Friday, June 28, 2013

Hot is an understatement

I am truly frightened by the weather we are expected to have this weekend. Normally I would do just one long run on Sunday but, I'm going to split my long run into two short runs, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. I plan to leave as early as possible and I'm bringing water with me.   I hope this is our one and only heat wave for the summer.  I'm keeping the kids indoors all weekend long. 

ETA: The picture above is a live link to Channel 8 new weather in Las Vegas. When I originally posted this link the temps were over 112 degrees for over a week, with the high temp peaking at 117 degrees over the weekend.


  1. Oh wow. I feel silly complaining about walking around in 90 degree weather. Stay safe out there.

  2. Yikes! The highs have been 103/104 over here but I have been able to ride my bike to work. Stay cool and I hope the holiday weekend goes off without a hitch.