Thursday, January 22, 2015

Improvising When I Have to, and My Latest Workouts.

Lets get into my latest workouts, shall we?

Tuesday 1/20- Speed work!!! I had 12 x 400's on the calendar,  I started getting dressed to head to the park on my lunch break. I was fumbling around and I couldn't find my sports bra....  I forgot to pack one...   Normally at the beginning of the week. I bring  a few different sets of running clothes to work, I like having extra socks, undies, shorts, etc.  Just in case I forget something.  Well I wasn't about to scrap my workout so I wore my regular bra, and then I improvised....  I wore my Nathan running belt backwards across my chest to keep my boobs from bouncing.
Who knew this could double as an athletic supporter?

 I felt like a total dork, and I"m grateful that I had the running track to myself.  But, I got my speed work  in.  12 x 400 sounded impossible so I decided to throw some 800's in the mix. My workout ended up being 2 x 800, 4 x 400, 1 x 800, 1 x 400.

I got to the park, and then I got over my initial embarrassment about wearing a female jock strap.  I  ran a mile to warm up, did a few form drills, then I got the workout started... First  I ran 2 x 800's, in between each 800 I slowly jogged for two minutes for recovery, then I ran 4 X 400's, in between each 400 I jogged for about a minute in between the intervals.   Then I did  another 800 meter repeat.  I thought I was done, so I began to cool down and do some strides, but then I decided to run one last 400 meter repeat.

 By running the 800's first, I think it prepared me mentally to run the 400's  800's are hard but, I don't feel like I have to run at breakneck pace like I do 400's...

Here's the data:  2 X 800's (3:23, 3:15), 4 x 400's (94, 95,96, 97)
                         1 X 800  (3:22)                            1 x 400 (95)

Wednesday 1/21- 7.7 miles. This was a  hilly lunchtime run.  On my schedule I had 6 miles plus strength training.  I decided to save the strength training for the evening,  I wore my ASICS GT-2000's and I can tell I only have a few short runs left in these shoes.
I bought these at the end of September and I wore them for the marathon back in December and they just feel old... I don't keep track of the actual mileage of my shoes But, I replace them typically every 3-6 months and I rotate between two pairs of shoes to make them last longer.

In  addition to my shoes feeling old, my legs were tired from yesterdays speed work.   Today was a day that  I gritted my teeth, tucked my chin in, and trudged forward during the run.  It was still a good run, I just didn't feel like I had any spring in my step... Here's the stats:

In the evening I did some ab exercises (sit ups on an incline board, Russian twists) and I foam rolled.

Thursday 1/22  Strength Training and 3 mile run.  I went to the office gym, and I did some strength training.  bench press, one arm rows, reverse crunches, cable flys, lat pull downs, Smith Machine pull ups, body weight squats on a Bosu Trainer, push ups on a Bosu Trainer.  Then I ran 3 miles on the treadmill.   I ran 3 miles in just over 24 minutes and I kept the treadmill at a 1% incline.

I was hoping that tomorrow would be  a rest day, but I took  a rest day on Monday and Saturday is usually another rest day.  I plan to just get a short 3-4 mile run in.  I only have one or two big workouts left before this 10k race. Next week is a taper week and then I get to race on Superbowl Sunday!! 

As always thank you for reading.


  1. Love it - way to improvise with the running belt!! Awesome track workout, too!

    ~ Lora @ Crazy Running Girl