Saturday, April 2, 2016

Bubbles and Trails, and Midterm Papers Oh My!

Hey there! Just checking in briefly.  This week has been rough!  I'm not getting as much sleep as I would like, but I hope to catch up on that this weekend.

Last weekend My son ran his first "race" it was a color/bubble themed run.  My friend and coworker Clarice had invited to this event back in January and we purchased tickets online via Groupon and the race only ended up costing $20.  I would have never imagined doing one of these runs...I kind of thumb my nose at these events.(I'm a competitive person, give me a no-frills $5 track club race with just a clock and runners to chase)  But, I knew my kid would love the atmosphere...I can't take credit for all of the neat photos.


Me, Sammy, and Clarice


Thank you for all of the neat photos Clarice!


I was worried that a 5k might be too far for my little guy, so we ended up cutting the course twice.  We ended  up running 2 miles.   If this were an actual timed race with age group awards, then this would have been a huge No No.  But, this was an untimed bubble fun run, so if I do sign him up for an actual race, I will probably need to find a shorter distance event.
No pressure kid.  I want you to enjoy running
when you are ready to race you will let me know.

I went out to the Amargosa Trail again this week.  This trail is super close to my work, and its pretty challenging.   It's steep with lots of rocks, so I have to be extra careful on the downhills.  I told myself to just enjoy the run and don't worry about taking pictures for Strava (lol).. On the way back down I couldn't help myself and I snapped this neat shot.

This is another picture of the trail, but I took this a few weeks ago.

Midterm Papers
I'm currently enrolled in an online MBA program, and I'm halfway through my first quarter. I'm taking two classes, and I had two midterm papers due this weekend.  I stayed up late a few nights this week because I wanted to finish them early....My birthday is this weekend and I wanted to relax a little bit.  Tonight I'm baking a cake, and tomorrow morning. I'm running long (12 miles maybe)

I hope to check in again next week.


  1. MmHm! Right in midterms here, too! But I'm surviving, as are you, so that's good! Happy birthday!

  2. I love how completely happy your kiddo looks!

  3. Awww your little guy is so precious! That after picture is great. Looks like he had a good time.

  4. Those first race pictures are so cute! It looks like it was a really fun day (but I'm with you on the no frills, race the clock sort of atmosphere!).