Monday, January 25, 2016

Training Updates, Saying Goodbye to the Village Runner, and Shoe Talk

I finally have an abundance of running shoes to wear on my feet. So many choices and options to wear....
Training Updates (Since my last post)

Wed 11/20- 3.3 miles easy. I was feeling pretty tired, from the previous days 13 mile run, however I was headed outside of the building on my lunch break, and I grabbed my gear for a short run.

Last weekend I found out on Facebook (best way to spread information quickly)  that the Village Runner was going out of business.  This is my local specialty running store that is very close to my workplace.  I was shocked and saddened by the news. I also feel as though I am partially responsible for them closing down.
Many years ago, my husband and I would purchase our running shoes from the Village Runner, they had a wonderful shoe buyer program.  You buy 8 pairs, and recieve the 9th pair free.  With two runners in the house, it didn't take long for us to earn a free pair of shoes.  After awhile they discontinued that program.  Probably because they couldn't keep giving away shoes for free.
As time went on I began to become a more budget conscious runner (kids will do that to you) I had less money for running gear and shoes in general...
I sometimes buy my running shirts at the thrift store.

I would still sometimes buy shoes at the Village Runner, but I would also brag about purchasing my shoes from online retailers.  I would still stop by the Village Runner to cruise the clearance rack, and to buy my fuel.  The sales associates were always willing to listen to me chatter on about running, and I will really really miss this store...(Sob)  I feel so guilty for not giving you guys more of my shoe business the last few years.

I stopped by last Wednesday to check out the closeout sale.  I felt like a vulture picking through their wares.  But, that didn't stop me from buying three pairs of shorts and two pairs of running shoes (one for me and one for my husband)

After shopping, I had time for a short run at Cornerstone Park.  I ran 3.3 miles around the dirt paths.  I set my Garmin to display the actual time, and I just ran by feel. I didn't listen to any music either.  I forget how peaceful it is to just run sometimes.

Thursday 1/21  I ran 3.6 Miles easy, and then I headed into the gym to strength train.
I did the following exercises:

Bench press with bar
Hamstring dead lifts with 45 lb bar only

Decline chest press with dumbbells
Decline chest flys with dumbbells
Around the worlds for chest
Sit ups on incline board

Back raises
Back flys

Mountain climbers

Friday 1/22 -Rest Day- I stopped by the Village Runner one more time just to say goodbye again.

Saturday 1/23 LVTC Poker Run Low Key 5k... I don't know if I was still tired from Tuesday's long run  but, I didn't run as fast as I had hoped...

Sunday 1/24  8ish  Miles.  I woke up in a foul mood.  I don't know if I had a bad dream, and didn't remember it.  Or if I was still disappointed with Saturday's race.  Or if it's just good ol' PMS rearing its ugly head already...  My husband told me to "go for a run if it will make you feel better"  I ran almost 7 miles.  And it helped me not want to be so snippy with my family.  The day got progressively better. and in the afternoon I took my son for a short run as well.  We ran just over a mile.  Later on that afternoon I took both kids back to the park pulling them in their Radio Flyer wagon.

Shoe Talk
I recently went back to my beloved Brooks Adrenaline GTS last year.  The GTS 14 was an awesome shoe.  I wore these for my last marathon.  They were a perfect fit, and I had  no issues with this shoe.
You were the best!!
In comes the GTS 15.  I was really excited about this pair of shoes.  
Nice Colors but, you suck!
So far I have run about 80 miles in these shoes, and they are too freaking small. I'm a size 7 in running shoes, and when I wore them for the first time my feet were rubbing against the front of the shoe.  I had also worn my old ass Dr. Martens that were a little snug the day before so I thought my feet were just feeling tender anyway. I also had needed to cut my toenails...About six weeks later I'm still making myself run in these shoes because I don't feel right returning a shoe that I have already run in for about six weeks...  I can wear these shoes for short runs.  But, after my 13 miler last week. I had blisters on both of my big toes. And I have been cutting my toenails extra short just to make this shoe work. 
I'm glad I'm not training for a marathon right now,  I also looked at the reviews on and it appears that this model was made really short.  Grrrr....
 It serves me right for buying this shoe at a deep discount...

I have a few pairs of shoes to rotate now...

The Saucony Guide 8 was the other shoe that I purchased at a deep discount.
This shoe is great, but it's not perfect either.  It doesn't have as much arch support as I would like.  I can sometimes feel my left arch collapsing, when I run.  I do like this shoe for tempo paced workouts. It's light and pretty flexible for a stability shoe. And it's a true size 7.  It fits correctly.

I was wearing the ASICS GT-2000 in 2014, and I really liked that shoe. At the closeout sale at the Village Runner I purchased another pair of ASICS GT-2000's
Hello old friend
I took these out for a test drive earlier today, and they felt great.  These will be replacing the Adrenaline as my long run/recovery pace shoe.  They have great arch support, but don't feel super clunky.


On Saturday, the track club was giving away sample shoes (slightly worn)  from Newton.  I received an almost free pair of shoes
I don't know what to do with you yet.
I don't think I'm going to try these out until after my half marathon.  These shoes are supposed to help with running form. I put them on and they just felt weird.  But, I have been such a shoe slut lately that I couldn't resist grabbing a pair to try out.

I hope to have my race report up in the next day or two.

Thank you for reading.


  1. I've run in a newtons -- I currently have 2 pairs of Ahas in my rotation (one for road, one for treadmill). I've also run in the Distance, the Distance Elite and the Gravity. The Distance and Distance Elites worked well for me for awhile and they really promoted forefoot striking, but then I started getting shin splints in them, possibly because they get design in the newer iterations. The Ahas have a much less pronounced lug and are great shoes. Did you get the Motions?

  2. One of our local running stores closed last year. It had been around for years and years - decades - but the owners decided to retire. The weird part was that they sold their name! So another totally different store with different owners opened up in a different location - with the same name.

  3. Sorry your running store closed. I too am guilty of shopping online to save money instead of supporting local business (sorry I just couldn't turn down getting a pair of my $110 running shoes for $45 on black Friday through Amazon)!). Though I don't feel too guilty since the last time I went in the person working acted incredibly snobbish to me.

    Be sure to report back on those Newtons when you get around to testing them. I've been considering a pair, but can't decide if I would end up hating the lugs.