Thursday, January 5, 2017

Shoe Talk Volume III

I love me some running shoes.  I think I loved them a little too much last year.

(January 2016) I paid $70 for these when my local running store shut down.
This is the ASCIS GT-2000, and this is an awesome shoe! Plenty of support
but it's not super clunky.  These shoes lasted 300+ miles

(Janary 2016) I got these babies for free!! Actually, I had a friend who
worked at Zappos, and I mentioned how my Brooks Adrenaline's' didn't
fit properly but, I didn't want to return them after running approx. 80 miles, and she comped
me a new pair of Brooks Cascadia Trail Shoes. I don't wear these
very often. But, so far they have been a great shoe for off roading

(January 2016) I got these for almost free at a local track club race
However, I am a wimp, and I'm too scared to try this shoe out.

(April 2016) Nike Lunar Glide 7 I paid $50 for this shoe, and
I loved these for short hard tempo runs, and for 5k racing. I did a few long
runs in them, and they lasted about 250 miles before they started to
feel old.  I still wear these on the weekend and for gym shoes.
(May 2016) Nike Structure Triax-I paid $50 for a shoe that normally costs $120
but the arch support in these shoes is way too stiff for me now and
these shoes hurt after only 180 miles in them...

(August 2016)
When you see $50 running shoes on sale you buy them!  This is the
ASICS GT-1000 and to be honest I couldn't tell the difference
between the GT-2000, and the GT-1000.  This shoe was so
good that I wore it for the marathon.  I wish I would have purchased
two pairs.
(September 2016) Saucony Guide 9 I paid $65 for these shoes
and I really like the support and cushioning in them. I had the previous
model and they held up through 300 miles

(October 2016) Nike Lunar Glide 8
My mom bought these for me. and they cost $120. I had taught her how to play
Keno and she ended up winning $800 very quickly at Cesar's Palace.
we went shopping in the Forum shops to celebrate....
I really liked these shoes at first., but the fit and support 
is so much different than the Lunar Glide 7.  
These shoes have a really high arch support and it aggravates the inside of my foot.  
I won't be wearing these for running....

FWIW I am a discount shopper, and I will buy shoes that are from last season, and I never pay full price (except for my last pair of Nike Lunar Glides). I used to be so dedicated to my Brooks Adrenalines.  but once they stopped woking for me, I became a bit of a shoe slut. I tried a lot of different brands last year. 

I noticed that I was complaining about my right foot for several months last year and because it didn't hurt while I ran, I just ignored it until it became a huge issue....

I pronate my feet when I run, and my arches are sort of flat. I have always worn a stability shoe for most of my runs.  When I was younger I could wear racing flat for 10k's and even half marathons... But,  I have to baby my feet now.

A few years ago I used to wear shoes like this to work.
When I started having kids my work shoe choices look more like this
Carrying a car seat, and chasing after small kids, calls for sensible shoes.  I'd still put on the heels when I had a date night, but for the most part ballet flats and other flat shoes were all that I wore.

These flat shoes lengthed my calves without me realizing it, and combined with marathon training and gaining a few pounds, this contributed to the strain on my right posterior tendon /posterior tibialis muscle.

I took the last month off of running (except for one short run), and my feet were feeling better.   I had also stopped being so obsessed with being on the lookout for discount running shoes, that I started looking at boots and winter shoes online.   I found this super cute shoe at Zappos, 

These shoes are going to help me strengthen my calves again.  I didn't realize that wearing flat shoes would f*ck my feet up so much.  I've worn these a few times, and they actually seem to help take the strain off of the over extended tendon.

I'm still going to be really cautious about upping my mileage.  For the time being,  I'm just going to be doing short runs of 2-3 miles, and I'm still working out at the gym.

I hope to give you an update on my fitness goals in my next post.

Thank you for reading.


  1. Laughing so hard at "shoe slut"! I have super flat feet so I'm pretty limited on shoes... I try to catch last season's Adrenalines on sale when the new ones come out. I've never been a shoe person, though -- I wear the same pair of boring black loafers to work every day. =)

    1. I'm obsessed with running shoes... I used to spend money on purses and fancy makeup... But, over the years I would just rather spend my disposable income on running stuff. Nothing gets me more excited than a fresh pair of sneakers out of the box.

  2. I might be crazy, but I'm a huge fan of a nice, stable heel. I think it is the best for holding your foot and arch in proper position, and for engaging your leg muscles! I stand up all day at work - 9 hours - and I wear low wedges and slight heels (think 1.5 to 2" penny loafers or cowboy boots). Somehow I've avoided any major lower limb injuries, despite the strenuous nature of my job, so I swear it works!
    I just bought a pair of the New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo. It's a mild stability shoe and I plan to use it as my second shoe (one or two wears per week). The Zante lasted barely 400 miles, but that might be partly due to the two times I ran it through the washing machine!

    1. And I always wondered how your feet were so strong! No wonder... I used to always wear heels, and then I would get scolded by people saying how bad they were for my feet. I thought I was being sensible wearing flat shoes.... I've been wearing my boots with the 2 1/2 stack heel, and my foot pain is just about gone. :)