Thursday, September 4, 2014

My Latest Workouts, Thrift Store Finds, and Safety First

Training for a race makes me excited to blog and discuss my training with you.  I also have workouts to share, and stats to brag about...I have a few more weeks of structured training and then it's taper time for the Saints and Sinners Half.  After that race I'm going to recover/do light workouts for about 10 days and then I'm going to start ramping up again for the next race on my calendar Rock N Roll Las Vegas. 

I am starting to feel the bulk of my training.  My legs are feeling tired, but not overworked.  I'm looking forward to racing later on this month!!

My Latest Workouts

Friday 8/29- Rest Day

Saturday 8/30- 5 miles at HM pace was on the schedule.  I ran 4 miles at HM pace with a one mile warm up and  almost two miles to cool down.  I had just done a tempo run on Thursday and I knew that I would also be running long the next day.  I didn't want to do too, much.  I ran almost 7 miles.  Here's the data:
Mile 1-8:32
Mile 2-7:23
Mile 3-7:32
Mile 4-7:18
Mile 5-7:29
Mile 6-8:34
.63- 5:09  (8:11 pace)

Sunday 8/31-9 miles.  I stayed out of the foothills and ran a route that was mostly flat.  I usually take a rest day before my Sunday long run, and I was wondering how I would feel on tired legs.  The baby was up early and I wasn't able to sneak out of the house before she woke up.  She wasn't very happy...  I left the house carrying my running belt, phone, and water bottle in my hands.  I ran for almost half a mile this way before I put on all of my gear properly.... Total elapsed time was 1:19:46.  Actual time running was 1:18:03.  Here's a snapshot of the Garmin data.
75 degrees beats the heck out of 85 degrees in the morning.
This run was pretty uneventful.  The pace felt easyish ( I know easyish isn't a word, but, I like using it to describe a feeling.) and my legs didn't feel too tired at the time.  I wanted to add a mile or two on to this run, but I felt that I had to hurry back home.

Monday 9/1 - 5 miles on the treadmill at home.  I ran this at recovery pace (9:15 per mile) at a .5% incline.

Tuesday 9/2 Two a days.   In the AM I ran three miles at recovery pace and at lunchtime I did some treadmill speed work.  On the schedule I had 5 x 800's at 10k pace.  I ran almost a mile, then I stopped, stretched, and changed my shoes  ( I like wearing light weight shoes for speed work).
I did the repeats at a 1% incline and I started the repeats at 8.6 (6:59 pace).   During the second half of the interval I would increase the treadmill to 8.8-9.2  (6:49-6:31 pace).  After each repeat I would jog a quarter mile at recovery pace 5.8 (10:21 pace per mile)

I did a total of five 800 meter repeats.  The repeats ranged in time from 3:25-3:18.  Most of them were in the 3:20's.

After the workout I only jogged a half mile for recovery and then I walked a quarter mile.  My legs were toast after this workout.

Wednesday 9/3-   I was going to take a whole rest day today, but I have been kind of lazy about strength training lately.  Instead of running I spent almost an hour at the gym doing body weight exercises and stretching.  I used a Bosu Ball trainer for push ups, mountain climbers,  and squats. I then stood on the Bosu Ball and did bicep curls with an ez curl bar, and did some balance exercises for my ankles and feet.

 I also used a kettle bell for squats and sit ups.

Thursday 9/4-  I had a two a day workout on the calendar. But, I ran a few miles  (2.97 miles at 8:28 per mile)  this morning and my legs are beat.  I could force myself to run at lunchtime.    But, I would rather regroup and try to get a longer run in tomorrow.

Thrift Store Finds

Some of my thrift store loot

I don't have a lot of money to spend on new running clothes.   One of the ways that I save money is by buying cheaper items like running T-shirts from stores like Target, JC Penney, and Kohls'. I try to stick to the clearance rack and will buy items at the end of the season.

This color is obnoxious but, I love bright colors.
I think I paid $7.00 at Kohl's

I paid $6.00 for this one.  It's soft and it wicks moisture!!

I also will find running tops at the thrift  store....  Before you get too grossed out, I am pretty discerning about the items I find.   I'm lucky that I have a really great thrift store close to my office and sometimes I stop by there on my lunch break.  The tops that I purchase are like brand new (No holes, stains, obvious wear and tear, pilling etc.)  I draw the line at running shorts.  I won't purchase a used pair of shorts or running skirt.

 In the past 6 months I've purchased these shirts for a fraction of the original price.
There's a reason I'm not a fashion blogger.

Safety First

One of the reasons I enjoy wearing bright colors is so that oncoming cars can see me from far away.   Over the years I have had a few close calls with cars.   Even with the right of way, I will still be injured beyond belief if I ever get hit by a car.  It's one of my worst nightmares, I also encourage other runners to wear obnoxious loud colors when running on the shoulder of the road.  The Las Vegas Valley has one of the highest pedestrian fatality rates in the nation.  

That's my PSA for the day.  Be safe out on the roads.

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