Wednesday, January 25, 2017

When you do something stupid to compromise your own safety

I was hoping that my next post would be about updates on my fitness.  But instead, I want to tell you how dumb I was a few weeks ago.... I was so dumb that I can't drive to my favorite park, and I'm now switching up my routes and being extra careful of my surroundings.

A few weeks ago I drove out to one of my favorite areas to run.  I parked my car near a park that I frequent, and I started getting dressed in my car.  To do this  I will put my running shirt on over my top and put my sports bra on and then take off clothes from underneath. I don't full on strip down (okay maybe I do, if the coast is clear) Anyway, I was getting ready in an area where there were no other cars.  But, halfway through a car drives by (Subaru Outback) and out of the parking lot up onto a hill that leads out of the park. But, whatever I didn't think they cared.  Well, a few minutes later I'm about to step out of my car, and I notice that the same Subaru Outback is parked directly above me on the street above.   The dickhead driver actually pulled over so he could sneak a peak at me getting dressed.... Good night. I'm not a PYT (pretty young thing) but, I guess creepers are desperate to see a flash of skin.  I gave him the double middle fingers, and he drove off.  But, after that I sure as shit didn't want to run in that area.  Even better I'm sure the dude will recognize my car. So now, I have to avoid my favorite park (or at least not park in the area) if I want to feel safe.

I'm mad at myself for being careless, but I"m also mad because why should I have to worry about feeling safe, when I run at the park?

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