Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Tempo Run

I can be indecisive sometimes. I wanted to run but I just wasn't sure what to do. My body has an internal clock and it goes nuts if I don't run every so often. If I have been logging heavy miles then I can afford to take two or maybe even three days off.  If I'm logging lower mileage  then I can only take a single rest day before I start to get "ants in the pants". It's an overwhelming feeling of anxiety, my mind begins to race and I feel grouchy. Sunday was a day for doing chores in the morning and watching some NFL. Alas, it was noon and I needed my fix. I didn't know what I was going to do. Should I do six miles easy? Maybe run some tempo? Hmmmm. I left the house and I let my legs do the thinking. It was a warm day. Afternoon high was 90. I wanted to get the most bang for my buck so, I headed to the park.
I warmed up on the way there. I decided to do 3 miles at HM race pace. The first mile flew by I hit the first mile at 7:38 and I felt great. The second mile hurt but, I promised myself that I would finish after this mile. I hit two miles at 15:00 even. Whoa! I knew I still had another mile to run but I decided to fartlek it. I ran the first corner easy because I was hurting. Then I ran the straight aways at tempo pace and I did the rest of the corners easy. I finished the entire workout 22:30. Which was faster than HM pace. But I felt like I had accomplished something.

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