Monday, November 18, 2013

My glass is always half full


I am a pretty optimistic person. The glass is always half full in my world.  I haven't been feeling super cheery and positive lately so the urge to post has left me sitting on my hands because I don't want to whine about incidental problems.  I'm still running, not as often as I'd like but it's better than nothing. I'm averaging about 3 runs a week.

I blame this  feeling on my post race "hangover". After a big race there is always a recovery/cooling off period for me.  I also have post race blues because, there isn't a race to look forward to and I have to give my legs time to heal before I can run fast on them again.

Last weeks workouts:


Tuesday- 3 miles easy.  I thought it was neat how even my splits were:

Mile 1-8:22
Mile 2 8:23
Mile 3 8:23


Thursday- Rest (My baby girl had her 9 month check up in the morning so no run for me.)

Friday- 5 miles (up the hill and back down the hill). For the last mile I ran this all out and  I wanted to see how fast I could run that final mile.

Mile 1 8:40
Mile 2 8:54
Mile 3 7:36
Mile 4 7:31
Mile 5 6:57

On Friday afternoon I treated myself to a new pair of running shoes.  I purchased the Brooks Adrenaline 13.

I got them for 20% from the local running store.  I usually buy my shoes at the end of the season right before the newest model comes out.  The Adrenaline 14 comes out in December, so I will end up buying them next June.  I'm pretty loyal to my Adrenalines.  They last a long time and they feel good straight out of the box.  I still have a few miles left in my old  Adrenalines, I will probably break out the new shoes in a few weeks.


Sunday:  7 miles  (six miles tempo with one cool down mile)  I left the house itching to run fast.  I almost believe I have a pressure release valve inside of me.  When I don't get to run every day I feel the tension build. When I finally get to run it's a wonderful feeling of freedom and release.   The more anxiety I feel leading up the run the faster I want to go.  It's not always like this, it has just felt that way this last week, or two, or three.

Mile 1 8:01
Mile 2 7:39
Mile 3 7:38
Mile 4 7:30
Mile 5 7:38
Mile 6 7:51
Mile 7 8:06

This morning I lifted weights for the first time in over a month.  I sometimes forget how much I enjoy lifting weights.  This cooler running weather is the best and I could have honestly gone for a short run this morning.   I will try not to  forget about the weight room though, because this helps keep me healthy and my core less wobbly.

I haven't posted a weight loss update in awhile.  I think I will save that for the next blog post.

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