Monday, June 9, 2014

Some Trail Running and a 1600 meter race coming up next month

It's been awhile since my last blog post so I won't bore you with three weeks worth of my training.  Nothing special except I did do a short trail run two weeks ago and I headed out to the track on Saturday instead of doing a long run over the weekend.

Recently two running bloggers I follow both went to the Grand Canyon to do the Rim2Rim and back again.  I was really impressed with their sense of adventure.  I don't run trails much at all.  It's something that I feel is very risky to do alone.  Snakes and heat exposure are no joke.  Anyhow, I was inspired by their running and I found some of my own trail to run.

Is it still a trail run if you can see the houses?

I live pretty close to the foothills and there are some great areas to run. But, I'm too much of a pansy to go venturing off to far.  I ran about 3 miles in the dirt and 3 miles pavement.  My legs were really sore the next day.  I also wore regular road shoes and it wasn't the best idea.

I'm also training for a low key one mile track club race next month.  The training is so much different than training for a half marathon.  It's  a good time for it. My mileage is only around 20-25ish miles per week.

 I've moved my workouts from lunchtime back to before work..  Actually I'm sometimes lifting weights at lunchtime too.  I haven't raced a mile since my early 20's.  I almost broke the 6 minute barrier in high school. I don't think I will come close to breaking 6 minutes.  But, I'd like to see how close I can come.

My running has been pretty frustrating due to the heat. I'm glad that training for this event is letting me switch things up a bit.  Over the weekend I went to the track and I did speed work.  I wasn't sure if I wanted to do 400's or 200's so  I did some of both. Here's the data.

4x400 (93, 90, 88, 89)

I was getting tired of the 400's and I did an 800 to switch things up

1x800 (3:04)

2x400 (92, 89) These hurt after that 800.

4x200 (42,43,42,42) I was hoping that these would be faster

2x100 (18, 19)  I can't sprint to save my life.

For my recovery I jogged 200 meter intervals slowly.
I also did a 1 mile warm up, strides, form drills, and  2 mile cool down.

Sunday was a rest day.

Today I ran 4 miles at a recovery pace.  I have more speed work on the calendar tomorrow.

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  1. Thanks for the well-wishes for my surgery! And kill that mile. That's such a brutal distance but kind of fun, too, you know what I mean? The challenge of it is what makes it fun, not the breathless four laps!