Thursday, March 1, 2012

10 Random Running Things About Me

1. I have run 16  marathons. Some have been smashing successes. Some have been really downright awful!

2. I ran my first marathon when I was 20 years old.

3. I actually ran two marathons before I ran my first half marathon.

4. I got bit by a dog while running on New Year's Day in 2010. It was an Australian Heeler. I think he thought I was  a sheep and he was herding me along. I always assumed it would have been a Pit Bull. I have come across Pit Bull's on three separate occasions.

5. I am a terrible sprinter. 800 meters is a sprint for me.

6. I don't want to try new things like snowboarding or water skiing for fear of hurting my running legs.

7. My favorite marathon pre race ritual is to sit in a warm bath the night before the race and drink two beers.

8. I ran the Boston Marathon to celebrate my 30th birthday. I hope to go back for my 40th birthday.

9. My favorite distance to race is the 5k.   Run as fast and as hard as you can for 3 miles. Plus you can decide at the last minute to race one of these.

10. My second favorite distance is the marathon. It is such a mental race. The drawback to this distance, is the months of training and thinking about the race.  Plus they are so freaking expensive!


  1. I am so impressed! 16 marathons, the first one when you were TWENTY!? That is crazy young. My first was when I was 22, I even think that is crazy young. I'm also a fan of the warm bath ritual -- I'll have to add beer to the mix.

    Dolly -- why didn't you like the Oprah post? Was it boring or offensive? Sometimes I really don't think these things through...

  2. Rose- I figured the Oprah post was a filler post. Then again I know you like to write about what ever is on your mind. I like to see your personality shine through to your blog. Maybe the post was a little close to home because I am guilty of hiding my flabby stomach in pictures too. I never thought of using my dogs though.

  3. I get #6, but even before becoming a runner I wasn't too interested in trying out snowboarding.