Tuesday, June 16, 2015

My once a year weather rant, training updates, my son went for his first run.

Wow I can't let the cobwebs grow over this blog.  I didn't plan on taking such a long break... Nothing too exciting to report about.  Did I mention that it's hot?

My Once a Year Weather Rant
I don't complain about the snow, because the winter months in Las Vegas are the bomb, when it comes to running.  It gets a little cold, but we never see snow, and you have the option to run any time of the day outside.
I think this Summer completely took me by surprise this year.  The month of May was well below average, and I have still been  able to run outside during the lunchtime hour.  Just last week temps were in the mid 90's.  Usually we will ease into the hotter temperatures a few degrees at a time, going from 95 degrees, gradually to  100 as the  daytime high, and by July we will finally see temps above 105.  Well not so much this year.  This heat wave is expected to last at least 10 days. I will not be heading outside at lunchtime until it cools off. I am pretty sad about this, but I don't want to risk getting a heat stroke.

Last Weeks Training Updates
Friday 6/5-Rest

Saturday 6/6-Rest- I'm not being lazy. I swear, I'm just trying to fit in more family time on the weekends before the base building of marathon training begins. Well   I did do some swimming for cross training.

Sunday 6/7 9 miles.  This run, felt awesome.  I ended up doing a progression run, I also ran a little bit of trail, and I stayed away from the stray dogs.

Monday 6/8  Two a days- In the morning I ran two miles before work.  
A day later and the daytime low is now 9 degrees warmer.
At lunchtime, I ran two more miles on the treadmill and I did some strength training.

Tuesday 6/9-Two a days. 7.5 miles total.  I ran almost 3.5 miles before work.  I ran  3.43 miles at an 8:24 average pace.  At lunchtime, I headed outside.  It was only 90 degrees and there was some cloud coverage.  I ran just a little over 4 miles.

Wednesday -6/10 At lunchtime I went to the gym to lift. In the past I used to never work out my lower body.  I figured that I didn't need to because I work out my legs plenty when I run.
Well that method of thinking is what caused all of my troubles last year.  By not paying attention to my hips and glutes, I think it caused other muscles to over compensate while running, thus leading to weird aches and pains.   
So each time I'm in the weight room, I will at least do one lower body exercise.  One of my new favorite leg exercises is the single leg squat.  It's pretty hard to squat using one leg.  But, if you use a flat bench, you just have to step down.

I'm also really loving planks and handstands up against the wall for upper body strengthening  exercises.  I"m also trying to remember to stretch more.  I read somewhere (Runner's World?)  That having tight groin muscles can lead to hip issues.     An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Thursday 6/11-  Two miles in the dirt.   I had to drive across town for an Excel training course.  I used to joke around about having ADD.   I talk really fast, I'm kind of disorganized, I'm terrible at sitting still.  I've actually taken tests for Adult ADHD because I exhibit quite a few symptoms.  However, I refuse to seek treatment (drugs) for my  symptoms.   Sitting down for lectures has always been difficult.  If I know that I will have to sit still for awhile, I will try to knock out a short run, so I'm not so distracted.
I went to the Whitney Mesa area, and I practiced scrambling up the side of a hill.

Friday 6/12 Rest

Saturday 6/13-Rest-My apologies to the Las Vegas Track Club.   In my last post, I had mentioned that the LVTC had stopped holding events at the Sunrise Picnic Area.  Well they decided to hold an event last weekend.  I was planning on racing the 5k distance, but my husband was on call this weekend, and unfortunately he got a call really early in the morning.  I didn't have a sitter to watch the kids, and I don't own a double jogger to push my 2 & 4 year olds in.  In  a few years I will start bringing them to the one mile fun runs.  Please don't stop holding events here LVTC!!

Sunday 6/14  Rest-Well sort of.  I didn't want to run on Sunday morning.  There I said it. It was 88 degrees outside, and I didn't want to leave the house.  I thought well maybe I can run on the treadmill when my daughter takes her lunchtime nap.  When I got her down for a nap, my son saw me in my running clothes, and knew that I was going to run.  I tried explaining to him that I was going to run outside on the treadmill, and he offered to run to the park with momma.....   It was the cutest thing ever.
I don't ever want to force my sport on my kids. I want it to be their choice.

I was worried because it was already close to 100 degrees outside.  I put a hat and sunblock on my kid, grabbed a bottle of water and we took off.  The little guy ran probably a good quarter mile, and then we had to stop to walk.  We got to the park. I let him play briefly, and then it was time to head home.  He ran/walked most of the way.  We covered a little over a mile, but I have a feeling that we might be doing this more often.
Not from last Sunday, but I wanted to share this picture anyway.
They are growing up so fast.

As always Thank you for reading.

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  1. I feel like this summer got way hotter way faster than last year.