Monday, September 23, 2013

I Survived a Week of No Running

My week of rest went by much faster than I expected it to. On Thursday and Friday I took two complete days off. My calf was still feeling tender so I wore a compression sleeve on it and tried to keep my activity to a minimal.

On Saturday and Sunday I took advantage of being home and I made chocolate chip pancakes for the family and I took my son to the park instead of running. 

On Monday (Sep 16th) I went to the gym and I lifted weights and did some core work. On Tuesday I did some more core work.

Last Wednesday was my first test run. I was just hoping for no calf pain. I ended up doing a 3 mile progression run....My first mile was in the 8's, my second mile was in the 7's and this was my last mile.

I haven't run a sub 7 minute mile in over three years and I am floored!!
On Thursday I took a rest day on Friday I just did weight training. On Saturday I ran 5 miles, on Sunday I was going to run but, it was really windy and I decided to take a rest day again. 
This morning I ran 4 miles at tempo pace, I'm going to try to gradually increase my mileage starting this week. We are about 5 weeks out from the half and I was in a panic about losing some of my fitness during this break but, I think I am getting back on track.
I haven't posted a weight loss update in a few weeks, I was really worried that I would gain weight by not being able to run. But, it turns out that I wasn't as hungry when I wasn't  running as much.  I think I was also just trying to be more conscious of what and how much I have been eating:
Starting Weight: 150lbs
Current Weight:  125lbs
I can't believe I am almost where I want to be....

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  1. Looks like the rest paid off, Dolly!! That's awesome you ran a sub 7 minute mile and you are almost to your weight goal. You are always an inspiration to me.