Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Running updates and a 5k on the calendar for this weekend.

Earlier this month I celebrated my birthday by running 12 miles that  morning.
Sunday 4/3-
I had a small slice with coffee before my run.
 I wanted to run where I wouldn't be interrupted by traffic, so I headed out to the Sunrise Picnic area.
Photo by Scott Hagan and courtesy of Clark Couty Nevada
This area is kind of isolated but, I was happy to see several cyclists out there.  When I reached the picnic area I decided to head off road.

  I'm familiar with the area and I wanted to cut across the desert to end up on another road that I normally run.  It wasn't a super warm morning, so I didn't bring any fuel or water with me.  I ran about a mile into the desert, and then I was greeted with No Trespassing signs. I kept heading in the same direction
Then I was met with a really large ominous sign that said, Trespassers will be prosecuted... I also saw large metal boxes in the desert.  I decided to just flip a u-turn back out to the same way that I came.  

 I was kind of thrown off when I couldn't see a landmark anymore due to one of the valleys in the terrain.  I can understand how easily you can get turned around in the desert....  I have to be careful no matter what.  #Safteyfirst.
Here's the run data:

That day ended up being warm so I spent quite a bit of time sunbathing and swimming in my backyard pool.

The week of April 4-10
Last week started off really warm. 

Monday 4/4- This was a rest day,  I met my husband for lunch.

Tuesday 4/5-   4 Miles and some weight training. I tried to run some tempo miles at lunch time, it was 83 degrees when I left, and it was the first time I took my handheld bottle out for the season.  I'm not using the orgininal bottle that my Nathan hand held came with.  That bottle bit the dust last summer.  But, I bought this hand held bottle back in 2010 so I can't complain

 I also did some weight training on this day.  Here's what I did:
Dumbbell chest presses
Seated leg raises with an ab twist
One arm rows
Dumbbell hamstring deadlifts
Straight arm dumbbell pullovers
I used an 25lb EZ curl bar for the following exercises
Bicep curls
Upright shoulder rows
Single leg lunges
Good mornings
Lat Pulldowns
Half burpees
One set of situps on an incline board.
On this day, I wore a pair of dress flats that had zero arch support and that night my right heel started to feel tender.

Wednesday 4/6 Two a day Total of six miles plus weight training.  In the morning, I ran 2.5 miles so I wouldn't feel antsy at my desk.  This was a progression run.  My heel was a little tender when I got started but, once I warmed up I was fine. Here's the data:

 At lunchtime, I ran again, but this time on the treadmill, and it was short hard progression run of about 3.5 miles. For weight training I did the following exercises:
Decline Arnold Chest presses
Weight situps on an incline board
Back extensions
Back Flys
Incline Push-ups
Roman chair straight leg lifts
Donkey Kicks
1-minute handstand against the wall (trying to balance off of the wall)

Thursday 4/7 -   3 miles. I had to run an errand at lunchtime, but I was close to the Whitney Mesa Recreation area, so I did a short run with some hill repeats thrown in.
I hope you enjoy my pictures of the dirt.

It was warm (82 degrees), but there was cloud coverage so it felt much cooler.  That night a weather system moved into the valley and the temperatures began to fall.

Friday 4/8.  I had arranged to come into work late and then work through my lunch break...  I still ended up showing up late for work....  Instead of running for an hour it was closer to an hour and 20 minutes, but man this run was awesome!!
A few weeks ago I discovered a different trail head, that is near the Amagosa Trail.  I don't think it's an official marked trail..  It might just be a fire road, but it leads up into Black Mountain.
This picture is from a few weeks ago.

I had always wanted to climb the trails on Black Mountain, and hopefully, make it all the way to the top.   I went up the trail in the photo above, and then I found this trail.
View from the top

This trail was a false summit because it headed back down into a residential area.  I then found another trail that was pretty difficult to climb.

 I ended up climbing a few of the different trails that  head up to the top.  But, some of these climbs were super steep, and I chickened out on going up further.

After climbing up and down for close to an hour, I headed back down the hill, and ran two more miles on the road.  This run ended up climbing over 1,000 feet. Here's the data

Saturday 4/9-  5 Miles It had started to rain early in the morning, and then it stopped briefly.  I headed out and I felt like climbing some more.  I headed up into the foothills.  I didn't bring my phone with me because I was worried about ti getting soaked in the rain.  It was really nice to hear the birds chirping and the dogs barking.
This picture is from last year.

Sunday 4/10 7.6  miles.  This was a tempo-ish sort of run....

**Sidebar** My mindset about running has changed since I"m not really training for a marathon or half marathon right now. I think since I don't feel obligated to run very long (12+ mile runs) I enjoy kicking up the pace instead.  When I had to hit a certain number of miles per week I would do my runs at an easier pace in order to be able to tack more miles on.  If I'm just running 3 miles I want to feel the burn.  Same thing with running for an hour. I don't feel like I'm running an all out race pace, but I don't feel like I'm taking it easy either. I guess deep down I want to regain some of the speed I lost training for a marathon.  That and I just enjoy the way tempo pace feels.**

I chose a route that was mostly flat, and I just gradually tried to increase the pace.  Here's the data:

5k race this weekend

I was supposed to race this event last year, but I ended up getting sick with the stomach flu.  I hope I can go sub 22 minutes but, we will see. 

Thank you for reading, this long post.


  1. Good luck this weekend! Hopefully your faster training will have unlocked some of the speed you lost during your marathon training.

    PS: This is Heather from The Shoes Run 50. I retired my old blog and got all fancy with buying a domain.

  2. I was wondering where you went. I will check your new space out. :)