Friday, November 20, 2015

Latest Workouts and Retail Therapy

It's been about two weeks since I filled you in on training updates.  Nothing too exciting to report about. I'm tapering and trying not to feel too anxious.  I'm running less miles, and it's nuts how you start to doubt your athletic ability yada yada yada.

Training Updates (since the last update)

Wednesday 11/11-It was Veteran's Day.  I felt very conflicted on that day.  I'm a veteran.  I served four years in the United States Army right out of high school...  I ended up leaving the military in 2000 to go back to school.  The military that I experienced was very different than the military post 9/11.   I'm proud to have served my county, however,  a part of me feels guilty for not having served any time in a combat zone.   I didn't run that day.  I did go shopping. (More on that later)

Thursday 11/12- 8 Miles.  2 Miles warm up 4 Miles at Goal Pace, and 2 Miles cool down.  My left hip has started to bug, me I don't know if  it's  from the colder weather. Once I'm warmed up I'm fine.  I chose a route that was mostly flat..  The downside, is that I had to cross a  few busy intersections, and I ended up playing chicken with a delivery truck during mile 5....  I need to be careful!!
Here's the data:

Friday 11/13 5 Miles So now my hip is sore.... Is it from the tempo pace from yesterday?  After about three miles into my run. I noticed that my hip was sore on the same side that I wear my arm band to carry my phone.  I took my armband off and switched it to the other side. It was like magic my hip started to feel better.....

Side bar:  I started to have hip problems at the end of last year-beginning of this year.  I kept trying to figure out what the cause was.  Holding my kid on my hip? Running in improper shoes? Running on the shoulder of the road that is uneven?  Too much speed work?  Well it turns out that I really have lost a ton of flexibility on my left side.  So my stride is probably a bit shorter that it used to be.... I think the arm band was shortening my stride even further...

While I love my new armband for working out at the gym. I don't think I will be using it for long runs anymore.... Welcome back fanny pack!
I'm sorry to have strayed from you.

Saturday 11/14-Rest

Sunday 11/15-9.2 Miles..  I wore my fleece vest and I just stuck my phone in the pocket.  My hip was feeling okay.  I ran the first 3 miles easy, and then I eased into some goal paced running. Here's the data.

Monday 11/16-  Three miles easy, and then a short strength training workout.

Tuesday 11/17-Rest, but I was feeling fidgety so I did some planks, and some stretching.

Wednesday 11/18- 7 Miles 2 miles warm up, 4 miles at goal pace, 1 mile cool down.  I ran these along the Pittman Wash Trail.  The fist half was uphill, the second half was downhill.
Man I was so worried last week, because I felt like crap. My legs felt sluggish, and my hip was achy. The taper is working... Now that I switched back to my waist pack, my hip is feeling better, and I don't feel nearly as tired this week...Here's the data

Thursday 11/19 2 Miles easy, and they felt really sluggish...

Friday 11/20-  I ran 5 miles in the cold, I didn't feel too sluggish, and I did a few strides during the last mile.

Retail Therapy

I'm a runner on  budget.... So I enjoy finding good deals.... I have been on the lookout for discount running shorts.  I have been to TJ Maxx, Ross, and Marshall's to find shorts, and lately I haven't found anything.  On Veteran's day I went to Nordstrom Rack and I found two pairs of shorts for less than $15.00 each.

Today I found another pair of clearance shorts....I had seen these around forever, but at $75.00 I have siad, "oh Hell no!" many times.  When I found them for 75% off at the local running shop I couldn't resist.
Brooks Pure Project Shorts

Christmas came early!!

Well that's all I've got for now.  Marathon is next Saturday! I will probably do a summary of this training cycle post next.

As always Thank You for reading!!!


  1. Yay for clearance shorts! I still have my $15 Nike tempos from a clearance purchase when I first started running - they're like five or six years old.
    Your arm band woes reminded me of something I read and found to be true: chest tightness can shorten your hip extension. If you can't effectively pull your arms back while you run, your hips don't go all the way back, either. What I read said that this can be a problem for runners who lift a lot of weights or do a lot of pushups. I don't, but I do do planks everyday,so I've been trying to stretch my arms behind me a lot and increase the mobility in the back-swing while running.

  2. Well before this last training cycle, I trained upper body and pushups a lot.... I'm pretty good at push-ups because I'm stocky with a wide rib cage/upper body lol.... I'm glad I figured this out before the marathon....