Monday, January 11, 2016

Technology Hates Me (or Maybe I'm just a meathead), & Training updates

A lot can happen in a week.  I apologize in advance for this being a long and rambling post.   I will try to discuss things in chronological order, so I don't go off topic too much...I bought a Garmin, and I have never wanted to throw a fit so badly over technology.....

Training Updates
Monday 1/4- 3.6 Miles and Strength Training.  It was the first day back at work after the holiday, I think everyone was feeling out of sorts...I worked out on my lunch break, and the weather was absolutely perfect for running (cloudy with no wind).  I only ended up doing a short run, because I have been putting off strength training in favor of just running.... So into the gym I went to do some circuit training.  I did the following circuits:

1st Set
Flat bench press with bar (1st set no weight 2nd set 65lbs 3rd set 75lbs
Dead lifts with 45lb bar only
Back Rows with bar only
Bulgarian split squats 1set body weight only 2nd & 3rd sets with a 10lb plate

2nd Set

Hanging chin ups (I can only do two)
Lat pull downs
Side step downs off of a bench (body weight only)

3rd set
Push ups 5x5x5 (incline, regular, decline)
Step ups onto a bench with a back leg raise
One armed rows.
Pull overs for chest

Tuesday 1/5 Speed work. 8x400.  I was really nervous about doing quarters. I'm so worried that I will tweak something, or pull something, anyway.... I did my best to warm up and stretch properly.  I slowly jogged for a mile, And then I changed into my new speed shoes. During the second mile I did some dynamic warm up exercises: A-skips, Butt Kicks, High Knees, & Quick Feet drills.
New Balance W890v4
I bought these shoes last August , but they have sat in my closet since then.  I like the New Balance W890v4 for short interval training. This is a light weight shoe that provides plenty of support.  However, I prefer a heavier more supportive shoe for my long runs... Getting back to the speed work. I headed over to a park that has a 1/3 of a mile track.
I used my TIMEX watch to time my intervals. The track itself is 1/3 of a mile long so I was running about 3/4 of the track and then slowly jogging the 1/4 part.

I also wore my waist pack with my phone in there, because I wanted to be able to see my data afterwards:
Here's the data: (95, 98, 96, 97, 96, 98, 96, 94) These are the intervals I timed using just my stopwatch timer on the TIMEX watch

I had hoped that my quarters would have been closer to 93 seconds, but I was running on a dirt track, and I'm not 18 anymore....  Afterwards I did a short cool down, and  then I stretched.  That night my hip was a little tender, but with some foam rolling and stretching I was feeling better by the morning.

Wednesday 1/6- 5.9 Miles at 8:30 average pace.  This run, was on the hilly side. 
I had expected to feel wiped out by yesterday's track work.  But, I actually felt alright. I took the pace easy. (still running without a Garmin, so I was running by feel).  My phone measured the first mile way off, but I think the rest of the data is accurate:

Thursday 1/7-Short run, followed by a short strength training workout.  I had a 30 minute tempo run on my calendar (I'm very loosely following Hal Higdon's Advanced Half marathon training program.)  but, I decided to do more strength work instead.   
I set the treadmill at 1% incline, then I ran 2 miles in 17 minutes. The  first mile was warm up pace at 9:20, The second mile was tempo paced around 7:40. For the final 3 minutes I brought the pace back down to 8:30 per mile but I kicked the incline up to 4%
For strength training:
1st Circuit
Cable Flys
Cable Bicep Curls
Around the world lunges

2nd Circuit
Sit ups on an incline board
Push ups on the smith machine
Hanging Plank Pull ups using smith machine

3rd circuit

One arm rows
Pull overs for chest

Friday 1/8- Rest- I decided to treat myself to a new GPS watch.... I was supposed to pick up my new Garmin 220 from Best Buy. 
I hate the bait and switch.

I purchased this watch back in December for a deep discount (149.99).  It turns out, that my watch never came in, and Best Buy canceled my order.  Well, I didn't want to give Best Buy my business after that.  I went to my local running store The Village Runner

I cant say enough good things about the Village Runner, they are really knowledgeable about shoes, and other equipment. I try to give them my business when it comes to fuel and other running accessories.  I ended up choosing   the Garmin Forerunner 25.  It's very similar to my Forerunner 10.  But, mostly I wanted to have a GPS watch for the 10k that I was racing the following morning.

I didn't want to race a 10k wearing a waist pack, and try to fumble around with my phone during a race that short....

I get back to my office, and I decide to charge up my new piece of equipment. I plugged it into my computer and forgot about it for an hour or two.  At the end of the day, I pulled the Garmin cable out of  the USB port, and I didn't realize that it was doing a software update....I must have really done a number on the device because it started to beep, and then whine.... I think it was trying to look for a signal and it couldn't catch one because I was indoors.  I tried plugging it back into my computer, and no dice.... I called the Garmin support hot line and they told me how to shut off the device.  I had to leave the office to pick up my kids, and I was pretty pressed for time.. I was also really close to having a shit fit, because I just bought the watch and I already screwed it up!

However, when I left the building I caught a GPS signal, and the watch came to life.  Hallelujah!!

Saturday 1/9-LVTC 10k Race
Due to the length of this post. and because I'm still waiting for photos, I will write this up as a separate blog post....Here's a preview:

Sunday 1/10- 5.2 Miles I woke up feeling like I wanted to run....Normally after I race, I feel beat up and too sore to run...Maybe because I cooled down properly the day before. I didn't feel so trashed. I left the house carrying a muffin in a Ziploc bag, and I ate my snack during the first two miles.
Berry Oat Hemp Muffins
Homemade Cliff Bars-but tastier

  The hills were wonderful,  A few months ago I stopped running in a certain area, because someone was letting their dogs roam freely in the neighborhood.  This sucked because I love running up there.  I ended up chatting with some of the neighbors in that area and they told me that the renters had moved out with their dogs.  Sweet!!
This picture is from last weekend.  Yesterday's run had a bit
more cloud coverage.

I ran the miles at recovery pace, here's the data:

The dip in pace is when I stopped to talk to the neighbors.

Well I hope to have my race report posted in the next day or two. I'm also going to head out to return my Garmin this afternoon....  Wahhhh.....(That's me crying like a kid that dropped their ice cream in the dirt).

Thank you for reading.



  1. So - Garmin died?! Brand-new?! That is the worst!

  2. Yep. I wore it on Saturday morning, it worked during my warm up, I pressed the save button and no data was saved. Same thing happened during the race.
    I'm so glad I remembered to bring my back up watch.