Thursday, March 10, 2016

Trail Trashed Tuesday- There are snakes, They're poisonous, You will die!

My friend took me out for a trail run the other day.  On Tuesday, I played hooky from work (I used a vacation day) to go trail running.  I had foolishly told my friend that I really like to climb.  I went out to an area that I have never been to before, and I got smoked.

My friend Ana, is on of those triathlete folk. She likes to ride, swim, and she runs too.  She is a really strong runner, and she kicked my ass all over the trails.  It's nice to have a buddy that will drag you along for a run.  Early into the run, she told me. "There are snakes.  They're poisonous. You will die!"  That was the first of many gut checks that day.
I like to wear knee socks when I run trails, these won't protect
me from snakes, but they do help from getting scratched up on bushes
and shrubs. BTW these are cheap Target C9 socks.  6 pairs for 10 bucks!

We headed out into the Cottonwood trail system. I thought that we would run 12-13 miles, but in the end, I was content with 10 miles.  Running on trails is so much harder than running on a flat road.

The first three miles were a straight uphill climb.  I'm proud of myself for not walking up this stretch.
I'm running my ass off, and my friend
is taking pictures while she is running uphill

We got to the top and then we went back down some switchbacks. I was extra careful because I have a fear of heights and breaking my face.
That skinny line in the dirt
is the same trail, we were running on
in the previous photo.

We then climbed another two miles uphill.  The second half of the run, was mostly downhill, we were trying to push the pace, but again, you had to be really careful with your footing.  At the end of the run we spotted some wild burros.

Here's the stats and a few more pictures.

This is why I don't selfie.  I don't know if I'm trying to smile
or be serious face  in this photo.
I had such a fun time on Tuesday.  I hope to get another trail run in before the brutal Las Vegas Summer heat returns.

Thanks for reading.


  1. That's some serious climbing on tough terrain! I have some trails I sometimes run, but it's more weaving and root avoidance than what you ran. Your run looks beautiful... and HOT.

    Glad you avoided poisonous snake bites. 😵

  2. That looks hot and hard! Except the wild burros. They are adorable. Almost worth the climb, I'm sure.