Monday, June 16, 2014

I'm starting to look forward to racing 1600 meters

When I first put this race on my calendar two months ago, I didn't think it would be that big of a deal.  I was still obsessing about my last half marathon and thinking about ways to improve on that distance.  I was also trying to find a 5k to race...

Now that I am in the thick of my training for this race, I'm really starting to revamp my goals for this event.

In high school I ran cross country and track.  For the track events I raced the mile, two mile, and I ran the 330 low hurdles for a season (I sucked).

I came very close to breaking the six minute barrier.  My fastest mile was a 6:05.   After high school I joined the Army and I focused on the two mile. That's the distance that is timed on the Army Physical Fitness Test. Man I used to love the APFT. Once I left  the military the shortest distance for me to race was the 5k.

Two months ago, I knew that I had no shot in hell in breaking 6 minutes,  I was hoping to go under 6:30.  But, now I'm thinking how crazy would it be if I finally broke the 6 minute barrier at age 36?  I'm still thinking that I probably won't break 6 minutes. But, I think I can maybe go sub 6:15......

I recently purchased some Brooks Pure Flows.  I had been wanting to try these shoes for awhile but, there were out of my price range and I couldn't justify spending so much money on a shoe that I wasn't sure about...
Pretty Colors
 I ended up buying these at a deep discount-I'm glad because these shoes are perfect for speed workouts and short distance racing only!! I could not imagine trying to do a 10-16 mile long run in these shoes.

 Workouts since my last update

I have been working on my speed!!

Tuesday 6/10- 3x800  I ran a warm up mile, then I did some form drills.  I like to do A-skips, butt kicks, and side skips to warm up.  I also did  a few strides.  Here's the data (3:06, 3:13, 3:12)  I did these on the road, with my Garmin.  It was also 90 degrees out in the morning.  It's so much harder to run fast 800's on the road!

Wednesday 6/11- Treadmill run 5 miles at an incline.  I started my run out at 7.2 pace (8:20 per mile) at 1% incline, with each mile I increased the treadmill by .5 %  by the end of run I was running at 4% incline at 7.2 pace.  Then I also did some circuit training (push ups, sit-ups, dumbbell bench press, back rows, hamstring dead lifts)

Thursday 6/12-Rest- I was really sore.

Friday 6/13-We had a retreat at work.  Another Rest Day

Saturday 6/14- Track Work!!  I went to the track to do some 400's and 200's.   I ran a mile and a half to warm up, I did some form drills, strides and I stretched.  I jogged 200 meter recoveries in between.
Here's the data
4 x 400  (87, 87, 88, 87)

8 x 200 (43,42, 42, 43, 42,42, 43, 41)

I then slowly jogged two miles home.  This workout made my legs tremble.

Sunday 6/15  I sneaked out of the house for a short 3 mile jog.  I dropped the dog off at the groomers and on my way home I stopped at the park and ran 6 laps around the half mile track.  I was glad I got a short run in, to get some of the lactic acid out of my legs.

Monday 6/16  I ran 3 miles recovery, no radio or Garmin in the morning.  On my lunch break I did some strength training.

I have a hectic work day tomorrow. It might be a rest day for me.  Focusing on this 1600 meters has been great. I feel like I'm turning back the clock, it's nice to feel the burn of speed intervals.  I also like that I don't have to hit X amount of miles per week.

My race is in 15 days.  I'm hoping to get a few more quality workouts in.


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