Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Half marathon is less than a month away -I'm keeping my fingers crossed

I am getting nervous and excited about the half marathon that I'm running later on this month.  This will be my first big race in 18 months and I really want to run a good race.

My workouts since my last post: 

Tuesday 9/24 - I went for a run before work and I planned only running 4 miles but, I cut through a park for a "shortcut" and I ended up getting turned around and I couldn't cut through the park so I ended up running 5 miles. It was a progression run/tempo run.

Wednesday 9/25- I got off of work early and I went for a run after work. The temps were in the 80's and it was super windy. I ran 7 miles and it felt good. This was my farthest run since my calf injury.

Thursday 9/26-Rest day

Friday 9/27 5 miles tempo (7:53 average pace)

Saturday 9/28 -Rest

Sunday 9/29 - I ran 6 miles.  My parents came to visit for the weekend and I wanted to hurry back home to hang out with everyone.  My stomach was also feeling off so I felt tired and had less energy than normal (8:50 average pace)

Monday 9/30 5 miles at a comfortable pace. So comfortable I took a picture.

Tuesday 10/1- Core work and upper body strength training

Today-  I went for a quick 4 mile tempo run here are my split times (7:59, 7:35, 7:53, 7:12)

I plan on doing a 10 miler on Friday afternoon.  The weather is cooling off in Las Vegas. I am so happy that my days of treadmill 10 milers are over. 

My fingers are crossed that the Lake Mead Recreation area will be open later on this month. Due to the government shut down our National Parks are closed.  I know that there are more important issues to deal with but, I will be so disappointed if the half marathon gets canceled because half of the course and finish line goes through  the Lake Mead Recreation area.  I don't have a back up race planned and Rock n Roll Las Vegas is way too expensive for me to register for.

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  1. That's some solid training! I forgot how awesome fall was with the start of racing season again. It's quite the motivation to get out there. Yay for no pain!

    Hope the shutdown ends soon.