Wednesday, June 1, 2016

I hurt myself on my day off.

I decided to take a rest day on Monday (two days ago).  Earlier this year, my husband began revamping our garage by turning it into a mini gym.  We moved our treadmill and chin up/bar dip station into the garage, and we also purchased an Olympic bar and some weights.

Sometimes when I'm in the mood, I will knock out a few chin ups or do some bicep curls. I'm not talking about an actual workout,  just when I feel like screwing around in the garage for a moment.

Well, I had a burst of inspiration (and stupidity) on Monday morning.  I decided to do some deadlifts without properly warming up... The first set was okay.  During the 2nd set.  I must have rounded my back (or arched it) but, I felt my back seize.  I put the weight down immediately. I'm pretty sure it's just a muscle strain, but the lower right side of my back near the base of my spine is sore.... Great.....

I knew that I was ready for a rest day, I had been on a two week plus streak, and I had a killer tempo run on Sunday....


I can run, but getting up from a sitting position to a standing one hurts, and so does bending forward.  I'm going to give my back a chance to feel normal before I start running again.  This muscle strain could have been so much worse, and I feel like a total dumbass for being so careless. I have rested for two days and my back does feel slightly better each day.  I'm going to take another two days off...

It's midterm week, so I have two papers to write.  It's also blazing hot...  Last week I was able to go to Lake Las Vegas, and run some trails because the morning temps were in the 70's, now we are looking at mid-morning temperatures in the 90's and daytime highs in the 100's .  The heat is here, and so is treadmill season (boo!)
My last hurrah  out at Lake Las Vegas for awhile.

I have a tomato face in this picture, and it wasn't
nearly as hot then, as it is this week.

I have totally learned my lesson, and I will be more careful when lifting heavy weights.

This stuff is awesome.
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  1. I survived mid-terms week...the same week as a big work conference! This timing is the worst! Hope your back gets better soon.