Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Last Long Run Done Now it's Time to Taper

This last long run left me feeling a little underwhelmed, but I will focus on the positives....
I did a really horrible a job of choosing my running route.  I think I didn't want to stress out too badly about this run, so I stuck my head in the sand, and tried not to think about it.  On Thursday I remembered that I didn't have any gels on me.  I'm so glad I remembered to buy them.  This would be my first long run in the cold.  All of my previous long runs, have been in summer like conditions.  I didn't want to over dress.  I wore shorts, a t-shirt, and arm warmers.

Friday 11/6
I had this idea of staying close to home, and running either 4 x 5 mile loops by my house or 5 x 4 mile loops.  I didn't want to have to cross a busy intersection, nor did I want to climb too many hills...
Within the first two miles, I realised the route I chose sucked.  The first mile was uphill, the next was right into a busy school zone during the morning drop off...The next couple of miles weren't so bad, but it was already time to head back towards my house.  I'm thinking, "how am I going to run this 4 more times?  I did a few loops in the park to tack on some distance.

I went by my house during mile six to grab a drink of water, and to pick up my energy gels.
Mile 1-9:51
Mile 2-8:46
Mile 3-8:49
Mile 4-8:49
Mile 5-8:48
Mile 6-9:06
I headed out to do another 4 mile loop but in the opposite direction.  During mile seven my daughter's day care calls, and needs me to pick her up before noon.  They think she may have pink eye... great.
Mile 7-9:34
Mile 8- 9:02
Mile 9-9:01
Mile 10- 8:44  I ate a gel during this mile.
Mile 11- 8:57
I swung by my house again to drink some Gatorade, and I got a morale boost from seeing my husband. I was also crushed because I really wanted to be done running... I headed out for six more miles.
Mile 12- 9:14
I'm headed back up a grade and the wind is blowing in my face.  I keep wondering when I'm going to finally warm up.
Mile 13-8:59
Mile 14-8:52
I hit a turnaround point to start heading back home. I"m feeling good, and I want to pick up the pace.  I also opened up a caffeinated gel around this point.
Mile 15- 8:25
I realized that I still needed to add some more distance to my run, back up the hill I go.
Mile 16- 8:44
Hello downhill running, finally.
Mile 17-8:16
Mile 18- 8:15
That caffeinated energy gel made me thirsty!!! I was close to the park so I stopped for water at the fountain.
Mile 19-8:30
Mile 19.22- 1:57....
I passed by my house for the last time, and called it a day. I'm kind of mad at myself for not running the extra .78 miles to make it up to 20 miles.  Here's the Garmin and Strava Data for transparency.

This route was not ideal for even splits.  Damn hills.

I had hoped that this last long run would have been a little faster. But, I'm happy to report that I didn't have a horrible bonk, like I did during the last two 20 milers.  It was nice to feel stronger towards the end.

After my run, I took a quick dunk in the back yard pool..It's even colder than an ice bath at this point...

Then I took a shower and headed to daycare to pick up my kids.... FWIW, my daughter didn't have pink eye.  It was only allergies.  My date day with my husband, will have to wait for another day... Womp womp....
They were very happy to be picked up early from preschool.

Saturday 11/7- Rest

Sunday  11/8 I slept in, and went running in the afternoon.  I ran a little over six miles.  I felt tired, but not so bad.
Strava Mobile was acting funny, so I took a picture of my stats
in case I had to upload manually.
No I'm not obsessed with you Strava.
I'm not I swear!

Monday 11/9  Maintenance work in the gym... I ran two miles on the treadmill to warm up, and then I did a whole body workout.  I did the following exercises for circuit training.
1st Circuit
Flat Bench Press 
Hamstring Dead Lifts 
Back Rows with Bar

For my next circuit I used a 25lb EZ curl bar for the following exercises: 
Bicep Curls 
Upright Shoulder Rows 
Overhead Shoulder Press 
Good Mornings 
Single Leg Lunges
Last circuit: 
Push ups 
Mountain Climbers
Tuesday 11/10-  I drove over to Sunset Park, and I ran a few miles at goal pace on the actual race track...I ran 1 mile to warm up, three miles at goal pace, and a mile cool down.  Here's the data:

So.... I guess I now have to really decide what I want my goal to be....  I really want to run a sub 3:40 marathon.  Even more I want to run a sub 3:30 marathon, but I realize that might be too far out of my reach....
There is a lot of wiggle room between 3:30 and 3:40.... I think I will save my thoughts for the next blog post...(I have a lot to say)...
As always thank you for reading.


  1. Hmmm, goal time...you have had a really strong training cycle. Do you have any recent races to plug into McMillan? I don't remember you racing any but maybe I am forgetting.

  2. I didn't race much at all this year..... my left hip really gave me a lot of trouble earlier in the year. I also didn't want to race a half during this training cycle because it takes me a few weeks to recover...
    Last year my 1:35 half predicted a sub 3:30 time for RNRLV, too bad I didn't have enough of a long distance base to back up my speed.
    I don't know if I'm in 1:35 shape, but I think I'm capable of a 1:40 half... I think if I start out conservatively, and then really try to negative split the 2nd half, but I don't know....I've never ever negative split a marathon...(this will be #18 for me)

    1. I also wanted to add, even though I'm not in 1:35 shape, I feel much more confident running longer distances this year. And I managed to lose some weight since last year. Thats gotta count for something.

  3. You ended up choosing the loop course marathon, right? Where you run the same loop a few times?

  4. Yes. I ended up choosing the loop course. It should be interesting. I'm almost counting on it being super windy or pouring rain that day. The weather is pretty brutal already so I'm glad I have a little time left to get used to it.