Friday, May 20, 2016

I'm still here...and it's kinda like surfing.

No time for blogging, Just enough time to run, and to daydream about my next race.  My classes are really kicking my butt, and at night time if I'm not studying I'm sleeping.

There have been a few tempo runs, and some hilly runs, since my last post.  I think I will be lazy and just show you pictures from my phone.  I'll also post my training calendar from the last three weeks.

It's getting hot, so two a days are now a thing.

On Cinco de Mayo I ran twice.  In the morning, I went to Cornerstone Park and ran four miles, and at lunch time I was feeling a little adventurous and I headed up into the trails of Black Mountain.  This run was fun, but really scary.  I climbed up a hill, and I almost had to sit on my butt to slide back down.... It felt like I was surfing at times.  I ended up running around 5 miles, and climbing over 700 feet.

That same week I headed out towards Lake Mead.  This road was really steep, and the mountains were gorgeous.

Last week I kind of kicked back on the climbing.
Worked out in the garage gym with my husband. I remembered to
bring home my foot pod, but I left the Garmin in my desk at work.

 Last Sunday I chose a route that was pretty flat.  I ended up leaving my Garmin at work. So I just started my mobile Strava timer on my phone, and I just ran by feel.  What a difference flat terrain makes.

For the past few weeks, I have been driving to different locations near my workplace to go run.   I'm so over all of the construction that has been happening.  The roads just seem so much more dangerous than usual, and I'm trying to hide out on less busy streets and bike paths.

Well, I guess that's all I have for now.... I will probably start posting on a more regular basis again when I begin training for the fall racing season.

Thank you for reading.

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