Friday, September 18, 2015

Training Updates, Racing Weight and some Random Food Pictures

I'm nearing the halfway point of my training cycle.  I'm feeling a little beat up from my long run on Wednesday...  I'm sorry if this post seems a little jumbled.

Race Weight
So I guess I will get this out of the way first.... Earlier this year, I was a little bummed because I needed to lose a little weight.   I didn't really do anything about it until the Summer time.  I didn't go on on a diet, I just changed the way I ate.....  I'm still mostly vegetarian (I still eat fish occasionally).  I still eat eggs, but I am weaning myself away from dairy.... I'm also trying to cut back on my diet coke consumption.  I started making these changes around May of this year.
February 2015

May of 2015

At the beginning of the year I was closer to 130 than 120 pounds (I'm 5 feet tall).   After I had my daughter in 2013, I chronicled my weight loss efforts on this blog.  I even posted my final weight loss update here.  I think in 2014, I just became complacent and in the summertime and I stopped tracking my food.   I didn't gain a lot of weight, but after a few months of just winging it, I noticed that my clothes were fitting a little tighter.

I tend to race better when I am at the lower end of the 120's and,   I'm happy to report that I'm back in my target weight range. (121-123lbs depending on the day) I don't expect to lose any more weight... If anything I need extra calories to accommodate all of the miles that I am running....

I don't have any current photos of myself.  I feel silly taking selfies in the mirror.   But, I hope my race photos come out okay in November :)

Random Food Pictures

I think if you blog long enough, eventually you will start taking pictures of your food.... Since I discussed my diet above I wanted to show  you some of the meals that I eat....

Pre Run Breakfast
Homemade White Bread
With Peanut Butter
and Strawberries
Dinner the night before my almost 17 miler.
Chickpea, blackbean, corn, & pasta salad.
with sauteed zuccini and mushrooms.
Not pictured was the garlic toast I also ate.

Post Long Run Recovery Shake

Spinach, Hemp Hearts, Black Berries, Coconut Milk, Oats,
Chia Seeds, Coconut Chips

Carrot Juice after long run on Wednesday

I also enjoy junk food on the regular, but not nearly as much as I used to....I try to snack on nutrient dense foods.   Its almost a running joke between my husband and I about empty calories vs. nutrient dense calories...  My splurges include chocolate covered almonds and Kettle Chips.

My Diet Coke consumption.... Is still something that I'm working on.  My husband won't let me keep it in the house anymore, so I only drink the stuff Monday thru Friday.  I can say that I average about 5 Diet Cokes a week.  They are starting to taste more and more chemical everyday.  I'm such a creature of habit that I am just drinking my Diet Cokes out of habit,  I'm pretty good about drinking water and seltzer water at home, but when I'm out and about I can't resist an icy cold fountain drink....  Baby steps... baby steps.

Training Updates (Since my Last Post)
I have had to make a few modifications to my Hal Higdon program.  I've added a few tempo runs (at marathon goal pace) and I have had to move my long run days to mid week... The weather in Las Vegas is finally less brutal. It's still warm, but our mornings are finally in the low 70's and next week they drop down into the 60's!!!

Saturday 9/12- 4 miles at lunchtime....instead of running first thing this morning, I chose to wait until the kids nap time. It was pretty hot and humid so I stayed close to home.  I did the first two miles as laps around the park.

  Then I ran two more miles on the streets I'm glad I went for a short run, I was feeling antsy.  I averaged 8:59 pace for 4 miles.
Sunday 9/13 9.5 mile tempo run.  I ran a two miles warm up, 6 miles at goal marathon pace and a 1.5 mile cool down.  I chose a route that was pretty flat, and I also ran a looped course to avoid being stopped by traffic.  Here's the data.

During mile five I threw down my hand held bottle, and I came back for it a mile and a half later.  I think when I threw my bottle down, I may have caused a small crack in it.....

Monday 9/14- 4 miles at recovery pace.  I had the day off from work, and I wasn't sure if I would be able to run the following day, so I flip flopped my rest day.  I also did some light stretching and some planks.

Tuesday 9/15- Rest-

Wednesday 9/16- 16.9 miles----  I have  a lot to say about this run..... I'm usually pretty nervous before a long run, I'm worried that the distance will be too far to run, or that I will bonk really hard at the end.  Going into these runs feeling nervous is kind of a good thing,  My senses feel more alert and I'm more focused on the task at hand.  I wanted to run 16 miles with as little interruptions as possible.  I try not to stop for any breaks when running long.  IMO the clock doesn't stop during the race, so you have to learn how to eat, drink, and make adjustments on the go....

I chose to run 16 miles in and around Sunset Park.  It was a great set up.  I was able to stash water, and Gatorade in my car..... A little side story.... My trusty Nathan hand held  bit the dust on Wednesday morning (my bff during the summer months.)
RIP Nathan Handheld. 2010-2015
I had filled it up with ice, and I noticed it had a lot of condensation on the bottle. I figured it was the ice melting and it was a little humid.  Well when I got to the park, the center console in my car was filled with water. My bottle now had a huge hole in it, and I couldn't use it.... I was lucky that I brought two frozen water bottles and a bottle of Gatorade with me.  

I decided to run the first hour without carrying any water, I stayed in the park and ran loops on the paved loop, and then I also ran a few miles on the soft dirt paths.  Around 6-7 miles in I stopped by my car briefly to grab a frozen water bottle and my energy chews.  For fuel I ate dates and Powerbar Energy blasts.  After that first hour, I just kind of zoned out.  I left the park and ran around the parameter.  The roads were a little dicey, but I only had to run on the sidewalk for a brief period.   I also tried my best not to glance at my Garmin.  During the first hour of the run, I listned to alternative rock, and then during the second hour I switched it up to electronic music....   During the 13-14 mile I started to feel like I had to pee.   By mile 16 I really had to go, but I didn't want to stop running and or stop the clock.... I slowed my pace down for the last mile, and once I stopped to use  the bathroom I was done running for good.  Here's the data.
I'm posting both Garmin and Strava Data:  I'm happy that I used both devices to time my run. Because it appears that my Strava cut out on me during mile 9.  I was wondering why this mile appeared to be a lot faster than the other miles....

After my run, I walked around for a few minutes, and then being really gross and too far away from home, to shower. I ran a few errands and picked up my lunch on the way home.
Sushi after long run, this ended up being a snack.
I also didn't eat right away... I was too wired to sit down and eat.  I ended up sweeping and vacuuming floors, and doing other chores....  After I ate my lunch I treated myself to an ice bath.

Thursday 9/17-  I felt just overall tired, and my legs felt heavy but other wise I felt fine.   I ran just a little over 5 miles at recovery pace at Cornerstone Park.

Friday 9/18- Today I did a short circuit training workout.

Tomorrow I plan on going for a short run, and on Sunday I have a another tempo paced run on the calendar.  That's all I've got for now.  As always thank you for reading!


  1. I have a diet root beer problem, so I feel your pain on that one.

  2. I need to follow your example - I am just a little heavier than I need to be to run well, and if I just cut out a few little bad habits I'm sure it would be fine. But I like late-night junk food!
    Great long run. It's so hard to commit to no/few stops when it's hot out. I definitely take breaks at water fountains - another bad habit!