Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Being Flexible with my Schedule and Training Updates

Workouts since my last post

Thursday 3/6- Rest Day

Friday     3/7   Tempo Run- I ran 6 miles total 2 miles warm up 3 tempo miles and a cool down mile. Here are my split times  (8:09, 8:06, 7:27, 7:21, 7:19, 8:09)  There is a new park that just opened up by my work. It's called Cornerstone Park and there are several running paths that link up to existing jogging paths. I love finding new places to run. I have a feeling I"m going to get to know this park a lot better.
Cornerstone Park
Saturday-3/8  Rest Day- I was planning on running long on Sunday.  On Friday evening I noticed my daughter wasn't feeling very well.  We ended up taking her to Urgent Care on Sunday morning.  She had a very bad upper respiratory infection. It seemed like she was just getting over an ear infection / tummy bug.

Sunday- 3/9 7 miles on the treadmill. I got my daughter down for a nap, she wasn't feeling well at all and I didn't want to attempt to run long, in case my girl woke up and needed me.  I got a good workout in. I ran at an incline the whole way from (1.0%- 2.5%) I ran for close to an hour before she woke up.

Monday 3/10- I stayed home from work with the kids.   I went for a short 4 mile recovery run and I got beat up by the wind  (4.29 miles  at 8:53 average pace).

Tuesday 3/11- Rest day.  I had to take my daughter to her pediatrician. She seemed like she was having trouble breathing, and it was pretty scary.  They ended up giving her a steroid shot to open up her lungs. They also prescribed breathing treatments for several days.  I also lost my wallet at the grocery store that day.  

Wednesday 3/12 -I worked out on my lunch break.  I did some core work: push-ups, lat pull downs, Roman chair leg lifts, kettle bell swings, back extensions, cable flys, and sit ups. Then I ran 4 miles at a recovery pace: (4.03 miles at 8:38 average pace).

Thursday 3/13- 6 miles Tempo.  
I missed out on track work earlier in the week so I wanted to make the most of my tempo run. I ran 1 mile as a warm up and then eased into a progression run. Then I ran a half mile to cool down. Here are the split times:
Mile 1- 8:23 (warm up mile )
Mile 2- 7:44
Mile 3- 7:25
Mile 4  7:12
Mile 5- 7:05
Mile 6- 7:08

Friday  3/14  I decided to do my long run after work.  On my training program I had a 1 hour and 45 minute run scheduled.  I like that there wasn't an actual distance that I needed to hit.  I told myself to take it easy and try to speed it up a little in the later miles.  I ran for 1:45:02 and I covered 12.32 miles (8:32 average pace)

Saturday 3/15 Rest Day

Sunday 3/16 7 miles Tempo.  I had to hurry up and leave and hurry up to back home.  7 miles (7:42 average pace)

Monday 3/17-  Another Rest Day.... I had some minor car trouble that I needed to get sorted out.  I had planned to work out at lunch time, I had to cancel my plans. 

Tuesday 3/18-Speed Work!!! I missed out on track work the day before but, I decided to attempt to do it solo. The workout on my training schedule was 3 X 1600 meters at race pace.   I drove over to Sunset Park (this is where the Tie Dye 5k was) to do the workout I knew that they had a jogging track that was close to a mile long and I wouldn't have to worry about traffic. I ran a one mile warm up and in between each repeat I jogged for two minutes recovery. I also used my Garmin to keep track of my splits.  Here's the data: 6:53, 7:00, 6:50.   This workout was a big confidence booster.  I was hoping to keep the mile repeats below 7:15.

Wednesday- 3/19 Core work and 4 mile run.  I went to the gym and did some strength training and then I ran 4 recovery miles (no radio, no Garmin).

This week and last week I have had to modify my training and I have had to throw in a few more extra rest days than I had planned.  Life can be hectic sometimes.  I'm grateful that my daughter is feeling much better this week and I have weaned her off of her breathing treatments.

I'm crossing my fingers that things stay nice and mellow for the next few weeks.

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