Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A few more workouts and then it's taper time

I have about 10 more days of training before I go into my taper for the half marathon.  In my last post I mentioned that the race may be cancelled due to the national parks being closed.  I contacted the race organizers and they are working on an alternate route if the park is still closed.  The race will go on as planned.

Here are my workouts since my last post:

Thursday- Rest day

Friday- 10 miles

It was a windy afternoon but, I had a really great run. I ran 10 hilly miles near my work.  I love running this route.  It is 5 miles of rolling hilly climb  (698 feet) then I hit the turn around point and have 5 miles of rolling hilly downhill.  I used to run this route a few times a month before I had my babies. Now I only get to run it once in  awhile.  Here are my mile splits.

Mile 1-8:26
Mile 2-9:06
Mile 3-8:19
Mile 4-8:32
Mile 5-8:53
Mile 6-8:13
Mile 7-8:10
Mile 8-8:05
Mile 9-7:59
Mile 10-8:25

This run was a total confidence booster for me.  I feel that I held back during the first 5 miles and I tried to pick up the pace on the way back in.

Saturday - Rest day

Sunday- 10K (1 mile warm up with 5 miles at Tempo pace)  It was a wonderful chilly morning. It's crazy how fast the weather can shift. It was 55 degrees when I left the house, that's down right chilly compared to the 85 degree mornings of July and August.  I ran the first mile easy and then I eased into a faster pace. Here are my mile splits:
Mile 1-8:45
Mile 2-7:51
Mile 3-7:40
Mile 4-7:28
Mile 5-7:40
Mile 6 -7:43
.28-2:07 (7:33 pace)

Can you hurry up and come back already?!
Monday- 3 miles at recovery pace (9:10 avg pace).  My legs felt like Jello.

Tuesday- I did circuit training/strength training

Today- 4 miles. I ran a one mile warm up, then 3 miles Tempo
Mile 1-8:23
Mile 2-7:26
Mile 3 7:09
Mile 4 7:28

On Friday I have an 11 miler planned. I'm going to try to find a route that isn't as hilly as last weeks 10 miler. I want to try to focus on even pacing with some negative splits for the final miles. 

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