Friday, June 26, 2015

Circuit Training Rocks

I know it is not really helpful, when I write out training log entries such as this,
Tuesday -Lifted weights at lunch time.

I will try to be more descriptive when I do strength training.  I always like switching up exercises, and finding new body weight exercises to try.

Latest Workouts (since my post earlier this week)

Tuesday 6/23 -I ended up running another 1.3 miles at lunch time to make it an even 5 miles total for the day.  I also stretched, and did some sit ups, Bulgarian split squats, lat pull downs, bench dips, and single leg squats standing on a flat bench.

Wednesday 6/24-  I had a meeting at lunchtime, and I decided to take a rest day

Thursday 6/25  worked out doing circuit training, I really enjoy circuit training because I feel like you get the most bang for your buck, and I enjoy keeping my heart rate up, I did 4 circuits with 3-4 exercises apiece

For my First Circuit I did the following exercises:
Flat bench press with dumbbells
Shoulder presses with dumbbells
Back flys
Step ups onto a bench with a back leg raise

For my 2nd circuit I did the following exercises:
Incline push ups on a bench
Regular push ups on the ground
Decline push ups with my feet up  on a bench
Box jumps onto a bench

For my 3rd circuit I did the following exercises:
Dead hang pull up x 2
Roman chair leg lifts
Roman chair alternating knee ups
Back extensions

For my 4th circuit I did the following exercises:
Seated row
Rope curls
Shoulder raises with the rope

And then I stretched and did a few handstands up against the wall.

Friday 6/26- I ran a little over three miles around Cornerstone Park.  I chose the park, because there is a small man made body of water, and along the water's edge, it is slightly a few degrees cooler.  It was weird, I would be running and then I would run through a cool patch of air, then about 100 meters later I would be swallowed up by much hotter muggy air.  Ewww.   The scenery and the dirt
crunching beneath my feet made up for it.

I'm hoping to head out this weekend.  But this heat is scary.

As always thank you for reading.


  1. Dang, you have my heat beat! We actually got one semi-nice day when the humidity was below 80%, but it was the morning after my night race, so I only did a 3 mile walk/jog. Waste of good weather.

  2. Um, yeah, no. I'd definitely be a wimp about running in those temps. That's what treadmills are for ;)

  3. I know I complained in the winter when the windchill was down in the negatives, but I think I would take that over 109 degrees. Yikes. That is insane.

    Thanks for sharing you circuits. I never know what to do for strength training.