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Mustang Half Marathon Training, My Latest Workouts, and a Tie Dye 5k

The Mustang Half Marathon is less than two months away and I am in the thick of my training.  The last two half marathons I raced I kind of just winged it with my training. I really want to run a faster time than I ran last October for the Saints and Sinners half (1:36:01).  I decided to google "half marathon training plans".    I looked over several and I ended up choosing Hal Higdon's Advanced Half marathon Training Program.

I'm doing  a few modifications. I'm mostly just switching my workout days.  I'm not able to do track work on Tuesday's.  I also moved my Friday rest day to Thursday, but you get the idea.  

Workouts since my last update

Friday 2/21- Rest
Saturday 2/22- Rest
Sunday-2/23 10 miles around my neighborhood  8:09  average pace
Monday 2/24 Track Work!!!!

I haven't done track work in a few years.  I have been wanting to but, I don't want to do track work by myself and I can't meet up with any running groups after work.  I choose not to because after work for me is dinner time / family time. It is non negotiable.   Two weeks ago I discovered that one of my FB friends (who I used to train with many years ago) who is a personal trainer was doing lunchtime track workouts not too far from my work.    I decided why not.  

We did 4 X 400 and 3 X 800.  I got worked and I loved it.  Here's the data: 

4 X 400 (1:33, 1:34, 1:30, 1:30) I did a one lap recovery jog in between 400's.
3 X 800 ( 3:11, 3:05, 3:06)  I also had a one lap recovery jog in between 800's

Tuesday-2/25-  I did some core work- sit ups, push ups, roman chair leg lifts, stability ball crunches.  Then I ran 3 recovery miles (no radio or Garmin).

Wednesday 2/26- I was really sore and I decided to take a rest day

Thursday- 2/27  I decided to do my long run on this day because I had a feeling that I wouldn't be running long over the weekend.  It was really windy but, I kind of enjoy running in shitty weather conditions. I think it prepares me for race days when the weather isn't perfect.  Anyhow I ran a hilly  10 miles.  I did the first 5 easyish and then kicked it up a notch on the way back.  Here are the split times:
Mile 1-8:28
Mile 2-9:08
Mile 3-8:37
Mile 4 8:38
Mile 5-9:03
Mile 6-7:26
Mile 7- 7:13
Mile 8- 7:13
Mile 9-6:59
Mile 10-7:02

Here's a picture of the elevation profile, this will explain the uneven splits.  This route climbs over 500 feet in the first 5 miles, with most of the climbs happening in miles 2 and 5.

 Then I get to rocket back down 500 feet during the next 5 miles.  I did this run on my lunch break.    Later on that same day I had to leave work early because my daughter was sick

Friday 2/28- Rest day- I stayed home from work too.  My baby girl had a tummy bug, she is doing better and I'm grateful no one else caught it!

Saturday 3/1  Tie Dye Run 5k------- I never thought I would sign up for a color run. I'm not a big fan of these events at all.  My friend had been really wanting me to run with her. She wanted me to do a Muddy Buddy race and a Soggy Jog run last year.  I decline these types of races because they cost a lot of money and I'm so worried about injuring myself doing something lame like running through a mud puddle.  I decided that this race had a low injury risk and I figured, "why not?"

I signed up for the race using living social and it only cost $20.00   I figured there would be at least one or two people that wanted a good workout that morning.  I told myself to be really mindful to all the runners around me and to be considerate to others that were doing this run for the tie dye experience.

I met up with my friend and we jogged for two miles, stretched, and caught up with each other.
Those aren't compression socks. They are
good ol' men's tube socks.

I lined up near the front, the horn went off, and  the course started off on a sidewalk.... I ran about 100 meters before we had our first turn off.  Myself and few other runners went in the wrong direction for a few steps and then we had to back track.  It wasn't long before I caught up to the front again.    About 800 meters later there was only another guy with me and we turned it into a foot race.

Mile 1-6:52

Mile 2-6:48-  During this mile the guy in front of me kept on looking over his shoulder and he was surprised I was still holding on.

Mile 3- 6:40

During this mile there was a turn around point and we were back on the same path as the runners coming in the opposite direction.  I  did not want to be a jerk so I gave a very wide berth to everyone running in the opposite direction. I would have felt like a total butt hole if I would have crashed into someone.  The only bad part about being careful was that the guy in front of me was able to extend his lead on me.

.1- 0:38 (6:20 pace)

Final Time 20:58

When I was  heading closer towards the finish line one of the volunteers directed me in the wrong direction again... It was somewhat frustrating to have to back track, but again I want to stress that I chose to run this 5k for fun. This wasn't a super serious PR attempt.  I'm happy that I got a good workout in. I haven't gone under 21 minutes for a 5k in close to 4 years.  I know that I could shave off some more time.  It will happen eventually.  I ran another mile to cool down and called it a day.

Sunday 3/2 Rest

Monday- 3/3 Track Work-  I met up with my friend again for track work.  Our workout was 10 X 500 meters at 5k pace with 300 meter recovery.  I only ended up having time to do 9 of the 10 repeats.  I did the first two on my own and then my friend and I took turns leading each repeat.  Here's the data:

2:00, 2:00, 1:53, 1:55, 1:52, 1:52, 1:59 (I ran this one solo), 1:51, 1:51.  

Tuesday 3/4 I did some core work- sit ups, push ups, roman chair leg lifts, kettle bell swings,  and lat pull downs.  Then I ran 4 recovery miles (no radio or Garmin)

Wednesday-3/5  Almost 6 miles (5.95)  8:16 average pace.  I felt pretty sore from the speed work on Monday and the kettle bell swings I did yesterday.

Tomorrow is a planned rest day for me.

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