Friday, December 5, 2014

What's Next? and My Latest Workouts.

Yeah, I was really hoping to run the Hoover Dam Marathon next weekend.  But, the only reason why, would be to stroke my own ego, and try to erase my disappointment over running a 3:49 marathon when in my heart I had hoped to run a 3:29:59 at Rock n Roll Las Vegas.  I have been thinking about all of the little things that went wrong that day.

I have come to the decision that racing next weekend will be a bad idea.  I'm strapped for cash, I'm not sure if my body is fully recovered to race 26.2 miles again, and with juggling a full time job with family responsibilities; something has to give.

 I love to race and I was thinking of ways to make it work, but for me to put myself ahead of everyone else just so I can feel good about racing again, is pretty damn selfish.

I'm thinking of running the Las Vegas Track Club Holiday Half Marathon in  a little over two weeks, this race will be way more low key, a lot cheaper, and easier to handle.  But, even this race I'm feeling "meh".

I know for sure that I want to run the Las Vegas Track Club Championship 10k in January.  This race attracts a lot of local runners and is a competitive race.   I haven't raced a 10k in close to three years.  I'm kind of looking forward to working on shorter harder paces again.

One of my regrets from marathon training was, that during the last month of training I focused on mileage and I didn't do much speed work.  I also think I  was pretty lazy during my taper.  I didn't run very much during the 10 days leading up to the race, I think I was pretty surprised when it was go-time, because I was honestly shocked at how hard 8 minute miles felt from the start of the marathon.

During my previous half marathon tapers, there was a speed workout the week of the race, it was like a final tune up.  I didn't realize how helpful these were to keep the legs feeling "fresh"

I promise from here on out. I won't bitch about the Rock n Roll Las Vegas Marathon again....

My Latest Workouts

After the race I didn't run for about 4-5 days, I wasn't that sore compared to other races.  But, I was really pissed off at running so I didn't feel like tying up the laces.

Week of November 17-23

Monday 11/17-  Rest
Tuesday 11/18-  Rest
Wednesday 11/19 Rest
Thursday 11/20 Rest

Friday  11/21-  I ran three miles, and I remember why I still like to run.  It feels pretty damn good! And the endorphins make me feel so alive!

Saturday 11/22 - Rest

Sunday  11/23-  I ran a 10k (6.2 miles ) around my neighborhood. It turned into a tempo progression run. I was still sulking over the race, and in my head I was running the final 6 miles of the marathon again.  Here's the splits:
(9:06, 8:53, 7:47, 7:56, 7:49, 7:38, 1:32 for the .21)

Week of November 24-30

Monday 11/24-  I went to my office gym on my lunch break and I did some circuit training, it had been awhile, and lifting weights felt good.
Tuesday 11/25 -Rest day, I got a surprise invitation to lunch from my husband, we tried out a new kabob place.
Wednesday 11/26 - I ran three miles around the neighborhood, no watch or Garmin

Thursday 11/27  On Thanksgiving I had a killer run, I ran 7 miles and I think I was trying to sell myself on training for the Hoover Dam Marathon and I treated this like a Tempo run.  It was also a hilly route.
Add caption
Here are the splits (8:52, 8:35, 9:14, 8:29, 8:02, 7:33, 7:35)

Friday 11/28 - The next day I was greedy and I ran 9 more hilly miles.  I will never stop being amazed by this view of the Las Vegas valley & skyline.
I take shitty pictures.

Saturday 11/29 I ran 6 miles, my mother-in-law, was in town for the holiday weekend, and it's always nice to have extra help with the kiddos.  But,  I think my legs were getting a little pissed because during this run, my right calf was starting to act up a little bit.

Sunday 11/30 Rest, my calf was feeling really sore.

Week of December 1-5

Monday 12/1 - I did some circuit training- two minute jog, roman chair leg lifts, push ups, bicep curls with E-Z curl bar, shoulder presses with E-Z Curl bar, lat pull downs, kettle bell squats, sit ups,  then start the cycle over again. I did this for a total of four cycles.  It's a total body smoker.

Tuesday 12/2 - Speed work... I wanted to run some mile repeats.  Again I was in a funk over the marathon.  My calf was feeling okay, and I promised myself that if I felt any niggles or if anything felt off- that I would stop immediately.  I ran a one mile warm up,did some strides, stretched, and I put on my Brooks Pure flows for the first time in a few months.

I ended up running two mile repeats and two 800's.  Here's the data: (6:33, 6:36, 3:16, 3:23)  I think my Garmin is a bit off....  I honestly don't think I ran those miles that fast..  I'll give myself credit for running two sub 7 minute miles but, I know that there can be some variance depending on which direction I run the repeats in.

After this workout I was over the moon happy, and I felt like I had my mojo back...

Wednesday 12/3- I ran 5.5 miles on my lunch break and it was drizzling rain.  It was really nice outside.  I ran these at a recovery pace.

Thursday 12/4 -Rest

Friday 12/5- Today I am headed to a memorial-celebration of life service.  A high school classmate lost her little boy to cancer last month.  I am absolutely heartbroken for her and her family.  I ran 4 miles tempo this morning, to calm my nerves.  We love you TEAM MASON....


I promise from here on out. I won't bitch about the Rock n Roll Las Vegas Marathon again....

As always thank you for reading.

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  1. I guess you're just being smart. Running is just running, and your family is infinitely more important! No way you'll regret that choice later. But I understand the pull to run another race, because you know you have the talent to run a better race. On the subject of taper, I do not do well on a long taper: I bonk if I taper for 3 weeks or take it too easy. You might just dial back a little next time, maybe.Just my experience, so it might not work for you, but I just cut back on long runs and took speedwork a little easier, and only for a two week taper.