Monday, November 24, 2014

The whiny self indulgent post that I was too chicken to write last week.

I'm eight days post marathon, and I'm still trying to process what happened....Yes I'm a naturally positive blogger so I'm trying to find the life lesson involved in blowing a big race.  I hope I can snap out of this mode of feeling sorry for myself...No me gusta!

There were two moments in time that I wish I could have done differently the night of the race.  The first one was when I was checking my gear bag.  I wish I would have taken off my long sleeve top and checked it with my gear bag.

I could have probably done without
the long sleeve top, calf sleeves,
and the skull cap underneath my other hat.
The other moment was around mile 10.  I wonder if I'm making this part up,  But, I could have sworn that for a split second I was thinking of ditching my long sleeve top and throwing it into the bushes and then picking it up on the way back in.  I had decided against doing that because I thought it would have been too hard to untangle my headphones and take off my vest, to take off my long sleeve top.  I also thought I would freeze my ass off without the extra gear.  So stupid!!

The irrational side of my brain is wanting redemption.  I want to erase the mental anguish of running a bad race.  And the only way to do this is to run another race!!!  A 5k would be fun,  a half marathon would be nice,  But, the stupid irrational brain wants another marathon!! ASAP!!!

I'm actually eyeballing the Hoover Dam Marathon next month.

But, this race makes no sense for a PR.  It's a tougher course. I think because I'm not really sore anymore, and because I see other bloggers that can race marathons once or even twice a month, this idea is starting to grow legs....  I know I'm being an idiot.  But, I feel like I wasted the fall training for a marathon.  I might as well run one more before I let my running go to seed.....

The one thing that's standing in the way is money.  Like the majority of my readers, I don't receive any freebies.  My blog isn't big enough for comped races or free NUUN.  I also haven't told my husband that I'm considering the race.  Maybe I can swing it as an early Christmas present.

I don't talk about my husband much on the blog.  He's actually really supportive of my running, and he understood how bad I felt after not meeting my race goal.  He's let me talk his ear off all week on all the little details from the marathon.

I do know for sure that I want a rematch with the RNRLV marathon.  It is my home course.  I will run another PR on that bitch one day.


  1. If you want free shit, try asking for it. I'm not even being an asshole here, it's legit advice. You'd be surprised how few bloggers are offered something versus they sought it out.

    I'm sorry you didn't get the race experience you wanted and I hope you can find a redemption race that works for you!

    1. That's a good idea. I never really thought of that before, I know some bloggers work pretty hard at selling themselves.(I'm not one of them) But, I'll never know unless I ask right?

  2. I wanted a redemption race after a terrible marathon in May. But the one smart thing I did when I decided to run marathons was get a coach who strongly discouraged me from doing a race so close to my previous marathon despite that I felt strong and like I hadn't expended all my energy in the race. She's an elite and knows what she's doing, so I listened to her (unlike comparing myself to certain bloggers who marathon every other week and just have slower and slower times to show for it).

    I'm sorry you had a crap race, but it doesn't make you less of a runner.

  3. Ignore the fact that I had to have hip surgery this summer for a sec. Okay? Now I will tell you that I think redemption marathons COULD be a good idea. I ran a marathon one November when I had just discovered speed work. I thought I could significantly PR with my new-found speed: from 3:27 to 3:15. But I woke up race morning to a storm brewing: hot (high 70's to low 80's), high humidity (in the 90%), and 30 to 40 mph gusts. I still slightly PRd, but I sort of phoned it in knowing the difficulties I faced. Naturally, I felt fine after the race (not a ton of effort) so I just called it a final long run and raced the very next weekend! I did PR (it's a long story, actually, as I got lost on the course, but gist is that I ran 3:14:xx for 26.2 - my finish time was 3:22 though). Moral: you can do it if the first race was not a hard effort. If you were taxed, sore, exhausted, etc- bad idea.