7/13 Two a days-I ran 3.5 miles before work, at lunch time, I ran 3.6 miles on the treadmill. 

 I also did the following weight training exercises: flat bench bench press with bar, one arm rows, step ups on to a bench with a knee lift, sit-ups, around the worlds (chest exercise), back flys, step ups on to a bench with a back leg lift, & a few close grip pull ups.

Tuesday 7/14-  I  ran 4 miles this morning with a few strides at the end.  4 miles at an 8:30 average pace.  The route I ran this morning used to be my go to route.   The roads have just become so much more congested. More homes, and businesses have been added to the area in the last two years, and the traffic is so much busier, that I just don't do this loop very often anymore. It  sucks.  This route used to be good for tempo paced miles, but I have to be really wary of cars making left turns, or cars flying out of residential areas in a hurry making blind right hand turns....

  I'm not sure if I'm headed to the gym at lunch time today.  I have a few errands that I need to take care of.

Thank you for reading.

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